July 5, 2008

Purab aur Pachhim - A Picturebook of Cool

THE Famous rape scene as recreated in Bride and Prejudice

The god that is Manoj ,Madan Puri as a nice daddy

Manoj a pious and good man, The very dhol talented Vinod!

Please excuse this post, it is a devotion of screencaps from my favorite movie, if you want an intelligent review of the movie then please read Philip Lutgendorf's post on this movie as this is a very fangirly review.I love this movie because it's sooooo funky with a capital F, it's exuberant, lovely, message-filled, symbolic, and swinging seventies. I LOVE MANOJ KUMAR, he is soo cute in a lovely Punjabi way, he loves the dhol, his desh, his bharat name in every movie. He really knows how to entertain an audience, and how to shoot a movie, all the shots are wonderfully orchestrated and everything and everyone in the shot is focused or the positioning of everyone is very expert, he is sooo skilled and by god I wished he taught cinema class over here in Vancouver
Sorry for the gushiness, back to the film: its a very great story talking about the diaspora of Indians living in London my old desh! Bharat(Manoj Kumar) is a patriotic sometimes leaning towards nationalistic of the bad kind, if i wanted to analyze, but seeing as I love the movie, I'll ignore his bahut pyar for India and see him as a young passionate cute guy. He gets into Cambridge university and has the blessing of Guruji(Ashok Kumar) who looks a lot like a wandering sadhu with a cool scarf on. Also with a bit of filler in the beginning Bharat's father was a freedom fighter who loved his wife MAA(Kamini Kaushal) but his father was sold out by Guruji's son Harnam(Pran-tastic!.) WOAHHH is Bharat's reaction to London in the hip 1970, with a wonderful montage of the strip clubs, the playgirl joints, the belly-dancing clubs, and the crazy mannequins. At the airport he meets his uncle Madan Puri, his aunt who has assimilated very much in society by swigging scotch and smoking cigarettes, we also meet Orphan (a cool Rajendranath) their son and daughter Preeti (Saira Banu) These two crazy kids have forgotten their roots and have fun taking Bharat on a boat trip down the Thames, they jig to "Somebody to Love" while Bharat looks on dismayed, on the boat is OP(A very sexy Prem Chopra) who is very much in love with Preeti, he is also Pran's son! With a bit of education the whole household is becoming in touch with their Indian side through Bharat, especially Preeti who falls in love, and Orphan who is actually Shankar becomes a Hare-Krishna. There are many subplots including one friend (Manmohan) who is in love with an English girl but is married back home, so the lovely Om Prakash comes to bring him back, but obviously needs Bharat's help. But eventually Bharat must go back.

A very sexy Prem Chopra , THE BAD WEST!

Madan asks to bring his family along to devise a plan to truly educate them in the Purab(East) ways, so Bharat and family move to India, over there is Gopi(Bharti) a girl who loves Bharat, so she is heartbroken so in the song "Purva Suhani Aayi Re" the two girls have a wonderful danceoff, Vinod Khanna also loves Gopi and another subplot is solved! I highly recommend this movie for education in the coolness that is Manoj Kumar cinema, the acting was top notch, everybody was great especially Saira Banu, I don't like her much as an actress but value her style, but she played her part very well, and of Manoj was full of broodingness and his signature face covering sadness fingers were less used in this movie! Rajendranath was sooo hilarious as Orphan and when he turns into a Hare Krishana those scenes are just comedy magic, also his character seemed to be a bit ambiguous as his French friend seemed like his boyfriend, watch out coz its a bit funny and progressive if he was gay? Madan Puri was soooo excellent in his true at heart Indian role, and one scene where he listens to his records is just puddle-inducing tears, he listens to the record then sees Saira walk in drunk and the juxtaposition of the Indian music and her was soooo spot on!
Purab aur Pachhim is a brilliant genuine movie, enjoy the crazy screencaps!

The cool coloured shots of Bharat's shock, The puddle-inducing scene

Beautiful Saira! , The positioning of everybody!

Bird+Flower+Bollywood= SEX! , Rajendranath loves his BHARAT!

A nice pairing , Raju's french boyfriend!

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ajnabi said...

The only bits I've seen of this movie was on Bride & Prejudice. Gurindar Chaddha said that it was the first BW movie about NRIs so that was pretty interesting.