December 29, 2008

13 Bollywood Hunks that I pyar!

Hope you all had a Wonderful Xmas and Holiday! Shamelessly stealing the idea off Shweta, I decided to a list of men that I fancy the pants off or that are just too cool! Its not in any order, but I guess I limited myself to the 60-80's a few of my favorite decades of the Bollywood, but an odd guy there might be from the 50's!

1. Anil Kapoor - "Indoctrinated Hunk that I automatically love"
His puffy hair grew bigger and pouffier which made me think he was a tapori Dev Anand, and gawsh his mush, and his "HAAAH-HEEYYY" when he's happy. Perhaps he isn't conventionally good looking, but he was HAWt to me!
2. Feroz Khan - "Rugged and Cool"
I have recently fallen in love with Feroz, but I found that he carries an aura of funky blaxpoitation music and a certain swagger with him, which makes him lovely. Plus the fact that he directed the original bromance movie "Qurbani" and his directed movies are sooo funky!3. Pran - "Dunno why but I love him"
He was lush in his early roles like his nice role as the doctor in AAAH-Movie of Lies, and even as he turned into a dad/villain, he was equally cute too.
4. Shashi Kapoor - "Eyelashes+Stutter+Smile=CUUTEE"
I looooovve Shashi, I think my whole family loves him because he is a very unpretentious and un-filmi guy to be around, according to my maa and Rita who've met him several times. But how can anyone ignore those eyelashes and that mega-watt smile that shines in any movie that might be rubbish, Shashi's like a little sunbeam!
5. Manoj Kumar - "Bharat the emo kid"
I think he was the first metaphorical cute hero, as he managed to convey all the social problems facing "the Bharat" while also being emo and conflicted, and perfecting the "face-covering-sadness" move, which was hilariously parodied in "Om Shanti Om"
6.Vinod Khanna - "Just Plain Hot"
This guy is waaayy too cute, I first saw him as Jabbar Singh in Mera Gaon Mera Desh and man was he the hotter precursor to Gabbar Singh! He was in the Bollyblogland favorite Parvarish and Chor Sipahee, he perfected playing the bad son while the other son tries to reform him!
7. Raj Kapoor - "Blobby Sweet and Cute"
I love RK, and you all know that! I was mad enough to have a RK Birthday Watchalong on Dec 14 to torture my friends with AAG+AAH then his better movies. I love him because he is soooooooo sweet and I love his whole Raju the Tramp act which is nice flattery of Chaplin, and he always made movies with some sort of message whether it was about poverty/father+son relations in Aawara or a Citizen Kane style epic (possible failure to some, but i refuse this) of Mera Naam Joker8. Shammi Kapoor - "Persistent Pouty and Perfect"
I like my heroes to have a bit of podge and rollyness to them, and Shammi had that instead of being a wiry lambhu like AB or a big blob like his bhai Raj and I love that! Lol completely unnecessary details but I like his Elvis-esque ability to romance the girls so persistently and be such a 60's rebel.9. Amitabh Bachan - "The tall dark and hansome"
He was all the above words, and he seemed to personify all the Byronic hero soo well, which made him so attractive. And he was even cute in his downhill 80's movies like Mard, Ram Balram, and others.10. Dilip Kumar - "The original emo kid"
He was really emo, and was a Method actor who blindfolded himself to prepare to play a blind man in Deedar, and he is married to my fashion icon Saira. But he was so expressive and he was great even in his older roles like Mashaal+Karma(with my ANIL) and Shakti(where he matched up to AB)11. Joy Mukherjee - AWWW
Joy was sooo cute, I instantly fell in love with him when i watched Love In Tokyo(best abroad movie ever) and then I watched Love in Simla, he always tended to fall in love abroad or elsewhere, and then he directed Chailla Babu, which was the one of the funkiest movies I've seen.
12. Rishi Kapoor - "The emo rock/qawwali star"
I'm not afraid to say that i really quite liked Rishi in his blobbier 90's roles! His peak cuteness was after Bobby and in the 80's. He made Karz into a watchable movie to copy later on, and gawsh he pulls off silver/gold disco suits soo well, and he managed to give his heroines a Hollywood style snog ala Saagar!13. Mehmood - "Cute Portly and Funny"
I love Mehmood, he's the only good looking comic sidekick after Rajendranath who got blobby too quickly. He had an expressive face, and he made a cute trio with Shubha Khote and Dhumal in anything. But i love his pisstakes at Raj Kapoor, apparently RK offended him somehow and then Mehmood made a "Kal Aaj Aur Kal" style movie playing all the characters, and in 'Love in Tokyo' he did a hilarious take on "Bol Radha Bol"!
There's my list, my computer is fixed so I can finally review my favorite "Love in Tokyo"

December 22, 2008

Annual Backwass List - The 8of 2008

Making up for the lack of screencaps, I decided to make a list, of the backwass movies that I've seen all year, most of them are old but still some new movies make me angry. I encourage you to do a list of films that let you down, or that were Backwass! Sorry if this sounds like venting and swearing but I don't like silly movies that become overdone with masala elements and convolusions! Its in order of "Worst Waste of Time" to "Why the hell is this happening" on the Backwass scale!
Why did you make Nargis sad, RK?
1. AAH/AAG - "Worst Waste of Time"backwass
Perhaps I say again, I shoulda listened Memsaab, and PPCC and anyone that watched these, I loved Raj Kapoor and as silly as I am, I sat down on his birthday DEC 14 and watched most of his movies, a few of my friends went home early as they couldn't handle such OTTness. But I started off with Aag, what silliness sure they had the cutest Kapoor kid Shashi as a younger Kewal. But RK why such melodramatic drivel to start off with!? Why did you need to find a Nimmi in everyone, couldn't you have run off instead of making an idiotic point by burnin your face! Though I do salute the absolutely sexy and elegant chemisty of RK-Nargis!
On to AAH which like Memsaab should be AAAAHHHH! What romantic backwass this was, why the hell did he need to break Nargis' heart, honestly you OTT silly blobby man RK, the redeeming point of the movie was when Raj begs at Pran's feet, I laughed outloud as Raj kissed the Pran's hand! And i shouted out Dostana, while my friends howled with laughter and one pal said it provided a new spin on the masala element of "falling at someone's feet for forgiveness/begging.

Lol this image is for you Temple!
2. Janbaaz - "How could I buy this" backwass
How I loved this movie as 6-year old, the jokes went over my head and the hay sex scene was forwarded, but slyly watched later with cousins and our mouths hung agape at this monstrous sight! Now as a 18 year journo, I realize that Janbaaz was utter "How could i buy this?" backwass on the backwass scale. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, but the main thing that made me feel sad for my ANIL, was that he was an absolute perv! He uttered awful double entendres and even said "You don't like cocks" when flirting with Dimple, why ANIL? How could you be so silly? Feroz Khan seemed lethargic in direction, but looked sexy and rugged on screen. Though the many versions of "Pyar Do Pyar Lo" were just a dance-move away from being a bondage-sadomasochistic party, the villain lair was awful full of idiotic dancers in fugly tight clothing and in skimpy clothes! I thought while watching if this movie could belong in the "Unintentional Funny" Masala State, it wasn't as funny as I'd hoped!

This actor shouldn't be exploited!
3. Yuvvraaj - "How dare you misuse my ANIL'S talents" backwass
I'll be brief with this as you can read my angry spewing review of it, but this was complete backwass. I wanted to kill Salman/Subhash after watching this piece of crap, how can you say in the interviews that this movie will be great if the best actor only comes in an 1hour later! Why did they use my ANIL as a mere prop for a plot that was stolen from RAINMAN, and then let Anil be at the receiving end of the insincere characters in the movie! I hate Subhash Ghai's post millenium movies, he can't let go of stupid elements like a villain with a funny eye/laugh/etc
All i can say is : Yeh tumne kya banaya?

That's my hat, Kamini!
4. Karzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - "No singer can replace Rishi" backwass
I wanted to like this movie, but Himesh's hair distracted me from this deed, also his lack of charisma. I definitely like you Himesh, you're a great singer, but Monty was made immortal by Rishi only. Some kudos does go to my fave 90's actress Urmila for being an equally good Kamini, she was gorgeous and looked slightly menacing. But in both Karz's I hated Sir Judah, it was completely unnecessary for a mute villain, and in the new one they had no wicked Macmohan to be the translator! That's plain silly, and Himesh tried his best but it was just rubbish, he was as wooden as a plank, though the music was pretty good, and he did sing 'EK HAseena Thi' without his nasal twang which sounded nice! Naaah

Nice Poster, Pie-inducing movie
5. Aap Ki Kasam - "What the hell is wrong with you" backwass
I'm not the hugest Rajesh Khanna fan, but my mum is and back in the day she waited outside his house for his autograph, LOL my maa has a habit of waiting outside a star's house and getting autographs like Amitabh, Rajesh, and Dharamendra! But back, she somehow really liked this drivel, I hated it and as Memsaab knows I wanted to throw Pie at Rajesh, throughout!
"Pie-inducing" - a new word to use, it means when a hero or heroine's make you want to throw pie at them which would somehow make it all better! Why did you have to suspect Mumtaz of being too close to Sanjeev Kumar, he only butted out a cig one time! Why did he have to agree to divorce and why did she be all Silly Sita and separate?!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh this movie annoyed me and I was happy at the end, and I shouted a big "HAHAHAHA you idiot" while maa wiped her Barsaat Tears away!

You better respect your Rum, Shashi
6. Jab Jab Phool Khile - "A most evil movie" backwass
This movie made me sooooooooo angry!!! I was so conflicted about the two leads who I more than wanted to throw pie at, I wanted to strangle them! WHHHHYYYYY, first for Nanda, she was an absolute brat that would waste a dress after poor Shammi(actress) tried it on, and why did you not love Shashi properly? Where was the need to change him, he was a bumpkin from the beginning and that supposedly made her "fall in love" And that god awful speech, you all know it! On to Shashi, why did you say all that nasty stuff in the infamous speech, sorry bumpkin, I wanted say, girls are modernizing dammit, you wanna cage your wife and make her be a good ol housewife! After that movie, I needed to calm down and watch Love In Tokyo to get over my anger, and that was waaaaaaaaay better

7. LOVE LOVE LOVE - "Aamir's bad disco dandia days' backwass
Ohhh Aamir, thank god you're choosy now because this was disco dancing shit! I wanted to like this so much that I even tortured my sister into it, she left after the first song after seeing Juhi dressed in a pink bodysuit that was worse than Aruna Irani's in Qurbani! This was also the sad moment when I discovered my second adopted filmi bachha Master Tito, he played Aamir best mate that warns him about Juhi and the great Tito dances with Aamir in the 'massacare to the ears' song "Disco Dandia" I wish my computer hadn't broke because it was horrid!

8. Shor - "How did this happen?" backwass
Shor is by Manoj Kumar, who I usually love for anything he does, especially since he was in my fave Gumnaam and Purab Aur Pachim. But this was true nonsensical backwass as Manoj's kid can't talk, and Manoj keeps pressurizing him to talk, by shaking him about and due to pure idiocy Manoj loses his hearing while giving his blood to his son. This was complete dumbo-film making by my fave guy! How does the ear connect with you arm where the bloods coming out? Manoj as much as I love your nationalism, I am no idiot, and neither is the audience! Plus he ripped a whole scene-for-scene from the Italian brilliance of "Bicycle Thieves" and the famous scene where the father enters a cycling contest to help his kid, Manoj looked pretty fat and yucky with the sweat on his face and drool coming out of his mouth EWWWWWW!

There you go, hopefully some verbal dishoom dishoom can go on if you disagree with my choice, or we can share the plate of hate for these movies! LOL I'm a poet now!

December 19, 2008

Jodis - some favorites, some made by Rab, and some bromantic ones!

Sorry bloggers, I have been a lazy bum these days, vegging out in front of the TV with a stack of dvds and torturing my friends with RK's "AAH" which is more aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Anyway I put this off for sooo long that was until today when I watched the most bromantic movie ever: Quarbani and so here are the jodis!
(Please don't mind the screencaps, my comp busted today!)
Jodi of Sweet Pyar: Nargis and Raj
These two are just fantastic, their offscreen pyar made it soo heartfelt and gorgeous when mouthing lovey-dovey dialogues in the barsaat cry movie Barsaat. They could also do screwball comedy very well too, like in Chori Chori, I might even say they were almost as good as Claudette and Clark, because when these Indian versions squabble they do it so cutely! Perhaps their offscreen love was doomed from the beginning as he was married and she had an stage maa, but whenever they came together it was electric and sultry. Even in Aag, Raj's first movie he devotes a huge chunk of the Nimmi saga to her and that scene where he pulls her hair made me wanna close my eyes because it seemed so real and i felt voyeuristic!
Jodi of Young Love: Dimple and Rishi
Though this pair only appeared in Bobby and Saagar, and a few others, I really like this jodi! They to me are the epitome of young love, Rishi and Dimple won my heart in Bobby and sure you could say their relationship in that is purely kiddish and for snogging only, but they were rash and in love. So i definitely overlooked the times they smashed their faces together in tame hugging, they were sooooo earnest and they didn't mind running away from home, and looking cool on Rishi's motorbike! If there is family opposition the "Motorbike of Cool" is to the rescue, I think they must have started the motorbike trend for years to come! In Saagar they were young love with a lot snogging, and my goodness I think they both looked gorgeous in that movie, as their jodi was good in that Goan seaside love story.
Jodi of Great Fun: Shashi & Amitabh
I love this jodi sooo much, they have such chemistry and are perfect foils for eachother, for example in Deewar they both loved their maa, but in the famous "mere paas maa hai" that scene was just electric, they can play off eachother well. Another word made up for these two "Titanic face-off speech" meaning a brilliant speech were they face-off and oppose each other. But they do make nice brothers and a great team when they're in masala films. Like the silly but fun Shaan they did a lot caper-ing in that movie, they had a fun but very misogynist speech comparing Bindiya Goswami and a car, that speech almost infuriated the feminist in me, but i found it funny which is not that great! They were always lost bhais. a very good masala element to make them posterboys in the Masala Pradesh for Most Fun Jodi!

Jodi of Slightly Real Love: Anil & Madhuri
I chose to ignore Madhuri's jodis with Salman(cute) Sanjay Dutt(very spicy) and Aamir(awww) and in the end Anil had the best chemistry and jodi-ism with her. A few of her earlier movies with Anil, like Parinda made me realize why I really love this jodi: she loves him despite him being a gangster/tapori crime lord. And that's what makes it slightly real, because in Tezaab, she loves even when he come back as the baddest tapori crime lord, and she waits for him and dances in the bars to support her sharaabi dad. Sure he tells her "don't love me I'm a bad kid" but Madhuri always has that unwavering love for Anil that always makes him die/give up his crime lord status. And even in Parinda one of my Anil favorites, she sticks around and watches as her pyar becomes a crime lord, and she does now and again remind him that "Crime is bad/I love you too." This constant reminder also makes me wonder if Anil had a bracelet saying "what would Madhuri do"

Jodi of Pure Bromance: Vinod & Feroz
Due to the 'unfortunance' of my computer messing up, I couldn't capture much of the Bromance of this duo. But bloggers, you'll to suffice it with my great descriptions. Qurbani is the bible basically to bromance, and it is one of my favorite movies ever too! Bromance was abound in this movie, for example when Vinod gets beaten against a tree by the villain, there is Feroz to cradle him in his arms and carry him to the hospital. Another simple gesture of bromantic pyar is when Vinod is in the hospital, Feroz shares a cigarrette with him, by plopping in his mouth. A resounding awwwwwwwwwww escaped from my mouth in that moment as well as a huge guffaw from my friends! Another is when they have a fight over Zeenat in a London living room, when all misunderstandings are cleared up they hug each other, this hug is like no other bromantic hug I've seen: Vinod holds Feroz's elbow, Feroz hold Vinod's shoulder, they stare in unintentional bromantic love and then bang their chests together in a hug, Vinod casually strokes/pulls at Feroz cool mane of hair. PHEW!!! Now i recommend you all watch Qurbani. This is longest passage on jodis ever, catch Dayavan to see the Vinod-Feroz Bromance-fest, where they hug and stroke each others backs in a heartfelt attempt of a hug!
Jodi of New Bromance: Saif and Akshay
This jodi is the new age version of bromance, they hug, they lean in together, their hugs personify a kiss they wish could happen, they wield guns, they guffaw together, they almost ignore the girls in the movie, they starred mainly in the 90's together and Tashan, they both speak good Punjabi together(a must for me) they play off eachother very well, and I'm sure veracious can tell you more!

Jodi of Pure Lust: Amitabh & Rekha
I kinda like this jodi, they made a hit pair, and like Raj-Nargis they had an off screen love as well, and whenever I see them in a movie together, their chemistry is soo lustry and sexy. Even in the sombre Alaap whenever they stared at each other they looked lustfully. Their affair lasted for ages, according to the trusty trivia book "Bollywood a comprehensive history by Mihir Bose" they began meeting after the filming of Namak Haraam, then he went out with Jaya, married her in 1975/76, then went back to Rekha, apparently lived with her for a while, and did Silsila, then the jodi broke up! These two have one of the sexier jodis in Bollywood after Rajesh-Sharmila which was pretty spicy.

There are a ton more jodis in Btown, but these are my key favorites, maybe I'll do a part 2 in the future hope you like it!

December 12, 2008

The Proximity Awards!

Yeh Bolly-bloggers ke dosti!

I found Memsaab's post this morning and found it utterly charming and happy-inducing especially its snowing a bit here in Vancouver. I completely love the idea of these awards, over these past few months since I started this blog, we've all become Bolly-friends! Though eight great blogs were hard to think of, lol I don't wanna offend anyone by leaving them out but we're all good mates now!

“This award is given to a blog that invests and believes in PROXIMITY – nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

Memsaab, I adore all the Shammi posts which made me run out of class to go to the video shop which is jsut one street down from my college! And through Memsaab's great reviews, I realized I watch waaaaaaaaaayyy too many movies, especially during the ages of 7-11 up to now! Memsaab's trivia posts always make me do a hmm invisible beard scratching moment, and thanks memsaab for putting up with my inane comments on your blog!

Post Punk Cinema Club, one of the first blogs I happened upon, I love the new Anil-pyar which I obviously had a lot to do with! PPCC's reviews always give me new points that I never think of, in movies like the whole Husband-is-God in RNBJ today. Ppcc has shaped my filmi journalism career now by making me view movies with a critical eye!

Beth, the resident celebrity of the Masala Pradesh, I love the earlier Akshaye-pyar reviews which made me swoon and wonder about his receding hairline and hair-plugs! The lunchtime polls are always such fun, and Beth's adventures with King Khan make me wanna search Vancouver for one myself!

Bollyviewer, one of the funniest blogs around, the screen caps are hilarious and always make me snort aloud with laughter during my journalism classes! Now that I'm 18, I'm sure i can vote in a ton of filmi polls now and we must meet up we're in the same rainy and snowy country!!

Filmi Girl, the best podcaster and Helen-lover around! Her update of filmi news is great and I have to credit you Filmi Girl for introducing me to OP Ralhan and your screencaps are gigantically brilliant!

, I love this blog as ajnabi's reviews have such fun and spunk to them, which makes me laugh aloud and nod along all the time, and a never-ending pyar for Shahid!

Todd at Die,Danger,Die,Die,Kill and Teleport City, the funniest blog which reignited my love for Feroz Khan and Dara Singh, who I had suppressed many memories of watching Dara doing crotch-locks. His various reviews from all over the world made me appreciate the great battles of Dara versus a dinosaur/ape/lizard/frog?!!

Shweta, great insightful reviews that make me laugh and often influence whether I'll trapse many buses to seeing the big movies!

Hope you all like the awards given, anyone not mentioned you may receive a Masala Pradesh badge of "Good Citizen-ness" and although I haven't met all of you, I'm sure due to the great planning of Shweta and Beth we'll all meet at the meetup in NY!

December 10, 2008

Tumse Achha Kaun Hai - Dostana kisses, Convolusions, and Shammi!

My dreamy loverboy!

I needed to continue the Shammi pyar by reviewing one of my favorite 60's romps which is also adds to the series "Shammi danced into my dil." After reading many of Memsaab's fantastic reviews on Shammi, I went and bought a ton at the video shop! I thought it would be about Shammi and three girls which is common in some of his movies 3 girls, Pran, and Lalita Pawar. But it threw me a complete curveball as it starts off as a love story/romance then it turns into a rape drama then into a "gotta find my sister" tale. But in the end, I love it coz its soo OTT and silly essentially its a Shammi movie with his pouts and wiggles, and some funny innapropriate moments!!
Shammi is Ashok a travelling singer, and 'kalakaar' which he gets shouted at in the middle of the street, he gets picked up by this shouter and taken to Sarojini Devi(Lalita Pawar) house, Shammi and Lalita are a great jodi in their own right, and she looks him over up and down and asks him to reform her three grandkids. The three girls are going off with frivolous men and she wants them to settle down and be all good.
Shammi turns this down and goes home to his blind sister Roopa, who he has a verrrryyyy inapropriate hugging relationship with. Sure you may say there hugging but why does his sister have to pull such orgasmic faces and breath waay too heavily?

AWWW, but just watch the movie and you'll see!

Getting back Roopa is a devout young girl, while Shammi (I'll just call him that) is a staunch atheist blaming God for them being orphans and just any injustice that has happened to him like Her being blind, him being poor. Boohoo then he turns around and goes to Sarojini for the money and starts spying on the sisters, with the help of his comic sidekick Mahesh (Mehmood).
Mehmood doing the Greenface getup!
Honestly Shammi makes a delightful jodi with Mehmood or Rajendranath in anything, I love this soo far. Mahesh gets his own subplot, he's in love with Sheila(Shubha Khote) who Mehmood is always paired with, he loves her but her dad (Dhumal-again part of the trio) wants a Marathi groom and her mum wants a Sindhi groom. So a nice social comment of getting along is included in their sequence. Some the absolute inanities are Mehmood disguising himself with a blackface getup but actually its more Greenface, of course the trio do their funny shtick and then BOLLYWOOD BROMANCE KISS! LOL after watching the Jagdeep snog in Apna Desh this was a mere peck but still :Dostana kiss has nothing on them!
Shammi acting as a *Swoon-worthy* ghost!

He gets run over by Asha(Babita) the eldest girl who's too tomboyish and afraid of falling in love,Shammi pretends to be dead and Mahesh throws him in the river, so that he looks good as a ghost who will fall for Asha, and reform her.
Shammi's not that heavy!

While romancing Asha, Shammi also reforms the other two girls whose names I forgot, but one of them is going out with the Ranjeet-predecessor Manmohan who takes Unnamed Daughter to the hotel for a dance and guess who turns up Shammi! Yaay, Shammi also sing my favorite song "Kisssss Kisko Pyar Karun" where he's on the telephones saying "Hello my love, my dove, my sweetpea, my pigeon!" Shammi's wiggling and dancing is fab in this song, he does a lot of swishing of his wonderful pouffy hair and a lot of frenetic hand movements. That song also has one of those iconic images like:Bad picture but I tried!
Pray to the Post Box!
Shammi jumps into to save the day as Manmohan is about to loot the Unnamed Daughter, actually wrong wording Shammi doesn't jump in, he hides under the bed and pokes Manmohan with a knife which makes him zing up and down!
Shammi also helps the Unnamed Daughter 2 who runs off with her boyfriend taking her granny's jewels with her. The boyfriend is also about to loot her till Shammi actually does burst in the compartment and they both have a dishoom dishoom while falling out of the train too!
All the girls are reformed and all goody now, and then Shammi realizes he's in love with Asha, after they finish singing the title song, Granny catches them at it and berates Shammi for falling in love on the job. Asha begs him to renounce this but then he remembers his Roopa and runs off!
This is where the tone of the movie changes, Roopa is of course praying at the temple during a storm, and then is helped up by a certain handsome rogue Mr.Pran, who else! Pran is also related to Sarojini's asistant, and Sarojini feels that a Mr.Pran is an excellent groom for Asha! Back to Roopa, she falls and Pran takes her home and obviously he ogles at a wet Roopa and helps her in. Then somehow he enters the house again and rapes her, in one of the most stylized rape scenes, he wrestles with her in the shadows and the ending shot is of her chudiya breaking!

I'm afraid PRAN is pretty FINE here!
The shockingly gorgeous after shot!

Shammi comes home to see the unmade bed, broken chudiya, while Roopa is typically ashamed and tries to drown in the river but is saved by a chivalrous doctor(Rehman) who looks not too old here. She also gets her eyes wondrously fixed and all is good with her till she meets an aunty who looks like Sarojini who takes her to a brothel to again almost raped by Mr.Chicanery himself Madan Puri!
I love this movie, its got Mehmood and Dhumal kissing, Pran looking devilishly fine, two Lalita Pawars and a Madan Puri. Meanwhile across town Shammi tries to find the rapist, he even bumps into Pran a few times but never susses out! Shammi also falls into an accident and is bandaged across the eyes, and turns out at Rehman's hospital with a new nurse who could it be? Roopa!
The tone then shifts too a completely different turn into
a "usurping property drama"
Can you spot the evil twin?

This is where it got convoluted, the two grannies switch places and team up with Pran and his uncle to do this, while Mehmood figures it out, but no one else believes him!
What will the brilliant Shammi do? Will there be a dishoom dishoom faceoff?
Grannies become sharaabis too!
Shammi Kapoor is wonderful here, I adore him and wish that somehow men would take his advice and dance and woo so persistently as he does. Sure its not everyone's cup of tea to have a buffoon/cutest guy ever to woo and follow you about, but I'm sure Memsaab and I enjoy a persistent perennial disguiser like Shammi!
Babita is pretty good here, though she suffers from "Over Coloured Eyebrows" syndrome that makes her look like Groucho Marx in some places. Each Babita movie I watch, her voice is sooo OTT orgasmic whenever Shammi whispers or hugs her, perhaps its the deep voice, but I think Karisma adapted that for a while the heavy breathing and Ohhh every time Govinda or Sallu gave her kiss!
Mehmood, Dhumal, and Shubha Khote are a great trio jodi, I love them all together. I think this is one of my favorite jodi groups as well as them in Love In Tokyo- which I must get round to reviewing. Tokyo, Mehmood and Joy Mukherjee YAAAAAAAAAYYYY!
Back to this movie, Pran was devilishly good here and I could almost forgive him for breaking Roopa's nice chudiyaa! The actress who played Roopa was fantastic better than all the women in the movie, despite her inapropriate hugging with her bro Shammi.
Lalita Pawar reprises the same role since Mr & Mrs 55, the old maa or grandma that wants to reform her lovesick kids, but she has great chemistry with Shammi!
Tumse Achha Kaun Hai if I could sum up in three words is:
You said it man!

December 6, 2008

The Khan Dynasty - the Big 3 and the family of Khan

I watched Dharmatma yesterday, and realized that Feroz Khan captured my heart with rugged masculinity, and his crooked teeth, so I needed to do something about him and so the Khan post has arrived. Like the Bollywhat post on the many Khan's I had to do my own, with the Big 3 and then some of the Khan family.

Shahrukh became SEXY!!!
1. Shahrukh Khan - currently sitting at the top of the industry, and who might be slowly being dethroned by the new guy or that old guy who finally made it big Akshay Kumar. But Shah Rukh has always done it for me because he's just sooo darn romantic and Rahul/Raj-esque in his acting that I can't hate him. This will probably be my downfall in movie journalism is that I just can't find any wrong with Anil and SRK, but its probably coz they can light up a dismal project and they are just such competent actors. SRK was the second "king of my heat" as he is so adorable and he loves his women to ends of the earth and will woo them valiantly like Shammi but with more sappiness and agility. For example his Raj in Darr was soo in love with Juhi that he wrote "Kiran" on his chest and he was willing to fly here and there just to love, perhaps thats a silly example as Raj there was clearly a nutjob. But SRk infused such pain into Raj that I screamed "You go and kill that Sunny Deol, and talk to your dead maa on the phone too!!!" SRK's mannerism of the twitchy eyebrows (he really needs to thread them!) the stutter that could rival our Shashi's, the quivering lips, the always outspread arms for a girl like me to run into. SRK makes it mega-hard not to like him, thats probably why i love him.

Loving the scarves
2. Aamir Khan - now here's a Khan I don't love fanatically and can critisize because I didn't like him at all in the beginning, he was too chirpy and kissed his heroines namely Juhi more, so he was more of a realistic romantic hero that I didn't like when i was 10. But he grew on me in Raja Hindustani and Lagaan and his post millenium movies. But here's a Khan who has outspoken views and a great actor too. I think his choosiness in roles is necessary, because he did do some pretty backwass movies as a young guy like "Zindagi Tere Naam" or "Army" never wear a mush Aamir it doesn't suit you that well. But his Jo Jeeta Sikandar and his fun college films always struuck a chord with me, he was that sensitive nerd that I just wanted to be my squeeze! But his sparse releases always show a nuanced and powerhouse performance from Aamir.

3. Salman Khan - A Khan who is very inconsistent in my books, he could act great but then ham in other movies. He is one of the more conventionally good-looking Khan in the Big 3, but I do prefer 90's Salman as he looked cute and he wasn't losing his hair as well, and he loved to show off his chest by ripping his t-shirt off! But post millenium Salman, he started looking old, he obviously had some hair plugs as you can see in the awful Yuvvraaj. My favorite Salman movie must be Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, he was soo spunky and he was really sweet at the end crying on Helen as Ash left him for her hubby, another BARSAAT CRY moment! But Salman is a good actor but his troubled off screen life probably hampered his career a bit such as bashing up Aishwariya Rai, shooting the chinkara, and turning up late for shooting. But I do love a bad boy and Salman fits that deal!

4.Arbaaz Khan - another part of the Khan Dynasty, he's an competent actor and he knows how to pull off an actor face but he's not the best Khan brother. He specialized in playing the bad guy or the tough guy and he was brilliant in Damini with Rishi and Juhi as a psycho. And he was great and sleazy in the recent Fashion. He was also great fun in Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya with his bro Salman and Kajol and the original tough guy Dharamendra and his fight scene with Salman was crackling with machismo!
Funny pic from Salaam E Ishq
5. Sohail Khan - the youngest of the Sallu's clan, he is emerging as one of the finest comic guys around, he is also a producer but I think he's a great actor too. He was the saving grace of the backwass "God Tussi Great Ho" and of the dismal "Hello". He seems to have starred in a lot lackluster movies but emerging as the one to watch for. He was really good in the recent Heroes and was much better than the bland Vatsal Seth.
Sexyness and Funkadelic all rolled into this man!
6. Feroz Khan - as I mentioned above, Feroz is the new Rum crush, he is sooooooo HAWT! Sure he's starred in some of the silliest spy and gangster flicks of the 60's and 70's but he looked cool doing it. He's also a funky director, Dharmatma is now up there on my favorite gangster movies of all time, its violent, funkadelic and just plain cool. And Feroz is not a director that hogs the whole screen to himself, if there's a second hero then Feroz devotes enough time to make the second guy have a fully fledged character like Vinod in Qurbani sure he lost the girl but there was enough time spent on the sheer sexyness of him and obviously him and his precocious daughter. Feroz also directed my ANIL in Jaanbaaz one of my favorites coz of my ANil being a sweet tapori type. Feroz also pushed the envelope in his movies, Jaanbaaz is synomous in my head with the OTT sex scene with Anil and Dimple in the hay, and even Dharmatma with Faryal shaking her stuff in a bikini and then dying in a bathtub with not much clothing on.
7. Sanjay Khan - Feroz's younger bhai, I don't know what to think about Sanjay as I hated that he beat up Zeenat Aman in his off-screen life, but then I do feel sorry for the guy as he got his face burnt and never really recovered his face again. But as an actor he always seemed to wooden to me, maybe it was his nasally voice or his flapper hair but he wasn't as charismatic as Feroz.

8. Fardeen Khan - Feroz's kid, I like Fardeen, he's a good actor and he's kinda cute too, though he did start off in a terrible movie directed by Feroz called Prem Aggan, he was really young there and showed some good acting amidst a lot screaming and shouting in that movie. He also is a favorite of the Ram Gopal Varma camp as he was in Jungle and Pyar Tune Kya Kiya with Urmila who made a pretty nice jodi with despite her looking slightly older. He was very good in Dev as a radical Muslim kid, and his scenes with Amitabh were really well done. Apparently he's doing a remake of Qurbani, him playing his dad's role of course but it does make me go hmmm coz I really liked Qurbani as it was fun funky and had Feroz+Vinod!

9. Zayed Khan - Sanjay's kid, he's a pretty good actor he was fairly good in Yuvvraaj as Danny, much better than Salman as he had more of the Tom Cruise role to play in the Rainman remake he was brash rude and horrid which he plays well. My fave Zayed role so far has been him in Main Hoon Naa, he was cute as Lucky and he was a good foil for SRK's straitlaced Ram.

10. Farah Khan - I think she's Zayed's sister? She;s arguably one of my favorite female directors these days, she adds a bit of spoof, and tongue-in cheek humour to all her projects. Main Hoon Na is one of my favorite school movies ever as she makes it with such heart, and its great coz its so fun and self-referential. Om Shanti Om too was fun and her background scores with the old school tunes of RD Burman in the back were such good touches to the movies.
A Hunk of pure Emo!
11. Yusuf Khan/Dilip Kumar - a world class actor that captured my heart with his simple emoness! Dilip Khan sounds kinda good but I guess a Kumar name has a certain pizzazz with it too.My fave Yusuf/Dilip movie is probably Mashaal sure he's around 50 in that movie but as a journalist myself I respect his performance as a guy searching for truth and justice in the slums and influencing my ANIL to become a journo too!
Saif's fondness for sham-relationships!
12. Saif Ali Khan - one of the good comic Khan's, though his earlier performances were a bit rough and my favorite Saif movie must be Yeh Dillagi, he makes a good substitue for William Holden in the Sabrina-remake. Plus he made an excellent bromantic pair with Akshay Kumar, I bought all their movies together and he just infuses such spunk and is a perfect foil to Akshay's tough action man guy! He also had a turbulent off screen life, marrying Amrita Singh an older lady but nevertheless she snagged a hot toyboy for a while till he went off with Roza then to Kareena!

Here's the proper list as I accidently published the post before my computer froze! Too many Khan's some good and some rubbish!