July 2, 2008

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna - Byronic Hero and Crying Damsel destined!

Crying and Furrowed Brows! Which couple is this?
Sorry readers, I haven't reviewed for a while I had too many movies last week, and decided to watch them all and neglected our 'sun of friendship!" But I'm back with my most undecided review here, KANK do I love it or do I hate it? Lets just say I like it but with a bit hate at the back. I don't know about Karan Johar, as wonderfully syrupy he is, when he matures this fast I don't know if I can handle it. The movie starts off with 2 lonely ajnabi's on a park bench, that's where I wanted it to start without the SRK is exactly like David Beckham filler before. One lovely ajnabi is sitting in her bridal wear Maya(Rani Mukherjee) and Byronic hero personified is Dev(SRK) they have a nice little chat about where they should be and then how life's a long while and mention the above title as they have to, its KARAN JOHAR!
They part ways, and then the movie nicely starts with Dev getting his legs run over, thanks Rani! A few years later both are unhappily married to this:Rhea(Preity Zinta) and Rishi(Abhishek Bachan). Such beautiful sexy partners why are they unhappy
Charming + sexy = failed marriage
Karan shows their unhappiness with well constructed fights that are very real and normal, Rhea and Dev fight about his failed David Beckham career, and how Rhea had to give up on her son to earn a living! KAPOW! Rishi and Maya fight about sex, she doesn't want to, he does, she can't have kids! KAPOW both Rhea and Rishi win here as opposed to the whiny gits. The two couples meet in a Bollywood coincedence and all make friends, especially Maya and Dev who look very ravenous when they see each other, they also make friends with Sam(Amitabh Bachan) who of course is who's dad? Amitabh is very dapperly dressed in the movie, and has some very good lessons in life which he points out after singing "Rock n Roll Soniye" with guest star Kajol doing a jig with the father and son. A few more fights later Maya and Dev become friends and try and spice up their married lives with funny hijinks, but through this they must fall in pyar! Love montage happens with "Mitwa" and many shots of this SRK doing his hands outspread and twirling which i was happy about, but then again the song had continuous upwards shots from his thing while he twirls! BOLLYWOOD PACKAGE ALERT!
Dosti happens but after a few more fights about sex and who holds the pants, Maya and Dev meet in the train station where they always meet,
My lovely twirling brings the girls to the yard!
And Dev screams "I love you dammit and you love me too!" in the characteristic Byronic ways, they run off but the next day they sing "Tumhi Dekho Naa" a lovely colour coordinated song, very sweeeet, but alas they return to reality and see their spouses. A bit more filler about Sam and Dev's mum trying to reunite the couples, which works with flowers, who knew the sexy people above with their cosmopolitan ways could won by ek phool? But the affair gets a step up when the couples turn up at the ballet, and Rishi starts Bollywood making out with Maya and Dev gets horrendously overblownly jealous! The next day, he confronts her and proceeds to Bollywood make out with Maya and then SEX happens! I was shocked but very happy to see SRK take his kit off, but when I looked around the cinema hall many old people left the room! Tasteful Bollywood SEX!
I was very happy with this as it was tastefully done and not to ravenous like in Murder or the skin flicks that came out, after the sex comes the bad part, Karan returns to the Bollywood of the 80's where everything comes out at the wrong time and every body drowns in a puddle of their own tears, the respective partners are told by the whiny gits, and Abhishek's freakout scene was powerful and angsty as he threw everything on the floor, but at least Preity gave the SRK a right loud slap. By Bollywood sadness the 2 loves Dev and Maya lie to each other and say all's good, and get separated through another painful montage of the title song! But due coincedences abound in the script Rani and Preity meet and she says go forth and find your love you homewrecker, and Rani runs and runs and happpiness is restored in the land when the two homewreckers get together! This was the ending I dreamed about because I have not seen many movies where the guilty parties actually end up together which is why Karan redeemed himself in my eyes. The performances were great, Rani and SRK can play whiny gits anyday coz they play them well, and Abhishek was so great in the fight scenes, Preity also.
But I don't know, the dislike for the second half made me think it was backwass, but the first half was neat. So my verdict is :


Anonymous said...

Nothing ambiguous about my views on this one. I found it so completely unintersting that I had even forgotten about the Kajol cameo! But then, I love Shahrukh Khan strictly outside his movies (his TV appearances, interviews, etc., are great). Plus, all the characters in KANK seem to have so little motivation for unhappiness that they come through as whiny and annoying.

ajnabi said...

My feelings on KANK are only ambiguous as far as this: do I HAAAAAATE this movie or merely despise it? In the end, I picked HAAAAAATE. For many reasons, not the least was Dev & Maya. Those two deserved to live unhappily ever after. It's my view that six months after the vivah Maya poisons both their koffees so she doesn't have to live with or without Dev. The end.