August 6, 2008

MaNoj MaD! MaNoj file CaSE!

I'm back in sunny humid Vancouver, after a delayed flight of 6 hours in the airport I saw the headline on Cineblitz! "Manoj Blows Up" I laughed at this because as Manoj Kumar has blown up in size but no Manoj has blown up at Shah Rukh and Farah Khan over that silly Om Shanti Om scene. After the impromptu patch up organized by Yash Chopra that was probably along these lines
SRK: I'm sorry Uncle
Manoj: You have hurt my already silly Bharat image! But I forgive u bete! Bharat the man is hurt, but Manoj the citizen is angry. Nikhal do!
Farah:Srk we'll keep it in ya?
Yash:Aren't i the lovely grandfather of Bollywood organizing this cheezzzy photo op!
Now Manoj has an almighty hissy fit over the scene and issued a court case against Shah Rukh, Farah and Sony TV who want to broadcast it this Sunday! Manoj why! That scene is so funny, its a little tongue in cheek, poking fun at his brooding acting quirk with covering his face. It makes me think, why would he be so offended I mean its a huge potshot at him, its just an endearing silly joke. Or is Manoj's ego so inflated that he can't take a little poke at his image, he doesn't have much to moan about. He's got his millions and his filmfare acievement awards?
Readers what do you think of this?

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