June 27, 2008

5 Favorite Filmi Fathers

PAPA kehte hain...
The gruffest greatest papa
1. Satyendra Kapoor - By far my favorite in any film, he's always the cautious but loving dad, a bit gruff as the ppc club notes in Mard. But I think one of his star performances as a nice bapu was in Manzil with Amitabh Bachan and Moushumi Chatterji, he played surprisingly a bourgeoisie father, he was great in this role as a yet again cautious father wary against Amitabh's wheeler dealer. His chemistry with Amitabh is electric and this film shows it with his funny facial expressions, when he suspects Amitabh's lack of paisa in one scene, his eyebrow lift just sums it up for the audience, and in another he strokes his wise invisible beard as he finds Amitabh's lighter on the floor. Another great papa role is when Satyendra starred in Deewar, what an effortless performance that was, his reactions to his friends labeling him a traitor was just soo sad, and made me cry also. His masala papa roles that I love is Coolie, what a nice papa he was, he gifted Waheeda Rehman such a nice chuni, then a few scenes later he proves his worth as an everyman by working on a bridge. This was a really cute performance, and when him and Amitabh were reunited, I jumped up and rejoiced like they did!
The Strictest bauji ever
2. Amrish Puri - the bad ass dad of all filmi papa's, the strict authoritarian that changes his mind every time at the end! His most memorable is of course Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, who can top an angry dad like that, his role was great because though its a Yash Raj picture, he manages to make the father seem real, caught between two worlds. My favorite scene was when he brought home a letter from India and screamed "Its from India, smell it" and boy he sniffed the helll out of that letter. Another bad ass papa role was when he played the awful papa in Pardes also a terrible xenophobic movie by Subhash Ghai which I endured again. But this papa was nice to his foreign bred son and nasty to his adopted son of India Shah Rukh Khan, I was happy with this role because at the end, when he beats the living shit out of SRK, he realizes how evil his American bred bachha is and hits him around and utters "You go back to Amrica with your filth" and proceeds to hug SRK and ask for forgiveness. I loved it because he gave SRK such a hard time!

3- Manmohan Krishna - a wonderfully cute papa, his most memorable father role for me was in the 1960-something Waqt by Yash Chopra. He was father to Sadhana in this film and was a bourgoisie father, living in luxury but he made the character very real again despite being a Yash film. When he introduces Raaj Kumar to Sadhana, he seems so genuine and fatherly standing there awkwardly while Raaj flirts with her! So cute!
The sweet bapu
4- Alok Nath - By far the sweetest and loving baap here, I absolutely loved him in Kabzaa, a revenge flick with Sanjay Dutt when he was a weedy kid. Alok is always best at playing foster fathers for bad boy, and this film was the epitome of this. He played a Muslim clerk that wants some land to build an orphanage, awww. He was sooo sweet to Sanjay even when he threw his furniture at him and outside his house, as Sanjay is a ruffian who hits old people. Eventually Alok mentors Sanjay to be a kid, he was so loving and cared for Sanjay soo much! Another great baap role for Alok, was in Taal, what a resounding slap he gave that nasty aunty! And he was great with his head jigging and hand gesticualting dances for his musical father!
The real and everyman papa
5- Balraj Sahni - A realistic and sad baap, Balraj is such a brilliant and method actor, my favorite film of his is Do Bigha Zameen, ohh I wasn't prepared for such sadness in his performance, but he made me cry so hard. He is the common middle class father, and then his land was taken, and he forced to become a rickshaw walla. Ohhh Balraj, he was soo earnest and wonderful in this role, and Nirupa Roy complemented him perfectly as his wife. A bit trivia Balraj went to Kolkatta and drove a rickshaw to prepare for his role! Another lovely baap is the equally earnest and sad, is Balraj's performance in Yash Chopra's Waqt, he was so justified in strangling Jeevan's neck, which i would do in that movie? Who are your favorite filmi bauji's?


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Manmohan Krishna was definitely the best thing about Vivah, which otherwise made me want to beat my head against something hard.

Okay, I've got to get back to America with my filth now. ;-)

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