July 12, 2008

Meri Desh Ki Dharti

Only his face could convey my sadness of leaving my blog!
Readers and blog friends, I am returning to my desh - England, though India is my true bharat I am going back tomorrow for 3 weeks, and I am stupendously excited to see how London has changed for the better and for the worst. But could any of you recommend some good movies to buy over there as I have saved a ton of work money, and when I'm in Southall I plan to blow my money on movies. As mentioned I am not a conventional kid that spends money on conventional things so movies is what my suitcase will be filled with. Maybe some oldies and newbie movies would satisfy my money, but while I'm over there I'll try and blog some more, with better screencaps too!


Bollywood said...
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Rum said...

of course! i hope to go to the unforgettable tour over here and post some pics, fingers crossed!

ajnabi said...

I'm too new to Hindi movies to give recommendations to an old hand like yourself! Have fun in London... My parents just got back from there.