August 15, 2010

Sridevipalooza! A Quick Outpouring of Pyar for Shrill-Devi!

This gorgeous woman makes my day!

Sridevi is one of those wonderful actresses who's one of a kind! Though I've been out of the loop for most of the summer, I have still kept up with all these fabulous fan-worship weeks, devising one myself, but Amaluu has made this great week devoted to one of my FAVORITE actresses of the 80's and 90's! So here's a quick snippet of my absolute pyar for Sridevi!
  • I first caught Sridevi in one of my favorite cracktastic films on Zee Tv, Nagina! One of the many crazy vigilante naag films, and she was fabulous in it, scaring off her saasu maa by being a snake and glaring at everyone in some pretty fantastic contact lenses that I wouldn't mind owning myself on my angry days! But what the film is mainly highlighted for is the most mind-blowing naag dance in the world to me, Vjyantimala move over puhleeze for the queen of the naag dance! This dance made me try and attempt the same dance, which i can to mixed results from my mirror, thank god for the summer holidays and movie long days of dancing about by myself like a nut!
  • The next thing is Sridevi is just amazing in anything, case in point one of her big hits Chaalbaaz which I caught lazing about in the countryside and being internetless I couldn't scream on Twitter= OMGG I LOVE RAJNI! Ohh well this movie was friggin gold! Sri did a girly Ram aur Shyam including the whipping of some nasty elder! But throughout this film which did have titan Rajni in it, she stole the show with her brilliant comic timing as Manju and maybe she was more frenzied than Dilip as the slightly mad Anju! Sridevi is just so incandescent in this film, moments of her madcap mischief reminded of the excellence of Carole Lombard. Seriously she was so in her element doing a bit of both in this film that she wouldn't be out of place in a screwball comedy like 'His Girl Friday'
  • Next and lastly, she is a crazy good dancer, as evidenced in Chandni and e very film she ever made! I really loved it when Yash Chopra does those separate montages of his lead heroine proving her mettle in a dance scene, so the woman in white dance that I often copy in Chandni and the hilarious 80's angry number in Lamhe! She is a gal I would pay money to watch in concert just for her dancing!
  • Sridevi is a gal who just works with my Anil, they made soo many movies together that I watched in my summers with my neighbour Rita, vegetating in front of their antics. I was kinda surprised that she married Anil's less gorgeous brother Boney, but ohh well when I was 7 I damn near expected them to end up together offscreen too! But some of my favorite films of the Anildevi jodi are the flawed classic Lamhe, and some trashier classics like Judaai and Laadla where Sridevi gets to be a bitch and try and steal her rightful owner off other lesser women. Though I loved her in Judaai for being a silly cow who actually sold my Anil off to Urmila, but the cracktastic act was justication enough for me to love it!

This was a very screwball way of emitting my pyar for Sridevi out in my busy holiday in London! If you follow me on Twitter then you'd realize how much I missed a computer like a silly new generation kid would, but this is a nice post to sign on for, for a woman I just adore!