March 18, 2009

Happy Shashi Week - For the cutest man with the curliest of hair!

That's how we all see Shashi, with red sparkles!

So continuing with Shashi week, which was declared by the Shashi Pradesh leader Beth, i had to have my own say on the Shash! Who i was lucky enough to sit on when i was 2 years old, and so far never met him since, though usually I do in Bollyhollymusicalitis. So here's an Shashi name meme!
S - Sweet second hero or hero, he was always a hero that could defend your honour as well as do dishoom dishoom with the coolest of printed shirts on! Shashi radiated sweetness in any movie he was in, sure in a few movies he played the bad guy or the well-dressed guy with grey shades! But he was just so sweet and likable and i felt him shooting his bhai in Deewar was necessary because he looked so CUTE in the police suit.
H - HAAAWWWTTTT! He inherited the Hawt gene from his Kapoor khandaan, he looked a lot like his daddy Prithviraj, but obviously a lot hotter. He didn't manage to pull off the mush like Raj, but those eyelashes, those curls, that cute grin, he had rays of HAWT coming off the screen whenever he appeared

A - Abundant! Lol Shashi starred in sooo many movies over the years, many of them he even admitted to doing it for the money, which is great for us bloggers coz there's enough of the SHASH to go around. Raj even called him a taxi, going from film to film, well that was kinda rude but there's an abundant supply of hidden treasures that Shashi has done including the above Pretty Polly with Hayley mills!

S - Satyam Shivam Sundaram and Suhaag, two seminal movies in my life, SSS exposed me to what a great dickhead Shashi could be, and what great acting to be such a bastard too! Plus the infamous scene where he screeches NAHIII when he see's reflection in a distorted mirror. And he brought back the sex and kiss back to the 70's which were full of sex and violence since Amitabh came along. Suhaag well come on, 2 lost bhai's

H - Hazardous, Shashi can be quite injurious to the health as outlined in PPCC post about the hazardous things about Shashi's charisma and general hotness that caused Hema Malini to go to hospital with burns. In my experience Shashi has injured my life because many of the men i go for must have cute 70's curls and must stammer "AAAHHH ummm... Kyaa Baaaat Hai?" whenever i ask them something suspicious!

There you go, some of my faves about Shashi!

March 11, 2009

Happy Holi!!

Unfortunately the journalism program I'm in doesn't allow too much leeway when it comes to fun. yet nevertheless I put smeared a bit Red powder on my face, and braved the funny looks people gave me on the bus, but hell it was HOLI!
So I'll just list a few of my favorite Holi scenes and songs from the movies I love:

Silsila - Rang Barse
You all knew it had to be here, and as a child grown up on a steady diet of Yash Raj movies this was one of the best holi songs ever! It captures the atmosphere of mirth and fun, and even adds the awkwardness of Sanjeev n Jaya as they look on as Rekha and Amitabh play Holi in the most obvious and suggestive way! The more riskier the two get, the better the tension and awkwardness grows.

Mashaal - Holi Aayi Re
Now this is probably my actual favorite Holi song, as Rang Barse is great and its slightly expected that you'd put that in your top list. But Mashaal is a one of my favorite ANil movies, its full of redemption and journalism so guranteed i usually like it! Put the song is so cute and Anil does his usual Lakhan tapori style dance when being squirted with the Holi colour guns, and his chemistry with Rati Agnitori is very sweet here as they dance together. Plus Dilip and Waheeda get to tenderly apply powder to each others faces, and sing about how each day together is a holi for them which gets a big AWWWW from the Masala Pradesh here.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
The scene in "Tu Mujhe Rab Ko Diktha Hai" where its Holi and Surinder dreams of all the colours and the girls on his balcony swirling their chunis all around. Then his wife just comes up and puts some powder on his face, only SRK could have made the after-face sooooooo cute and heartfelt, his happy face and realization that she's growing to love him is really nice! Sure its a tiny moment of holi but some Holi's can be quaint and sweet like these gestures.

Mohabbatein - Soni Soni
I really love Mohabbatein because the experience of watching it in England in a cinema full of my friends and family, it was packed. Little did i know that all the songs would be the first dance that brides and grooms danced to at the many weddings i attended. Soni Soni always makes me wanna dance and usually I do, as a mad kid I mimiced the dance moves when I was 10. Its full of pomp and colour which makes it soo fun, plus SRK thankfully dancing without those fugly glasses on, and he still had his own version of the Hugh Grant flop too!

Those are 4 of my faves, I'm sorry for my lists being very sporadic or very short, but blogging it in class is the cause! What are your favorites??