July 8, 2010

Uber-Shameful Classic: Neal n Nikki: Cavorting around in bras and Giving Badnaam to Vancouver!

Everything is all wrong, Uday but so right in a bad way!

I am a Yashraj fiend, I grew up on those Switzerland fields, those dance moves in the rain, those gorgeous couples rolling about in flowers and Punjabi mustard fields. But Neal n Nikki is the darker dirtier uncle of those such films. NN was filmed in new home of Vancouver and soon-to-be second home of Okanagan. It was made by lackluster director Arjun Sablok, who usually does the promo songs for the Yashraj films like the SUPER HOT Dhoom one with Tata Young. NN is a very bad to you, film but I like it, I didn't say I loved it because it has soo many egregious things in it for example:
Tanisha prancing around my city...in her bra!

This is one of a few crappy things in the film, because it was sooo annoying to watch her walk around all these places I know soo well and dress like a whoooorrrreeee! Like seriously, who walks around like that in any sex comedy, except for the bedroom! Ohh well just one major gripe but let me get to the story!
We meet Neal(Uday Chopra) a man on the prowl, who is very immature and sex-obsessed, and let me say its nice to see a normal hero who is somewhat like the majority of men that age. What I'm trying to say, is we have a hero that is a douchebag looking for his next conquest which is somewhat refreshing in a shameful way! He agrees to an arranged marriage to a gal in India called Sweety who gets her own song, sung hilariously by Sardar with a Guitar Happy (Gaurav Gera)
Scene stealer Sardar with a Guitar!

He is allowed to go to Vancouver for 21 days to have a good time, and yes get laid! I would have normally gone HAI RABBA CHEE CHEE CHEE! But I dunno, something about these hijinks is really funny as Neal meets his first gal Kristy, some supermodel they roped in, when they meet up later Neal encounters the drunken Nikki(Tanisha Mukherjee) who harasses him and impresses him by doing a lap dance in the good song "Halla Re" which features an appearance by Gangster No.1 Abhishek Bachchan! WHich is always a good sign of adding some swagger to the film!
Tanisha yet again in another whorish outfit!
Look at that smouldering man! His only line is offering that gal, "Come on, lets bounce"

After Abhi's lovely swaggering appearance, Nikki starts turning up wherever Neal is, in the middle or about to conquest some bra-clad harpie! Then the two crazy kids decide to go to Whistler to get some action, Whistler of all places is not where one finds action more to look at how awful everyone looks after all that skiing, runny noses, pink faces. This is quite outrageous to me because the director is from Vancouver and if Neal really wanted to find some gals, then he'd go rampaging up Granville Street where all the hoochie clubs are! DUHHHH! ANYWAY, they sing the fun title song, complete with a DDLJ parody that makes me laugh each time because of the irony of having Kajol's sister run through a mustard field in that white salwar-kameez makes me all happy:
Yes that's what Uday still aspires to be!
Ahhh filmi irony, bahut accha!
Yes I laughed all the way to town on this one!

When the two end up in Whistler, Nikki uses Neal to make her ex-boyfriend jealous and of course what ensues is a ton of snogging from the lead couple, but first before "I Hate Luv Storys" there was this shameful cousin with its own sense of cheekiness and snark at taking potshots at the typical love song posturing with the song "I'm in Love"
Who doesn't love a film that pokes fun at the random yellow airplane that love songs always have!
Of course bonus points, for mountain singing done in my own Whistler!
One of the many snogs in this film!

After some silliness and fun, Neal n Nikki end up at silly frat-looking party where they realize they like each other and kiss a ton. Flashforward to the next morning, where two have slept together and this is where it gets kind of better as they wonder what to do and say after that night and not confirming their feelings. There's a sense of realness there which you don't get in unshameful good modern Bollywood films. The two go their separate ways till Nikki turns up at Neal's home as Sweety's cousin. And the two try to fight off their feelings for each other or Nikki does more. Neal makes a bet that she will stop his wedding and blah blah blah!
What I did love about this film is:
This bechara shameful icon
This poor star-sister

I know I'm in the minority of people who like Uday Chopra, but this week unveils my utter love for him as a shameful icon. He is a scion of nepotism being son of romance king Yash Chopra, yet he hasn't made it on his own, which is a testament to how nepotism doesn't work sometimes and even the greatest father/brother/hamster can't help you be a hero. But hell I really like him, he has good comic timing and he's looks alright, not a conventional gorgeous hero, but he has something there that lights up when he's onscreen. OHH MY GOSH I'M ON A DIATRIBE ABOUT UDAY CHOPRA!!!!! Yes I am, but I'm gonna plug him anyhwhere because he is a good actor, a shit Tweeter as Veraciously points out, and a star brat. But I like him and I stick with it!

Onto Tanisha, she is a good enough actress, though maybe she should consider getting a stylist and getting her eyebrows threaded in a better shape, so she doesn't look like a Greta Garbo!
But the two have very good chemistry and its no wonder that they got together after this film wrapped, I don't know if they're still together but they make a nice couple full of screwball squabbles and hot chemistry. And they're snogging looked a bit voyeuristic to look at, but as Hitchcock taught us we all need to look!

For all you Canadians, that's Zain Mehji at the back from Etalk and How To Look Good Naked!

Neal n Nikki is a definite shameful pleasure of mine that varies from "Omg I Love this" to "How Dare She Wear That, GRRR" but check it out if you like a good old sex comedy with some filmi parodying!


Ness said...

Ohhhhh Rum, I am NEVER going to watch this film. I don't think I can handle that much Uday. But hilarious write up all the same.

Filmi Geek said...

I've not seen this one myself and don't think I'm likely to any time soon. But, I like the idea of a movie addressing forthrightly the idea that a young modern couple might, you know, have sex and have to navigate that. If only they didn't also have to make the heroine run around in her underwear. Because girls who get dressed sometimes also are sexually autonomous creatures! Alas. Sometimes when a topic is broached in an outrageous way and the world doesn't end, it gives others an opening to take it on in a less outrageous way.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Carla, don't be RIDICULOUS, of COURSE women who wear clothes are automatons who wouldn't even think about sex until after they're married!

But you're right - as I was reading Rum's writeup I thought "You know, there just may be something good in this film after all (in addition to awesome Abhi cameo)." Well done Rum for making me give this one a second thought! Though I must add I find your affection for Uday incomprehensible. And bonus points for the idea of someone's famous hamster giving them an edge in the industry!

ajnabi said...

And, on the other hand, women who dress in abbreviated garments are skanks who ONLY think about sex! Sexity sexy sex! Any film with an Abhi cameo is one that I'll have to consider checking out, even with the mondo Uday factor (eewww). And "Whoa, I want to show my body" is freaking hilarious.

Rum said...

Ness - I know you can't sit through it, but one day UDAY FEVER WILL TAKE OVER!

Filmi Geek - I liked how they addressed sex in this film, because after they did it, the two were trying to figure what to do next because they do secretly love each other but that was one of the most honest moments in the film.

Beth - Ohh of course gals clothed or skimpily clothed are autonomous! But this honest morning-after scene where they want to say I love you, but are caught in the awkwardness of the morning is so real! I know Uday and Himmesh love is all the minority, with me the minority!

Ajnabi - hEEEHEHEH Halla re lyrics are so terrible but its catchy! If not for Uday catch it for Tanisha and all the visuals of Vancouver! And Abhi's gangsta cameo!

Amaluu said...

I wish I was on the Uday train, almost specifically because everyone else hates him. But I don't know ... my friend Jeannie put it best when she said everytime she sees him she just wants to punch him in the face. And his inability to keep his shirt on in Mohabbatein was annoying (don't say it!!! I know I love Salman! But my love for him was BEFORE the shirtless stage!)

But I WILL say that I wanted to see this movie, because of Tanisha (who I've only seen in Sarkar & the tamil movie Unnale Unnale, but I did like her).

And wow - the lyrics. "I'm the Neal, I'm the man ..." ... that's a lot of pressure to be THE Neal.

Ness said...

I almost want to see this now, JUST BECAUSE now I know there's a song that goes "I'm the Neal, I'm the man". Oh. My. God. AWESOME.

bollywooddeewana said...

I have this movie sitting to be reviewed on my blog, i took about 90 screen caps and made lots of video clips, i usually hate blogging about movies others have done but i just have to do a post on this film, i LOVE it too. I was going to review it under this weeks trash theme but i wasn't so sure if i could call it a shameful classic and as you've said its honesty about sex and how they deal with the morning after scenario was so refreshing

Rum said...

Amaluu - Ohh i know Uday was no Salman in Mohabbatein was so bad, but effort for trying! I too love Salman in that "Must-rip-off-shirt" phase!
Love the lyrics in this silly film, especially the title track with "Rockstar superstar!"

Ness - I think solely for that song its worth a watch!

Bollywooddeewana - By all means, I'd love to see how you think about it! But the sex issue is so modern and refreshing to see to people trying to navigate through their feelings!

Bolly Blogger said...

I agree with Tanisha's cleavage ridden scenes giving the audience way too much than they paid for. I did a post on Neal 'n Nikki too but it was closer to the time it was released. I can't seem to be swayed towards the 'charms' of Uday Chopra though.