January 17, 2009

Janbaaz - When Anil became a sex+drug addicted crime lord!

The infamous quote!

Warning : this review will contain lamenting about Anil, swearing, and my favorite word pie-inducement!

Ohh what shite has entered the Bollywood, is what thundered from my brain after watching this utter backwass. Todd and PPCC you must watch this and tell me what you think!
As a young kid I fell in love with Anil Kapoor, I thought his movies were masala magic, maybe a foolish idea because I was only 7 when I watched this! I made a resolution when I was 7 to sit at my neighbour Rita's house and watch as many ANil movies as I could during the summer, I started at Woh 7 Din and ended with this!
Ohhh this movie was funny then, and I forwarded the hay scene and then watched the monstrosity on late night Zee TV! But ohhh as a blooming Filmi journalist I had to be critical and say "THIS Movie SUCKED!" I'm sure my hero Roger Ebert would approve of that concise rating as he even wrote "Your movie sucked" book!
I guess I wanted to enjoy this movie as the 7-year old Rum would, because darnit it had my ANil and Feroz Khan, a new Masala Pradesh favorite! But now on a staple diet of good masala movies, great Ray movies, great arty movies, and a guilty pleasure helping of the Amitabh implosion 80's movies, I couldn't watch this movie properly!
Perhaps the 80's and Rum don't get along as this movie is full of sexual double entendre, kitschy fighting, Shakti Kapoor as a villain, and an aging superstar paired with the "angry tapori kid" Anil Kapoor, and godawful fugly outfits! I want my 60's+70's masala again!
Lets start this ribald rubbish, first we find the titles which are filmed behind a moving sky with "Janbaaz Janbaaz" screeching in the background! Then we see a girl riding on a horse with some electro 80's score in the background, she runs to her dad (Kulbushan Khabandra) and even more stupid she talks with Sridevi's voice! AHHH! To show the aging process we get the same clouds scene with forwarded clock as well! Feroz loves this camera technique where you put the main scene such as Sridevi dancing while the fire is on the image as well:

Wow drugs set your "badan" on "aag"!!
The kid grows up into a gorgeous Reshama(Dimple) who I love, because she swishes her hair and smacks men across the face in this movie! YAAAY! Her dad is a gambler as well as so we go to the horseraces where Feroz does a voice-over of the commentary while the horse race, we also see my favorite bunch of henchmen:
We're the 80's Moustache Gang!

Shakti and Puneet Issar seem to be the bad ones, while the other two were wasted by just pulling menacing faces. Reshma's dad loses the bet against this 80's Moustache Gang, and they take him to their stupid disco den, where the big boss Teja(Raza Murad) resides. They all play poker, where Teja cheats coz his fugly vamp passes him cards all the time, Dad loses and shoots Shakti in anger, he leaves and goes home to be counseled by Reshma!

Disco den+forgotten member of the 80's Moustache gang
Inappropriate Hugging Relationship #2

Reshma and her Dad earn the #2 title in the Inappropriate hugging relationship as she continually lies on him, hugs him waaayyy too close, and its just plain ewwwwwww! He then gets killed by Shakti in a car accident,Reshma grieves by pacing around her pool with a small whip in her hand, then Bad-Ass Heroine Moment is when Shakti arrives and asks her "Wanna be my vamp" she whacks him a million times with her whip which makes some funny sound effects!
Shakti slumps off to the disco den then visits Teja where he tells him about his drug lord plans:
Lesson 1: Don't by drugs at high prices!

By sheer Bollywood coincidence, Reshma was adopted and her aunty is Anil's maa, so she walks to their house and hitch-hikes with a Parsi couple, the same actors from the Qurbani sketch. We then see Anil, this is where the laments come in! AHHH he's is such a dumbo, jerk, and idiot, he's a very stupid guy who has sex with any girl around and his first conquest is Aarti Gupta who he looks at in a shower! He's such a ..... I don't what to say about him coz he's such a perv! He goes to Shakti's individual disco den with Aarti who's Shakti's fugly dresses sister! Shakti enjoys heroin and smack and injects into an African woman who writhes around in some idiotic state of high, and then we get the two converged images thing again to show the experience of ecstasy!
'Nuff seen, 'Nuff said!

Then Anil's downward spiral happens when Shakti makes him try it:

ANil, you stupid crime lord, why?

Then we get a really silly sequence where Feroz thought he was being trippy, but actually ends up like that song in the old "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" where they go in the tunnel and stupid images happen. Well Anil has his own version of this, with tarantulas, eggs smashed by hammers, waves and other crap that needs to be seen!
Then Aarti and the high African woman sing an English version of "Pyar Do Pyar Lo" which made me hate this movie even more, its like a sadomasochists dream, all the women are wearing fugly leather skimpy clothes, THANK GOODNESS for the fast forward button, the first time I watched this movie at 17, my remote was broken so I was banging my fist on the floor for such shite dancing to be over!
Anil's drug face!Ain't this trippy enough for you?

Also at the bar is the aging Supercop Rajesh(Feroz Khan) who wears a cowboy outfit which also has elements of Crocodile Dundee in there too:

I'm still Bad-Ass kids

Rajesh arrest Shakti and Anil, he throws them in the lockup. Anil is incredulous as why would you throw me in jail brother? Yes they are brothers with an age difference of around 30 years maybe. This doesn't go too well with their Dad(Amrish Puri) a surprisingly non-villainous and leery role, who calls around and has his bad kid out of jail. Another stupidity of this movie is Amrish's happy faces and encouragement of Anil to try drugs and I've never seen Amrish smile so much!

Aww my bachha had his first sniff today!
Lesson 2: Don't listen to your dad

A little later Feroz does some bad-ass shouting and dishoom-dishoom with Shakti in the lockup, then Teja gets him released. Meanwhile Dimple has arrived and Anil does some leery leching at her where he says the infamous quote and more yuckness ensues.The divine light of Feroz
Anil, being a pervy crime lord

Anil keeps acting fresh with Dimple who likes it but keeps him at a distance, and in one instance she does a literal pie-inducement when Anil compares himself to animal.
WAAHEEEYYYY! Thanks Dimple!

Later Feroz tells Dimple the story of his lost and much younger love Sridevi a singer who performs in the middle of a beach with a drummer, she sings the great
"Har Kisi Ko" and then she's kidnapped by Teja who wants revenge from Feroz who busted his drug-making lab and shot him in the leg, which makes him walk sideways as if he's doing the grapevine. He injects her with some heroin and some more crazy images
pop up. Blah-di-blah about sadness that Feroz has, more importantly Sridevi's is addicted to drugs NAHII.
And her acting of being high means breast heaving and some silly dance moves which do
showcase her great dancing skills. She dies and Feroz is unhappy for life.
Her head actually spins!

Wow I see a crazy pupil!

I see smashed eggs!

Dimple's fugly "Listening to Long Flashback" hairstyle
After this flashback, Anil magically transforms into a nice Anil that we all love, then the leery Anil coaxes Dimple into bed/into the hay, after this monstrous scene Dimple asks "When we getting married?" Leery Anil says "Oooops.... uhhh soon?" she seems content with this, they walk out of the stable and they see Amrish. Then the most yuckiest scene comes where these two lechs laugh together and Amrish even pokes his horse smacker into Anil's bushy chest and they laugh and guffaw as if banging the girl that lives with them is the funniest thing since cheese! Bleugh!Lesson 3: When you're crime lord, perviness comes naturally

Dimple then makes Anil jealous by flirting with the ranch boy Dalip Tahil, the gorgeous song "Jane Jaana" plays all the time during the jealous-inducing scenes. Anil then turns into the Incredible Hulk, rips his shirt a bit and kills Dalip and vanishes off into the hills. Dimple tells Feroz about Anil and then a great dishoom scene ensues. They both wear fugly denim so it might as well be a mad fight over who's got the fugliest on!
Anil runs off, and meets Shakti and he recruits him in the Drug Smuggling Crime Lord Academy.

YEs for making this wretched movie!

Dimple says sorry to Anil and they make up and go on the run together, a lot of backwass happens later and the Pyar Do Pyar Lo song comes up with Rekha and more skimpy dressed dancers and skinny men lifting Rekha about!

ANIL, ANIL, whyyyyyyyyy! This utter rubbish to be in, who cares if it made some money and that you set the bar for sex scenes to come, this was a waste of Anil!
Feroz was fat and saggy in this, but managed to look pretty fine in some shots
Dimple was the best thing here, she whipped men, she made Anil kill tons of other crime taporis just coz he realized he loved her and no one could love her except him!
Jagdeep was here, and surprisingly funny and another best thing here
Shakti and Raza act bad and look it too, though Raza'a leg dragging was vey stupid
The music by Kalyanji and Anandji was very funky and I listen to it non-stop, the background score was used in Bombay 2: Electric Vindaloo a brilliant showcase of the electro-funk found in some of Feroz's movies, a must listen!

Janbaaz is a crappy movie worth a watch if you wanna be surprised by the silliness or watch the famous ending or hay scene! But just plain useless!
Jagdeep sums up my response to this movie!

January 13, 2009

Fairy GodMaa - Turn Rum into A Bollywood Heroine, Please!

Again nicking the idea from all of you, this time its Bollyviewer's fantastic post, I know Fairy GodMaa quite well, we got acquainted during my "I love Saira Banu phase" when I was 16-17-and even now, I wished for the ability to do brilliant eyeliner arches like my idol then she never appeared again even when I wished her to make my Prom a non-Carrie like day, which it was but it still sucked!
"Where were you when I needed you?" I screeched which made my already scratchy voice worse, she magically appeared and said "What do you want"
"I wanna be a Bollywood heroine that can represent the Anil Kapoor Fanclub and Masala Pradesh"

Zeenat Aman's iconic status:
She managed to blow the lid off the heroine stereotype of being dutiful to her man, and singing a song and being a prop for the hero to use to rescue, and to further plot in convoluted ways. Zeenat was from LA and was open about her sexuality, and brought back the snog/kiss back to Bollywood in SSS!

Asha Bhosle voice:

If only I could purr "Itni jaldi naa karo, raat ka dil tootega" (Don't leave so early, the night's heart will break) from Aadmi aur Insan or "Ye Ladka Hai Allah" with such fun and vivacity, her voice has aged so well, and her famous song from Rangeela proved that she was back with a bang. I wish I had a voice like that!

Sridevi's comedienne ability:
If I could pull faces like Sridevi I woulda been a contender for the world Gurning Championships! Her ability to gurn and comic timing is exceptional for example her Charlie Chaplin shtick in Mr.India was hilarious. I wanna be able project a megawatt smile while pulling the silliest of faces as well!

Mumtaz's cuteness:
She managed to emit cute rays to any hero onscreen and make them fall for her, whether she charmed the burly Dara Singh at around 14-18, she was soo cute. I also like her "Overcoloured Eyebrows Syndrome" which made her cuter in the Dara movies!

Asha Parekh's crying:

To break into Bollywood as a heroine, I need to cry like a pro, and the only woman who could cry so beautifully after Nutan was Asha, lol I'd be able to make it if I could reach her NAHHIII in Kati Patang and Caravan.

Madhuri's Smile:
AWWWWW unfortunately I am not blessed with perfect dental structure as Madhuri, so I definitely need a smile like that which conveys such happiness and coquettish ability too!

Asha Parekh's Beehives:
When I called the Fairy Godmaa she was unable to grant a beautiful beehive like this for my prom, it was a quite high Sadhana type with a flower too. I really liked her beehives, sure sometimes they made her look like an astronaut or an alien, but I like to think I'm a 60's & 70's syle child born in the wrong era!

Saira's Eyeliner and Style Ability:
I haven't managed to achieve this yet, mine's more of her crazier styles in Purab aur Pachhim where its more glittery and higher and crazily arched!
Her style was amazingly funky and I have bought a tonnnnn of her tight kurtis that she wore in Aaddmi aur Insaan, and her crazy printed dresses that she wore in PAP!

Dimple's Agelessness & Hair Swishing:

I have thick and curly hair that's more African than Punjabi, as it wild and untamable. And after watching a ton of Dimple's movies, I realized she does a tonnnn of hair flips and swishes which I love, her hair's thick and wavy and permy which I LOVE! I wish I could show an emotion of anger or irritation by just swishing my hair about!
Dimple also looks gorgeous now, she's aged beautifully and she's managed to have great roles for older women like Dil Chahta Hai and Being Cyrus

Padmini's Dance Skills:

Padmini is not the regular choice for dancing, Helen is on my list also Laxmi Chhaya, but Padmini is a wondrous and almost transcendental dancer especially when she does Kathak, Bharat Natyam and other styles. I wish I could dance soo beautifully, Raj Kapoor discovered her from the Telegu and Tamil movies and brought her to Bollywood and showed off her brilliant dancing skills in "Mera Naam Joker" and "Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hain" I also love her commercial movies where she does the as fabulously as Laxmi and her other mod moves!

Hope you like the new layout of the blog, and the very apt "Roti Kapada Makaan" header, sorry if it looks too much like yours Bollyviewer!

January 12, 2009

Slumdog and Rum losing her voice!

I have a sore throat now, yesterday was the Golden Globes and I was super happy for Slumdog Millionaire being nominated at least. But to win Best soundtrak, best director, best screenplay, and best picture, that made me cry with happiness and screech my apartment down!
Perhaps it was my hysteria or me being 18, but I screeched really loud when the camera cut to Anil throwing his hands up in the air with happiness and victory!
I also screamed when I saw Shah Rukh Khan walk on stage, I went "What the hell?" i knew he was presenting but I thought it was at the more boring one the sciences one?
I also got complaints from silly old ladies in the building early this morning for screaming and perhaps playing the soundtrack a tad too loud, but F*** it I was happy

January 8, 2009

Hare Rama Hare Krishna - Ohhh No Hippies Influenced my Sister!

You pesky meddlin hippies!
Sorry for being lazy, but school started and I guess I'll have to limit myself to one post every week. Hare Rama Hare Krishna is a ground-breaking movie, in the sense that it introduced India to the problems of hippies that were invading their land and Nepal! Dev Anand has NEVER been liked here in the Masala Pradesh, sure he was cute, had a puff in his hair, but somethin about him irks me. He has been a fairly competent director in the movies I've seen of him, though Vijay Anand and Chetan strike me as better directors! I'll call this HRHK to make it easier for myself and you! Perhaps this review won't make much sense as I like it because of the sheer funkability of it, but I HATE the over-preachyness of Dev's sermons!
So we start off with footage of Indian people in a mandir, going crazy sing HRHK with clashing flamencos and head movements, Dev attempts to show us that this is how Indian people sing "Hare Rama Hare Krishna" they respect the words and go in a trance because of the music and religion. Then he switches to the above shot of white Hare Krishnas who sing HRHK in a respectful yet hippyish way, I like the juxtaposition here as he prepares you for the rest of the movie which I'm sure he wanted to seem like "two different lifestyles(east/west) combine"
Then I got MAD! As Dev goes into sermon mode, he shows footage of my bharat(London) where there are protest marches, along with a parade of Hare Krishnas who sing HRHK. Then he starts his sermon on the dangers of the hippy! "Hippies are bad kids folks, they desecrate our culture, they smoke dope all day" is what he basically sermonizes about!
Look how cool he makes it look, while critisizing it too~

Hey man, my temple is that too!

He then finishes his preaching to relate it to his character Prashant who is pleading at his sister Jasmeet(Zeenat Aman). Then all of a sudden we switch to them two as kids, and WOAAAHHH they have a messed up family! They live in snowy Montreal shown with big white cardboard snowflakes falling from a plastic window, and I shouted hey its Canada!
Back to their messed up childhood, they have a maa(Achla Sachdev) who smacks Jasmeet around quite a bit, because she's wild and very unruly, and then they have a distant dad(Kishore Sahu) who obviously has been eyeing up his secretary. Then my sister's favorite song comes along "Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka" where Prashant cheers up a sad Jasmeet, and we hooted with laughter as Master Bitu sang with Lata's voice. Lol forgive me, as I watched this when i was 16, and very immature about old movies, sure I watched a ton when i was a kid but at 16 I had to laugh! Everything seems slightly okay in the "Dysfunctional Jaiswal family" till the parents come home from a party where Dad danced with his mistress in front of his wife, and Maa made a scene. Both are very angry with each other and have a really shocking fight where Dad throws whiskey at Maa, where Maa throws her shoes at Dad, and then when Dad announces a divorce and slaps around Maa - while the kids watch from behind the door!
Some fighting

Sadness ensues when Maa takes Prashant and Dad takes Jasmeet, I don't know how this works in the court system but anyway, for the sake of the movie Jasmeet's ayah says that Prashant has died! All i could say is what a bitch! No wonder Jasmeet is a hippy coz she represses soo many memories like Dad in bed with new wife(A really young Indrani Mukherjee) and new stepsisters and more.
We cut to Prashant as an already wrinkling Dev Anand with a Beatles haircut, hey man the Beatles finished before the movie and the piehead hair started in 1965ish and then they grew their hair out! Gawsh, his hair looked really quite terrible as he combed to the side almost to make an emo guy hair! Prashant is an air pilot(wonder if Yash Chopra suggested the pilot again?) and he wants to find his sister, so far so good he finds out by screaming down the phone to Dad that Jasmeet is in Nepal. So he flies off to there, he lands up in a hotel where he bumps into Jasmeet, and she looks gorgeous here and she wears the best sunglasses ever! Lol this must be one of the 3 movies where I bought all the sunglasses such as Yaadon Ki Baraat, Aadmi aur Insaan and this!
Jasmeet has changed her name to Janice and is proper junkie as Prashant finds out later, but first some masala element of "Find a funky villain to fight with" one of the two is Sudhir as an owner of the hippy hangout that Janice goes to and Prem Chopra.
He needs his matching partner Ranjeet though
He follows Janice around quite a bit, and then the creepy element comes in as he acts more suitor than a bhai, he could be less obvious by not flirting with her every time he sees her! Along his travels he runs into my favorite "Comic Sidekicks that need to be used in any movie" Rajendranath and Mehmood Jr, yaayyyyyyyyy I cried, some great guys to balance out the preachy messages that emitted from the screen and Dev's mouth!

Because I was distracted by these two Scene-stealer's, dEV
Then another masala element comes in "Token girl to fall in love with, who later becomes a mere set design" unfortunately the lady in question is my favorite: Mumtaz, she got to do a great dance which was good, but then she fell for Dev and it went downhill for her character who sporadically returned, just to be rescued from Prem Chopra by Dev, and to sing a song.

Don't I look good as a prop?
Back to the masala part of the story, Dev and Mumtaz fall in pyar and get married in a very unceremonial way, Prem doesn't like this and makes Sudhir frame Dev for stealing a statue from the mandir. Time to call up the Police Inspector saab, who could it be? Jagdish Raj or Iftikar?

Hey Rum, need to play a policeman in the Masala Pradesh Movie?
Rum: Sure Iftikar-been-in-any-movie-ever-made!

The inspector's son is a friend of Janice's who hates Dev for following her around all the time! This movie sometimes becomes over-clogged with the Masala instead of the Hippyness! Back to Janice who is smoking dope and having fun, Dev visits her a dew times but she refuses to recognize him.
In a moment of pure preachyness, when the brilliant RD Burman track "Dum Maro Dum" finishes, Dev appears from nowhere to sing "Ram Ka Badnam Na Karo" (Don't Give Ram a Bad Name") the gist of the song goes "Look all you crazy kids, don't do this dope, don't use Ram's name to fuel your bad ways, get to know Krishna before singing an empty HRHK, read the Gita, understand the religion" Lol that was basically word for word paraphrasing of what the song meant! VAH VAH VAH!
Why can't I be a funky hippy, brother?
Dev visits her for the millionth time in a stalkerish way and the famous image of Zeenat passing the pipe to him with him in the silly straw hat!
Amazingly beautiful iconic shot!
We hippies just wanna dance!

During this meeting, the great song "I Love You" sung by Asha and Usha Iyer plays while the hippies have their fun and dance in their mirth, while cutting away to Dev's dismayed face! Grow up will you, have fun! But Dev puts a dampener on the mood by adding some unnecessary masala elements concerning his "False Accusations" stroryline!
With a lot of convolution, Maa and Dad come back to see Jasmeet and I'll just say its a good reasonable ending but it does throw you off a bit~
What I liked about this movie as I did when i was 16 and now 18, was the funkability of the movie, it reminded me of "No Smoking" as it made the hippie lifestyle seem soo appealing and so cool! Though the overall message that "Hippies are kids that have lost their way" seems to be true enough as Jasmeet seems to go towards because of her family problems and missing her brother. But the way Dev presents his message is very un-subtle to start a movie off with a massive speech about how the Western world has misused HRHK motto, and mixed it up with drugs was silly, we coulda figured it out that you don't like hippies stealing your culture Dev! His direction seems very misguided, one minute it's about Janice and her hippy lifestyle which had meat to it, then to quickly add a huge chunk of masala to his story. Though I definitely respect Dev for trying something new, introducing a sexy unconventional Zeenat who redefined what a Bollywood heroine was, it all comes down to his muddled message
Does he point out the failure of the hippies to understand Indian culture or does he make a statement that all hippies are bad and are raping out pure culture! He knows his material but the message is all over the place! Maybe the fact that he released it at the height of the hippy invasion of India makes it so haphazard?
I would definitely recommend HRHK, because it makes your eyes pop at the funkyness while also making you think(or maybe i went too deep?!) about his message on hippie culture affecting India and the youth!

January 2, 2009

Love In Tokyo - Mehmood, Innuendo and Japan!

Japan needed to be credited naa?

Happy New Year, bollybloggers! As promised I needed to explain why I love this movie sooo much! I think this movie must belong in the "Masala Filmed Abroad" Masala State of my Pradesh. I first happened upon Love in Tokyo after reading Bollybob's review, which made me howl with laughter, a laughter I can hope to achieve with my posts!
Okay so we start off with Ashok(Joy Mukherjee) who is planning with his "Best Comic Sidekick ever Created" Mehmood to run out of his soon-to-be fiancé's bday party, Mehmood drives in dressed as a Pathhan, and they drive off happily. Only till the "Strictest Maa/Grandma" Lalita Pawar finds out, and sends Ashok to Japan to retrieve her grandson who is half-Japanese half-Indian due to Ashok's bhai marrying a Japanese woman! NAHHIII
Off we go to Japan, with a lovely postcard of the famous places with aerial shots that looked very pixelated on my computer, I think i had the same print as Bollybob's. Then Ashok meets Chiku(Master Shahid-almost tolerable kid) and Chiku is a complete brat that doesn't wanna go back to his 'Bharat' and in a hilarious scene Ashok chases Chiku through the many tourist spots in Tokyo. Then at a shop, he spots Asha(Asha Parekh) doing a dance, we see in her life that she's gonna be engaged to Pran, and obviously no girl loves Pran, so she runs away from her gold-digging uncle(Madan Puri) and PranHow can anyone hate Pran?
Through some very Masala content, Chiku and Asha become partners while on the run from Pran and Joy who want to find them! I have to say that I really disliked Master Shahid, he was an utter brat and his crying was terrible, he was much better in Brahmchari when he said a few lines only! But the two go to an Indian clothing shop and the owner(Dhumal) recognizes Asha and calls Pran whose set out a reward for her capture. She then dresses Chiku up as a girl, must be the reason why he's such a brat, he's acting out! She dresses up as a Sardar, and runs off, while Pran and Joy end up in the same place!
And through some more silly masala convolutions, Chiku falls out of a humungo building and manages to survive, and then Asha as a Sardar stays with them for a while. And in a very odd element Ashok wants to sleep in the same bed as the Sardar, and she runs away. And throughout the movie, Ashok tries to get very close to the Sardar which made me think is he bi? This fell out of my head, because there were so many instances where Ashok gives very bromantic hugs to Mehmood and other men.
This would romantic, if Asha wasn't a boy!

Then Asha dresses up as a Japanese aunt of Chiku who wants to keep him in Japan, she charms Ashok. Her disguise isn't that great as she's obviously got some plastic attached to her eyes to make them tilted, and her accent is very English instead of Japanese, but anyway. She sings the famous Sayonara songShe looks so Japanese?
Ashok later pieces together that the Sardar and the aunt are Asha and she runs off again to a gorgeous temple, where he sings the lovely "Mere Shah-e-Qurban" and then everything is lovey-dovey between these two, and they sing Love in Tokyo, where they go to the nightclubs and Joy does some pole-dancing and my suspicions arose again! Then shock, they had topless dancers that were given a ton of footage!The big-headed geisha
Then Mehmood travels to Tokyo, to find his own pyar Shubha Khote, thats where the movie got better, as the convolutions in the Joy-Asha story got bigger, there was always my favorite trio DhumaL-Mehmood-Shubha to interrupt the flow. This time Mehmood dresses up as a Sadhu and tells him to got to the river to pray, and then the Japanese police come and arrest Dhumal for trying to commit suicide. Then he dresses up as a geisha, he speaks some good Japanese and tries to get Dhumal drunk, so that he won't chase after him
Later Shubha apparently becomes mute an
d the famous Arab doctor Mehmood saves the day, he runs off as well. And my favorite scene comes along Mehmood as the loverboy comes to see Shubha and her father agrees to marry them if he cures Shubha. Mehmood does a really funny pisstake of Raj Kapoor by using the Raju the tramp mannerisms and then singing "Bol Radha Bol." You should watch the movie alone for that!
Doing the Shree 420 routine
Bad print, but he does the wobbly dances that RK does

He also emphasizes the sexual meaning of the bagpipes too!

Back to the main plot with Joy-Asha-Chiku, everything seems to be all good with them, then they sing "Aaja Re Aa Zara" one of my favorites, but Rafi puts the sex in his voice and sighs with gusto and makes it one of the most Orgasmic sounding songs after "Na Na Kya Karne Lage" from Bombay 405 Miles. Joy looks lovely in the song, and his movements like catching Asha by he sari pallu and twirling around in the rain, emphasize his longing, while Asha twirls around a lot and looks at all the other couples snogging and laughs and this song is worth the watch because they really show the yearning through the dancing, body language and Rafi's quivers and breathing.
Pretty Sultry!
Obviously they give in to the song's meaning!

The usual convolutions come back as the nasty grandma comes to Tokyo to drag Chiku and Ashok home, she discovers Asha and in that Lalita way she becomes shrill and grates my nerves as she smacks Chiku about and shouts at Asha for corrupting her Ashok. Asha runs off for the millionth time to Hiroshima now and is tries to throw herself off a train bridge, but is stopped as pallu gets caught in a thorn! Thank goodness for those saris! She sings about her sadness, and it seems in every song, Lata and Rafi convey the emotions of the actors and Lata sings "Mujhe Tum Milgaye" with such pathos and seems close to weeping which Asha looks like in the song.
Ashok hurts himself in an accident, everyone is really sad and then Asha says to the doctor "I'll give him my eyes" and then Lalita chucks her out again.
Lalita tries to convince the other fiance to give her eyes to him while using examples from the scriptures. This always makes me angry, when a wife has to do all for her man, but i guess its the 60's movies and all girls had the curse of "Jabx2 Phool Khile" over them. And the fiance rightly turns her down, only for the doctor to say "Look how nice Asha is"
Can't we get rid of the JJPK-curse Lalita?

They have a nice engagement party till Pran turns up and reveals that Asha is engaged to him and to save Ashok from disrepute she goes with Pran, because poor bratty Chiku is tied up too. With more disguises they rescue Asha, then Pran takes her again for the final showdown.
Asha Parekh looks very elegant and beautiful in her saris, and acts well too, she always gives the right emotion when lip-syncing the songs!
Joy is a rather okay actor, but he fills the eye-candy spot here, his dialogue delivery is very rushed a bit like Dev Anand but I like it
Mehmood is hilarious here, and he looks like he's having a ton of fun with the RK spoofs, and he complements the Shubha and Dhumal. I loved his flying parts, he was given a special formula by Dhumal which made him bounce all over Tokyo and save a little kid!
Mehmood bouncing around over the traffic
And the sexual innuendo was I'm sure was quite unintentional but how do you explain Mehmood dangling the bagpipes in a very naughty way, and then the orgasmic breathing and Joy's in the mood faces! I love innuendo in any movie, it makes me analyze the movie more, I've watched this movie around 4-6 times and a new innuendo is found!
Love in Tokyo is full of convolutions, innuendo and a hilarious Mehmood which makes it immensely watchable!
No Dhumal-Mehmood movie is without a bromantic kiss!