July 28, 2008

Bollywood a comprehensive history by Mihir Bose

Hellllllllooooooo readers, I'm still in baking London, so on these hot days I decided to read this book above, it was trivia-tastic! I loved it, simply because I know soooo much scandal and trivia that I must share with you. Though the author's narrative is very 'Omg this is Bollywood, I'm so unused to it' or 'I'm such a scholar about this industry' he in fact is not a scholar in Bollywood like we bloggers are in the bachelor of Shashi and other topics. But some more trivia:
  • Kishore Kumar was one crazy cat! he once attached a chain to his head and acted like a dog on set till the director had to also act dog to get him to act his scenes out. Kishore also had 10 teaspoons of chilli before he completed a scene in 'Chalti Naam Ki Ghadi' (forgive if its the wrong title) Kishore annoyed Lata soooo much that through the 50's they had separate curtains between each other to sing!
  • Dilip Kumar reeeaaaly loved Kamini Kaushal that he sat outside her house and followed on the trains. He also reaaalllly loved Madhubala but after the courtcase where he testified against her, she never recovered. And during Mughal-e-Azam Madhu's stage father who hated Dilip after this- was distracted into playing carom on set while the two exes filmed the feather love scene!
  • Raj Kapoor was so pale as a kid that he got taken in to an english country club, while his 'dark brother Shammi cried outside' ! Nargis didn't tell Raj about Mother India and Sunil Dutt until she came to his studio and gave him a letter to the premiere of the movie, this was the end. Raj had two brothers Bindi and I think Devi who died really young, Raj never recovered this and thats why apparently he fell out with Shammi?
  • Meena Kumari was soo wasted on the sets of 'Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam' that some of the scenes were improvised and kept in the movie. Meena also had an affair with Dharmendra in the 60's but left him after because she wouldn't divorce Kamal AMrohi.
  • The big scandal: Jeetendra fell soo hard for Hema Malini, that one day he organized for their marriage the parents consented, but Dharmendra flew down to south India to get his woman. After a heated row Jeetendra left with his parents, and Hema flew back with Dharmendra. She also lives in a separate house with Esha and Ahana deol while Dharam still lives with Prakash Kaur!
  • Big Scandal: Zeenat Aman briefly had a marriage to Sanjay Khan, when she revealed this to the press, he went bonkers and he beat her so black and blue, that today one of her eyelids droops down. She told this to Shobhaa De who shamelessly used this in her saucy but guilty pleasure novel 'Starry Nights'
  • Amitabh and Rekha were so besotted that in hotel rooms the beds always broke?!! Rekha also wore a mangal sutra at Rishi's wedding that made the media go mad!

Hope you enjoy the scandal and trivia, read the book its grrreat!


Anonymous said...

O My! What a treasure-trove of trivia and lets face it - gossip! I have to get my hands on this book now. Thanks for alerting me to this book. :-D

Anonymous said...

Found it - cant wait to start reading it! :-D

ajnabi said...

LOL this sounds like the Compilation of Page Six (or the Indian version) I've been waiting for. Kishore sounds like he was on crack. Did they even have crack back then? Probably not.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

omg- so much gossip! I am almost swooning, but thank u thank u! :D

I'd have LOVED to meet Kishore- bet he wasnt on crack, but also bet he was doing hashish/grass :)