May 17, 2009

Prakash Mehra - RIP

It seems that every time I come back to blogging a legend of Bollywood passes away, this time it was Prakash Mehra, the profilic director and producer. So here's a few of my favorite movies of his:
  1. Zanjeer - Prakash took a chance on this lambhu called Amitabh and made him into a star, the film really paved the way for the sex and violence that would be seen in the 70's movies to come. Plus Ajit as the villain here had fabulous sunglasses that i had to search Vancouver to buy!!
  2. Sharaabi - here Prakash remade the Dudley Moore starrer Arthur, as his favorite star Amitabh played the titular Sharaabi, it was a cute little film and Amitabh and Om Prakash were just as good as Dudley and John Gielgud. It was a nice film, that came when Amitah was on his slow decline, but he extracted such an honest performance from Amitabh
  3. Muqaddar Ka Sikandar - my absolute moping favorite! LOL i watch this on sad rainy day sometimes it never ceases to make me feel pie-induced and puddle-induced. Why write a letter in not your handwriting, you coulda said "I love you Memsaab" !!
  4. Namak Halaal - my list would be incomplete without this huge swansong to the greatness of the Shashitabh and of the silly mindless but always fun masala entertainer that is my staple diet! The cute chemistry of Smita-Amitabh and the always reliable Shashitabh, were all great together! Who could forget those silly captions "DISCO STYLE QAWALLI" !!
  5. Laawaris - a proper entertainer with some social issues of poor kids that grow into Amitabh who are Laawaris' and just want a daddy to love!
  6. Hera Pheri - I think this is a underrated movie showcasing the Vinotabh, and my favorite Saira Banu in a crazy crime caper, it seems that whenever Prakash and Amitabh came together they produced great zany films like these!

Prakash Mehra was truly a super producer, and great director giving the best out of Amitabh, he will sorely missed in Bollywood.