July 4, 2010

Shameful Classic No. 1 - Radio, when Himesh turned into a Shameful Icon!

This Man is Lovely

I thought I'd start off Shameful Classic/Pleasures Week with the film that spawned the week. I was sitting on the bus listening to my ipod when it shuffled onto the songs of Radio, which got me thinking that I really LOVED the movie that had such nice songs and with a very pleasant Himesh Reshmmiya. In many ways this is a shameful thing simply, because it stars HIMESH! The media definitely doesn't like him, they hated KARZZZZZZZZZ, which I agree with, but the keep slinging mud at him for being a crappy singer, a plagiarizing music director, and a man with too many hats!
BUT as usual I am in the minority of people who adore Himesh, for the many hats we could count in his first film Aap Ka Suroor, the many hair flips done in Karzzzzzzzzzz, and the stiff acting in both! However, Radio is a great film to showcase Himesh with a makeover, he apparently had a nose operation to get rid "OWWWOWWW" nasal sound from his voice, and it definitely shows when he croons in the songs in this film, its more soulful and affecting than perhaps to others grating and less like needles attacking your eardrums! AND he's got a haircut, none of the 70's or girly looking fringe flip that he usually had, its cut nicely!
Himesh is above all this gyrating around him!

Radio is a nice little film, that no one liked because its ridiculous characters and filmi storyline, but Hey I though it was Shameful Classic No.1! It is messed up if you watch it the first time round but if your like me and you watch things far too much then you'll end up liking it...maybe this is a Shameful kinda thing to admit you love a 2 hour film of Himesh being sulky and acting all screwy in his relationships!
So we start with RJ Vivan (Himesh, yaaay!) who is recently divorced from his wife Pooja(Sonal Sehgal) who felt they had ego clashes and weren't compatible. Vivan tells us his life's sob story using chapters, which made go Awww post-modern film techniques YAAAY! Then we also meet Shanaya(Shenaz Treasurywala, do I need to name myself Rum Maslawallah after this, YESS!) who Vivan meets through a series of unfortunate events!
The very caffeinated Shenaz!

This is quite nuts, but Shenaz reminded me a lot of a supremely bubbly Neetu Singh, she was bubbles galore and she can really cry well and I think she lifted this pot of shame to a better level. Shanaya and Vivan start hanging out, which we see with another postmodern film technique of photo-editing the scene together, which made another YAAAY escape from my mouth! Shanaya loves Vivan, but waits for him to stop moping about in a Himesh like way, which includes the famous stare into to space-n-it'll look like acting, but this time it worked! On the other hand, Pooja is feeling all lonely and acts rude to Shanaya when they first meet, but ohh she regrets the divorce now:
AWW the pagali wants to feed imaginary Himesh
And harasses him about his physical intimacy issues! LOL

Pooja generally acts like a bitch throughout this on first viewing, but the thing about watching Radio for the millionth time yesterday, I realized that each time you could invest your time into these characters and use your own psychology to wonder why they do such stupid things, which altogether admitting that puts my BESHARAMNESS TO A DIFFERENT UNIVERSE! Yes I cringed when I wrote that sentence, but Heck i devised this week, I just felt that Pooja was acting out to get some attention from Vivan because perhaps she hadn't been with anyone since then and pulling him back in made her feel like she still got some pizazz! END OF PYSCHOLOGY!
NOT FOR LONG! Then we witness a number of egregiously awkward moments where Shanaya senses Vivan still has a spot for Pooja and just hangs about like a third wheel to get them back together. Such as when she suggest that Pooja helps choreograph Vivan's new album, there's whole long backstory that takes too long to explain but Shanaya is Vivan's co-RJ that the masses love blah blah!

Most Awkward Moment No.1

The trio go out for dinner, Shanaya asks cringing questions
Then they break plates in a restaurant!
Then Shanaya asks more cringing questions in a scene full of awkward positioning!

Basically guys, I live for these awkward moments! Psychology time again, Shanaya is doing filmi-sacrifice on the surface, but really she sends him back into Pooja's arms because he can in a very long-winded way find out that he loves her! Vivan too is ambling about like a lamb, here to there between both gals and making both create silly but entertaining romantic situations! He also gains a family with Shanaya's crazy lot that thinks he's the soon-to-be son in law! But of course Shanaya's machinations all worked and he came flocking back to her in a MOST AWKWARD CAMERA ANGLE EVER?!!!!
Well as you can see, this is why I'm ashamed!

All in all, this a shameful classic because it allowed me to develop my own besharam thoughts as to why these characters did such crazy-ass things that could have been solved in 10 minutes! But heck I like adding my own Freudian two cents to anything as you'll see in tomorrows Batshit Classic: Toofan! But I really liked this movie for its very modern cinematography and because it made Himesh a very endearing actor, as he's improved a ton from his bakwaas Monty and this was a good performance, anyone agree? (crickets chirp in the background) OKAY I know I'm the minority who loves Himesh and his earlier "OHHHWWWW" twang.
Reast assured theres no OWWWHHH moments in the soundtrack because the music is just brilliant, and I don't say it as shameful brilliant, seriously I want you to take a listen because Himesh's nose op might have worked for giving him more tenderness and emotion to that nice voice of his! And please someone sign up Shenaz because she is just fabulous, soo caffeinated and spontaneous I love her!
I'm glad I got this Besharam out of my chest because I'd just be nattering on to my sister and friends how much I love Himesh and this nice movie! Hope you enjoyed this ramble of love for a Shameful Icon, and his lovely film!


Ness said...

HAHAH what I love is how you get into the psychology of the film! I do that too, with some of the terrible movies I watch and love, and wonder "WHY DON'T OTHER PEOPLE SEE THE DEPTH OF THIS PIECE?!"

Awesome. Himesh though...ohhh, Rum. SHAME!

Rum said...

Ness = I love adding my psychological two cents to any shameful film, and this one deserved it the most! I know FOR SHAME for loving this film!

Bollywood said...
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Rum said...

theBollywoodFan - Poor Himesh let go of that sore throat whine that I loved and jumped on the bandwagon of good hair and being hatless,

I think you really should check this out because even I was surprised at how comfortable Himesh seemed and the cinematography was lovely, using really funky techniques and my goodness the music was lovely! I especially like "Piya Jaisa Laadoo" which was just gorgeous!

His other music I definitely loved, he really created the Noughties sound of many remixes for one song and I love him all the same for that!

Rum said...
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bollywooddeewana said...

I love Himmesh the music director and i have always loved his singing plus how could you not include that maan ka radio song, i love the way he says "full tune attitude" that was a hot pop tune, gives Robbie Williams a run for his money (don't you think)

I'm yet to get used to him as an actor,or should i say yet to see any of his films.

His track that is doing the rounds in my head at the moment is 'Kajra re' i even reviewed it for Raj and Pablo's bollywood music review

Rum said...

Bollywooddeewana - Ohh Himmesh is definitely a fun music director with all those different remixes. But that Mann Ka Radio, is sooooo addictive, and i sing it all the time when i want to annoy my sister!

As an actor, he's getting slowly better which is good, this film definitely shows that growth! I'm loving Kajra re and the inane Rabba Luck Barsa!

Anonymous said...

Most awkward angle ever...have you forgotten THIS!

Great post! As usual, you made me laugh. :)
All the best!