June 28, 2010

Deewana Mastana - Ohh How I Loved the Nineties

Is that the sound of sheer comedic greatness or my heart breaking?

Well I am one of the nonsense people that had to use that Casablanca line to equate it to this gem of a film! I had complained on Twitter that I couldn't find this anywhere in my house, I searched my dvds everywhere only till yesterday did I realize like an 'ulu ka pattha' that it was on the shelf the whole time right at the back! DUHHHH! But better late than never, so here is my belated Chichi post!
Dedication to Masala King, Manmohan Desai!

I first saw Deewana Mastana, when it first came out in 1997, I was a wee 7 year old then but as with me I remember silly bits of films rather than my own homework and exam questions. But ohh well thats another "Wake Up Rum" post, but this film was definitely gathering dust in my head till I found it at the cheapo shop with a nice auntydvdwallah, offering amazing deals for addicts like me! But back to Deewana Mastana, which is one of my favorite comedies EVER!

This movie is excellent solely for this man and his sunglasses collection!

Deewana Mastana was a wonderful experience for simply being a blast from the past romp through the 90's conventions of a David Dhawan comedy. I have never laughed so hard, well since last week with Partner, but it was a hearty laughter! But this is me fawning over it, but I just got that feeling rushing back to me to confirm why I love 90's films and why I obviously LOOOOVE Anil and Chichi. But as I'll show why this film is a chocolate cake for me!

We meet Raja(Anil Kapoor) and Gafoor(Johnny Lever) two crooks who sell black market train tickets, they hit the big time when they steal the loot of a corrupt cop, and they decide to go to Mumbai! At the airport Raja spots Neha, a gorgeous gal and falls in love!
Awww Anil on the conveyor belt of pyar
Raja sends Gafoor to check out who this gal is, Neha is a psychiatrist so Raja makes Gafoor play mad so he can meet her, what I love about this film is how Johnny Lever is tolerable, usually he played stupid parts that went on for too long in other films but here as a comic sidekick, he just works because he gets a good showcase of his talent and has good chemistry with Anil.
On the other side of town, we meet a fabulous Chichi as Bunnu, a very nervous guy full of phobias of fire, water, and heights, in a hilarious introduction scene we meet Chichi who's dad(Anupam Kher) is forcing him to go swimming, and YOU KNOW WHAT THIS CALLS FOR?
Chichi in some chuddis!
I think I just collapsed at this point!
Chichi loves his Paaw!
I know this is a comedy to display Anil and Chichi's comic appeal, but in the scenes where Bunnu hyperventilates Chichi acts wonderfully, even if its played for comedy, but it put me into a right AWWWWW cho chweet when he goes, "No, no noo!" Apart from all this, Bunnu goes to see Dr.Neha who consoles him and helps him out, another good scene of Chichi being semi serious when he explains his phobias!
Bunnu takes up all Neha's time, leaving Raja in the lurch and angry to find out who this meddlesome Bunnu is, not before singing a cute song, "Tere Bina Dil, Kya Karoon" which exemplifies why I loved the 90's way of movie making.

Full of mustard fields and lovely typical Anil posturing
And Chichi doing his dancing on a log truck...in Switzerland of course!

After this song Neha goes home to see her uncle(Shakti Kapoor) and his fiancée who've run off together, so Neha decides to get them married and cancels all her appointments including paranoid Bunnu! She tells her secretary not to reveal her location, but the two guys in another tradition play dressup as policemen, Raja and Gafoor from Haryana, which is hilarious as they lay the Punjabi accent on thick, and Chichi as the Police Commision of Maharashtra!
Loving Anil's bumpkin cut!
Ohh Chichi, you make my day!
They both land up in Ooty where Neha is, Raja on the pretense of buying a hotel and Bunnu who pretends to have attempted suicide, but this makes me happy inside because of the sheer fugliness of that goes on in these 90's days!
Anil has a trend to wear garish shirts with chains on them throughout this film!
Juhi sporting that waistcoat trend and ANil with his chain patterned scarf!

The two lovelorn men get to know eachother and proceed in a game of one oneupmanship to win Neha's heart, and Bunnu wises up to the many attempts on his life by Raja and steps it by adjusting Raja's motorbike, and he later lands in the hospital! Bunnu also is feeling very revitalized and normal, and unafraid of his phobias. And we get a funny rap from Govinda, who exercises all his fast dialogue delivery for this one, its really chuckle worthy to see Reema Lagoo and Anupam Kher almost cracking up during this. This crazy rap definitely reminded me of Donald 'O Connor craaazy dance in "Singin in the Rain" as Chichi does a million backflips and just generally impresses the heck out of me!

Chichi going that extra mile to impress me!

I leave it there and I hope you watch it because it is seriously a winner of a film, now onto something completely different!
The jodi! Anil and Chichi have the most cracking rapport with each other throughout this film, it reminded of the many Bob Hope and Bing Crosby on the "Road to anywhere Exotic" films, because with these two guys there is an easy repartee but a definite rivalry where they flex their own comedy in a very tongue-in-cheek way, that is both endearing as it is hilarious to watch. They both have different comedy stylings, where Anil seems more of a subtle comic performer and Chichi, well he's in his own league, he's in your face and full of mannerism and that amaazing screwball comedy way of zipping off his line, that wouldn't seem out of place in Hepburn-Grant film! And of course I must mention the wicked moments where Chichi and ANil take the piss out of their respective roles and do impressions of other actors, especially in moments where they tussle verbally over Neha, for example Raja and Bunnu get into a petty fight with dialogues like "Mein Coolie lagtha?" "Mein Loafer lagtha?" which deserves special mention because Anees Bazmee wrote the story, and we can see his penchant for self-referencing that comes up in Welcome and "Singh is Kinng" and all his other films!
My new favorite Jodi!
Looking back on this film makes me go "AWWWW the 90's!" and Deewana Mastana is a perfect example of a quintessential 90's films with its comedy style of having two heroes face off with each other, but for me it goes beyond all the usual trappings because of the absolutely excellent casting of the two heroes and the just general fun it is to see these two opposing comedic performances foiling against each other.
And of course the film holds together well because David Dhawan directed it, and I watched most of his films in my childhood and watching them at my age now, some of them hold up quite well, especially the absolutely nuts No.1 films that i was fed at a young age!
But I COULDN'T FORGET SOME CHUDDIS COULD I? Alas despite being 19, with this film David Dhawan seems to be asking me, "Rum do you think I could disappoint you without Chuddi clad Chichi and glorious closeups of your Anil?"
Perhaps Neha will be impressed by Chichi's chuddis
Or maybe David wants me to buy these Ray Bans?

Definitely check out Deewana Mastana for the two gorgeous men sparring in hilarious fashion, or to revel in all the fugliness that these kids wore back then!

June 21, 2010

Shameful Classics Week - Unloading all that Good Trash!

Govinda questions my sanity for devising this week

There was Khanna-o-Rama, there was Chichi Week, and to prolong the general batshitness that has come with that, the Masala Pradesh launches: Shameful Classics Week! I thought of this week when I was reading the many Chichi posts at Ness' site and at Totally Filmi and everywhere that had some absolutely crazy film that Chichi or a Khanna did! However mental or just plain terrible these films were, there was a nugget of goodness that makes people flock back to it. I'll also add when looking through and sorting out my DVD collection I realized that the films usually fell into the Good, The Batshit, and The Nutty, and usually I return to the latter two! I was thinking from July 5-12. A full 7 days of unloading all the trash that I bought in
hedonistic splurges at the dvd shops, which were terribly located just a street down from my former college!
Can you feel the trash coming on? Amitabh as a super-Vijalante called Toofan!

When choosing some of the trash in your DVD collections, then please go all out and share your Kahani of loving something that bad or that good in your opinion. In my collection I have waaaay too much Amitabh rubbish from the 80's that are just so disgraceful but wicked that even my family question my career choice of recommending films for a living. Actors as we know do some good roles and some terrible ones and it seems to be the awful ones that I love, so I'm gonna dig out some nonsense films some of our faves have made, but want to hide!
But one has to indulge in all the rubbish that makes an afternoon a lot happier for watching something as awful as Toofan! If you want more Z-grade films then look no further than Todd, whose reviews of some mad films make me buy some of the goodness that I've accumulated, especially doggie classic Teri Meherbaniyan!!! Shameful Classics are not limited to films only, if there's a wonderfully trashy song or even Hollywood film that you love then share it! And how shameful it is then I leave that to you, because I feel ashamed of many things that others find lovely!
So I leave you with some screencaps of what shall await you at the Masala Pradesh!

Amitabh yet again as a tin-foil shoulder shaking super-Vigilante!

Look at that mustachioed dummy and that man to go with it!

So happy pickings! And I promise this will be a week to embarrass all our favorite stars in some of their most award winning endering roles!

June 15, 2010

Partner - Parodies + Bromance + Chichi dancing = My Heaven

Wherever there's a Bromance with Chichi, then you know I'm gonna adore it!

David Dhawan and Govinda since the beginning of their outings have always appealed to me, especially if you revisit my early love for Chichi I started with my gutter mind with Raja Babu and Coolie No.1. But I immediately flocked to Partner because the two great vulgar men of my childhood were reunited, that too with a kinda cute Salman. And to say I got my paisa vasool is an understatement, it was more than that, it was a triumphant return of both Chichi, who I
valiantly watched in his turd films which were released after he was in politics and David Dhawan, with his many repetitive silly films that lacked the pizazz they had with Chichi. Partner is nice little film that indulges all the nutty things I love, Chichi in some vulgar joke, Salman returning to his 90's days and ripping off his shirt and much more! And so it goes!
Loving the ironic pairing right there!
Partner is a much better version of Hitch, simply because Kevin James can get lost because he is no Chichi and as much as I love Will Smith, he is no strutting shirtless Salman. So we start with Prem(Salman Khan) who introduces himself and his profession of being a love guru to many hapless men that we meet in the prologue. What I laughed at already was Salman weird American twang, where he rolls his rrrr's or enunciates in his best conviction of an accent with "nerrrrvuusss" "stuppid" awww Sallu, I like you with your plain old accent! Anyways we meet Bhaskar(Chichi!!!!) who is madly in love with his boss Gorgeous Gal(Katrina Kaif, can't remember her name, but she looked lovely and smiley) and seeks Prem's help. Prem rebuffs him
saying its impossible for a Chichi to attract her, so Chichi follows him all the way to Phuket, and a lot of unecessary stuff goes on, where in every comedy film these days has to showcase some crazy stunt, this time its Prem being chased by a rocket on a jet ski! Ohh well thats my only
gripe, after some convolutions Prem agrees to help Bhaskar
And one of my fave jodis is created!
I really love this Salman and Chichi jodi in this film, because they've got such chemistry that goes well with Chichi's zaniness and Sallu's cool straight man attitude, and though I really love the Sanjay-Chichi jodi, this Partner duo really rivals them, because sometimes Sanjay was too stoic as the straight man. But Salman has a ball here next to Chichi and its funny to see him almost
cracking up in some scenes, and they start off with a love-hate relationship which obviously culminates into my favorite type of chemistry: Bromance! Salman eventually turns out to liking Bhaskar no matter how much he annoys him, and thats what I like to see!
Back to the story, Prem instructs Bhaskar to get some more confidence in him to impress Gorgeous Gal, but of course a bawdy joke is never too far from a David-Chichi outing:
Chichi and a Bawdy joke are just destined!
And thats where I regress into my 6 year old self and hoot with laughter too loud and enough to wake up the neighbours! A toilet joke and Chichi get on like a house on fire with me, and so Chichi walks to work in his chuddis for too short a time! And then he impresses Gorgeous Gal by advising her to not listen to her Yes men.
And the dialogues throughout this film are like listening to a very funny version of nonsensical rhyme verse, especially the hilarious part where Chichi tells the yes men "Who are you to yell that I'm talking hell? I'm not hell, I'm talking well. And if we don't gel, then you can go to hell!" Well with dialogue as inane and rapidly delivered in Chichi's screwball style, then this movie ranks high on my list as Chichi GOLD! Its the hilarious opposite to the verse dialogues of Heer
Ranjha, instead of eloquence, we get crazy lines that just cement why I love David and Chichi outings!
But the entire story belongs to Chichi's arc, I could care less for Sallu's boring romance with Lara Dutta, who licks her lips and pulls too many nutty faces, but the kid Rohan just steals the show from both of them whenever he's onscreen, especially the scene where he's beating up bigger kids in his playground! Master Ali Haji is going to the Masala Youth: Filmi Bachhe Home pronto, he's so cute and much better than the brat he was in Fanaa.

Parody Time!
But one of the best scenes in the films is when Chichi parodies his own naach skillage, and any mention of the infamous "Sarkay Liyo Khatiya" dance is just a winner for me! Its soo funny to see Chichi spoofing his vulgar image from the notorious pelvis thrusts that he exploded with and his general agility to impress everyone with his crazy dance moves! I can't resist a self-referential moment so I just loved the dance-off between Chichi and Salman, who does the moves from "Just Chill" which look equally dirty (Just what is he winding up with his left hand? And what is he tapping in that signature move?) But its a glorious scene that was worth the watch!
Well as we noticed for the last 20 odd years, Chichi's mad dancing is in another league!
Awww Chichi you won me over just by that reference!
The priceless dance-off!

An of the best scenes in the whole film is the parody of Aamir Khan, when Prem and Rohan the kid go to the cinema and I laughed my socks off in this scene, actually I fell off my chair, but this made me love the film even more! The guy who plays Aamir just nails the voice and mannerisms which made "Sweety se pyar, Sweety se unlimited pyar, Sweety se pyar" part of my lexicon when trying to annoy my folks or my sister! Gawsh I just loove this scene!
And one of the more tolerable parody points was Rajpal Yadav spoofing Shahrukh's new age Don, Rajpal is always popping in the more recent David Dhawan films and my goodness he's a much funnier substitute for Johnny Lever! His comic sideplot was great fun and didn't feel too intrusive on the story!

You didn't think I'd forget the Bromance, did you?
We've got the bawdy 80's and the Kantabhen naughtiness to thank for the influx of gay jokes, and I'm afraid I can't hold off some Bromantic action and tension, but Partner took it to a naughty ribald high which I smirked and hooted at, in the form of Gorgeous Gal's pal Kiran, dressed in another parody outfit of Don, complete with Shah Rukh's crazy blazer and hair! Chichi proceeds to charm Kiran as Prem instructed him to compliment the gal's friend! One of the wittiest lines was when Chichi asked if Kiran liked cricket, to which he answered, "Ohhh I just loove cricket, 11 men after one ball!" which was sooooo priceless! Even the line where he sings the song "Aadmi se Aadmi se pyar karta!" Chichi later gets in on the act, by posing as a gay wedding planner trying to stop Gorgeous Gal's forced marriage! If I was guffawing at the homoerotic tension in Housefull, then Sajid Khan learnt from the master of Bromantic naughtiness David Dhawan, ever since the early days!
Ohh Chichi, you make my bromantic day!

Partner is one of my favorite Chichi films that he's made recently, full of witty and ribald dialogues and freaking fabulous Chichi! Its much better than his quick money grabbers like the shite Money Hai Toh Honey Hai or their downright awful delayed films that crawl out of the woodworks. Here's to a great new jodi that I hope some director like David Dhawan signs up!

June 14, 2010

Chichi/Govinda aur Rum: A Childhood Affair that began at No.1

Could I resist a smiley goat-worshipping man like this? NO

One of the best star devoted weeks is Govinda/Chichi week, and of course I had to do an aimless ramble post on Chichi, because when it comes to him, I am all rambles! So here's a detailing illustrious epic of how I fell in love with Chichi since I was 6 and of course with the No.1 series! But if you're looking for a more informative and funny version of who Chichi is, go to Ness's wicked post.
  • Chichi first came into my life when I saw Coolie No.1, here was this abolutely ape young man who was hilariously slapstick as well as laying on the cheese and the innuendo! But what instantly appealed to me in my already Bollywood indoctrinated mind was how CUTE he was! What a lovely smile he had, and a sucker like me always goes for nice dental history when some hero smiles and he had those shining pearly whites and of course the rest is history!

  • This here is one of the songs from Coolie No.1 that was in constant play at my house or on the TV anywhere. But this just cemented my love for Chichi simply because he's frolicing around with various foods, but just look at the dancing and that fabulous turd-coloured jeans. More importantly the fascination with the food in this song just makes a foodie like me happy especially the funny "Maine bhel puri kah raha tha" with a nice little gimmicky flip about. and Karisma's enamoured face at his flipping skills. This song always brings back memories of me imitating the dance moves in the living room, and again me dancing to it when no one's at home and when the curtains are drawn at this age and in this long hot summer!
  • Chichi and food go together well, and I am going elevate Chichi to a level of cinephile nonsense that only an earnest person like I can. Chichi's food references in his songs such as my all time favorite song, "You are My Chicken Fry" which is from Rock Dancer, which I cannot find anywhere on youtube but I remember Govinda tucking into the many food items listed. But its quite like that of Hitchcock who mentions food when talking of death, and food for Chichi is mentioned whenever he's in a happy mood or in lover, so food becomes a symbol of Chichi's contentment of throwing pelvis thrusts directed at his gal Karisma while enjoying a nice snack! End of pretentious cinephile comment!
What I learnt from the No.1 Movies

1. That I am a shameless adorer of Govinda in drag!
There is something wonderful whenever Govinda gets in drag, he pulls off the feminine walk and looks pretty sassy in Coolie No.1 and quite spunky in Aunty No.1, which is absolutely has no contest over Kamal Hassan's Chachi 420 which came out at the same time! But in Aunty No.1 there was more slapstick which I was hooting about, but more Kader Khan who I really hate in most Govinda films! But drag looks good on Chichi, and if ever his political or acting films then he has a good career ahead of him as a tranny!

2.Govinda brings innuendo back!
Innuendo is an inherited trait for dirty minds such as mine, but I blame it one Chichi for doing that to me! Yes I have revisited many of the No.1 films and other films which I used to watch all summer, and my goodness what a dirty but brilliant man Chichi and his team of writers are! David Dhawan and Chichi were both criticized for being lewd and just downright dirrrty, but its not Chichi's fault that he needed to do a pelvis thrust to drive away baddies or entrance a Raveena or a Karisma to be his gal. It just so happened that Chichi was the leading pelvis thruster since the momentous song below that made mind go to the gutter. I'm sorry I can't help but love something that bawdy with jumping about with a pillow not in the right place, and a randy Karisma who's libido is calling for Chichi as she begins the songs! Ohhh Chichi you make me so happy to revisit all this raunchiness at an older age!!! Perhaps too was Govinda's sleazy but sweet delivery of many a naughty and bawdy line!

As evidence I present you Sarkay Liyo Khatiya

3. Chichi Loves Bromance!

Chichi is a nice guy who doesn't mind sharing some of his comic time with some suitable straight men to his zany antics. The first bromantic outing for me was Haseena Maan Jayegi, a Chichi-Sanjay Dutt starrer, which was epically good, because the two guys loved hugging each other not to the maximum Qurbani effect but still many hugs were shared, including a really stupid but funny then storyline with two fluffy Pomeranian doggies that were in love and always kept apart but reunited with Shahrukh songs! Who am i kidding I still love an idiotic animal love sub plot.
But the jodi I like best was Salman-Chici in only Partner so far, which was really fun, and a much better version of Hitch than Will Smith made, because Kevin James pahh on that Govinda is the better man. But the two had a cute chemistry and had nice little dance off that were excellent!

Yes this was a long winded ramble about Chichi, who I just downright love since I was 6, though he hasn't charmed me since i was two like my sabse favorite Anil Kapoor, he's still contributed a lot by acting out my perverse desires such as Chichi in drag and the outpouring of innuendo, so thank you Chichi for producing a mind like mine!

June 3, 2010

Chandni - The Injustices of Leaving Behind a Hot Khanna for a Wimpy Rishi

Would you hurt such an emotional like this?
As mentioned in my mini reviews post, Chandni was the first movie to start my overblown fantasies of love, because yet again, I watched it at a tooo young age. But as a tiny bit mature 19 year old, I can appreciate all the Switzerland canoodling but I just can't forgive Chandni leaving behind Hot Papa Khanna! Yes Yash Chopra, you are the king of romance, but you never justify properly why the third love interest has to thrown out in the rain! For example, Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Karisma was soo much better than Madhuri and danced the Shiamak moves much more enthusiastically with all that awful gym wear too!
Anyway back to Chandni, so this is the awful gal:
The story really for me begins when Vinod enters the scene, but Chandni meets Rohit(Rishi Kapoor) at a wedding, where she does the usual Yash Raj routine showcase of the lovely heroine, in Sridevi's case its all dancing which is fabulous because she makes me want to dance, and I usually do, with no one in the house, to "Mere Haathon Mein Nau Choodiyan" But first off I must say that Rishi is a bit creepy persistent, unlike his persistent cute uncle Shammi, Rishi instead cements that whole stalking love thing that emerged in the 90's. Rishi surprises Chandni at his house by inviting her in a room where all her pictures are around. If it was me, I'd dart out there fast enough, but noo Chandni falls for Rishi and sings some more lovely songs. Then the two get married, Chandni is met with the usual 80's tradition of 2 shrews who hate her, so her maa-in-law and sister-in-law, but there's always Sympathetic Man Anupam Kher, who tells her to just ignore them! Nice advice when they screech at her and throw her food on the floor.

But the key scene is when Rohit in a very romantic gesture I think, throws rose petals at Chandni from a helicopter, then seconds late Sympathetic Man calls to say Rohit fell out of the plane, I laughed soo hard here, I'm awful I know but where did he get that info from so quick! So Chandni the good dutiful wife sticks around with now wheelchair-bound Rohit who mopes around, she even sings a song for him. But this is generally Rohit's face:
Would you choose this scruffbag over Vinod? No I think not!
But Rohit generally acts like a right bastard and acts horrid to Chandni to drive her away in a silly sacrificial way, and one time he tells to get lost, and like a good strong woman she backs off and goes to the city where she meets this hot stuff:
Well there's the most appealing driver in the city!
She randomly jumps in his car to get to her job interview, and who else does he turn out to be than the boss, who hires her up!
What is Vinod without a cig?
Well he immediately takes a liking to her and I would to if my secretary wore such inviting sarees like Chandni does, but I guess as a gal in the city, she is emboldened to show off that Sridevi bod with no Rishi hovering over her mind. I like how independent Chandni becomes in the city, she maybe the Woman in White as Yash Chopra invisions her, but she's a headstrong woman who refuses to be cheap for her job, as when Vinod insensitively asks her to entertain the bosses in town.
Vinod being a grizzly unprofessional boss!
So Vinod gets all grumpy with Chandni, the next day he gives her sorry flowers, and I erupt in Awwwwww's. Chandni and her friend she's staying with are locked out of the house, and its all barsaat so naturally Chandni loves it and gets all wet, and shrieks in an annoying Shrill-devi way! Vinod is driving by and takes in the sight of Chandni misbehaving outside of work, and invites her and her friends to his house. Another eruption of AWWW, he's soo kind he doesn't want them to suffer out in the barsaat! CHO CHWEET! At his house we meet his Maaji(Waheeda Rehman) who calls him Laali in a cute way!
Aww a hot man loves his Maa too!
This is where the disgruntlement starts for me, Lalit/Vinod is such a lovely man, who loves his maa as well and also is a man who has loved and lost before, and is mature about love. At his house we see Chandni ingratiating herself with his maa, who immediately likes her and her mind bulb obviously goes PING BAHUUUU! But I think what cemented my anger and absolute love for Laali was the gorgeous song he sang "Lagi Aaj Sawaan Ki" which is on my ipod list as most played it gets stuck in my head all the time, or maybe its the fact that Vinod looks good for his age in that song and sings it with soulful emoness, and perhaps too because the lyrics are soo sad this his dil is in pieces and etc! Aww Laali I love you!

The Sadness of Laali
The Khanna fuzz, and his love lost!Can't you feel the emo emitting off that man?
A gorgeous shot, and Chandni feels his pain!
So Laali falls for Chandni when he sees her exuberance and happiness and how she lifts his spirit and perhaps too the SEXY saree she wore at the office part, a sheer black sari with that figure on display! Perhaps I'm the idiotic person elevating this film to another level, but she can't wear something soo vivacious n sexy, and agree to take him to the airport! GRRRRR I DON'T LIKE SEEING EMO KHANNAS *Smashes glass and glares with Amrish Puri eyes!
Ahemm....if you'll excuse that, Laali is completely smitten and asks if she'll miss him, Chandni goes 'Ermmmmmm" and he leaves it at that. In Yashraj haven Switzerland, Laali meets the bastard of the piece, Rohit, with a cute introductory scene when they sing a Punjabi song and Laali joins in and says "hello my unknown enemy!"
Aww Laali likes meeting Punjabi folk singing enemies!Grrr when Laali-Nice Older Man met Rohit-Nasty Ungrateful Husband
Well they meet and wander Switz singing songs of Chandni, and when they come home and when Chandni shows up too, the tension is just soo awkward! Ohh i forgot to say, Rohit made a full recovery and is walking about! So he turns up at Chandni's house, expecting her to return to him quick, but Chandni, the strong woman I liked, tells him to shove off because he can't just walk into her life and expect her back after he insulted and hurt her. Right there was some good old fashioned KAPOW to his dil, and then she agrees to marry Laali, who's overjoyed. But she was obviously making a compromise and leading him on the whole time without being commital about it! So when the engagement happens, Rohit turns up drunk and falls down some stairs and the stupid Chandni runs to him screeching "Meri Rohit!" and this obviously upsets Laali, whose is shattered and seeks solace in his maaw.
Poor Laali and his Bahu-less Maa

So Laali unfortunately finds out and suck all that love in so he can give Chandni to the one she actually loves. Rohit has the audacity to say to Laali's maaw "Well I'm your younger son ain't i?" iF I was her, I would have whacked him with my shoe like Amitabh does so much in Suhaag. I just felt sooooooooooo sorry for Laali, this review is admitting what a nutty gal I am to feel soo sad after Laali gave his heart again after soo long to have it broken again, and he sings the "Lagi Aaj Sawaan Ki" song at the end of the film which just adds to the Khanna curse of being left at the altar!

Laali's Options for the Future
To turn into a Norman Bates with your mother for too long?
Or flock back into the arms of his bromace pyar Feroz

Hope you enjoyed my review of Chandni, a chiefly Vinod film for me, and this review/rambling reveals how much Khanna love has infiltrated me!