December 29, 2008

13 Bollywood Hunks that I pyar!

Hope you all had a Wonderful Xmas and Holiday! Shamelessly stealing the idea off Shweta, I decided to a list of men that I fancy the pants off or that are just too cool! Its not in any order, but I guess I limited myself to the 60-80's a few of my favorite decades of the Bollywood, but an odd guy there might be from the 50's!

1. Anil Kapoor - "Indoctrinated Hunk that I automatically love"
His puffy hair grew bigger and pouffier which made me think he was a tapori Dev Anand, and gawsh his mush, and his "HAAAH-HEEYYY" when he's happy. Perhaps he isn't conventionally good looking, but he was HAWt to me!
2. Feroz Khan - "Rugged and Cool"
I have recently fallen in love with Feroz, but I found that he carries an aura of funky blaxpoitation music and a certain swagger with him, which makes him lovely. Plus the fact that he directed the original bromance movie "Qurbani" and his directed movies are sooo funky!3. Pran - "Dunno why but I love him"
He was lush in his early roles like his nice role as the doctor in AAAH-Movie of Lies, and even as he turned into a dad/villain, he was equally cute too.
4. Shashi Kapoor - "Eyelashes+Stutter+Smile=CUUTEE"
I looooovve Shashi, I think my whole family loves him because he is a very unpretentious and un-filmi guy to be around, according to my maa and Rita who've met him several times. But how can anyone ignore those eyelashes and that mega-watt smile that shines in any movie that might be rubbish, Shashi's like a little sunbeam!
5. Manoj Kumar - "Bharat the emo kid"
I think he was the first metaphorical cute hero, as he managed to convey all the social problems facing "the Bharat" while also being emo and conflicted, and perfecting the "face-covering-sadness" move, which was hilariously parodied in "Om Shanti Om"
6.Vinod Khanna - "Just Plain Hot"
This guy is waaayy too cute, I first saw him as Jabbar Singh in Mera Gaon Mera Desh and man was he the hotter precursor to Gabbar Singh! He was in the Bollyblogland favorite Parvarish and Chor Sipahee, he perfected playing the bad son while the other son tries to reform him!
7. Raj Kapoor - "Blobby Sweet and Cute"
I love RK, and you all know that! I was mad enough to have a RK Birthday Watchalong on Dec 14 to torture my friends with AAG+AAH then his better movies. I love him because he is soooooooo sweet and I love his whole Raju the Tramp act which is nice flattery of Chaplin, and he always made movies with some sort of message whether it was about poverty/father+son relations in Aawara or a Citizen Kane style epic (possible failure to some, but i refuse this) of Mera Naam Joker8. Shammi Kapoor - "Persistent Pouty and Perfect"
I like my heroes to have a bit of podge and rollyness to them, and Shammi had that instead of being a wiry lambhu like AB or a big blob like his bhai Raj and I love that! Lol completely unnecessary details but I like his Elvis-esque ability to romance the girls so persistently and be such a 60's rebel.9. Amitabh Bachan - "The tall dark and hansome"
He was all the above words, and he seemed to personify all the Byronic hero soo well, which made him so attractive. And he was even cute in his downhill 80's movies like Mard, Ram Balram, and others.10. Dilip Kumar - "The original emo kid"
He was really emo, and was a Method actor who blindfolded himself to prepare to play a blind man in Deedar, and he is married to my fashion icon Saira. But he was so expressive and he was great even in his older roles like Mashaal+Karma(with my ANIL) and Shakti(where he matched up to AB)11. Joy Mukherjee - AWWW
Joy was sooo cute, I instantly fell in love with him when i watched Love In Tokyo(best abroad movie ever) and then I watched Love in Simla, he always tended to fall in love abroad or elsewhere, and then he directed Chailla Babu, which was the one of the funkiest movies I've seen.
12. Rishi Kapoor - "The emo rock/qawwali star"
I'm not afraid to say that i really quite liked Rishi in his blobbier 90's roles! His peak cuteness was after Bobby and in the 80's. He made Karz into a watchable movie to copy later on, and gawsh he pulls off silver/gold disco suits soo well, and he managed to give his heroines a Hollywood style snog ala Saagar!13. Mehmood - "Cute Portly and Funny"
I love Mehmood, he's the only good looking comic sidekick after Rajendranath who got blobby too quickly. He had an expressive face, and he made a cute trio with Shubha Khote and Dhumal in anything. But i love his pisstakes at Raj Kapoor, apparently RK offended him somehow and then Mehmood made a "Kal Aaj Aur Kal" style movie playing all the characters, and in 'Love in Tokyo' he did a hilarious take on "Bol Radha Bol"!
There's my list, my computer is fixed so I can finally review my favorite "Love in Tokyo"


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Wheeeeee in a pile of giggles! Favorite lines: "Bharat the emo kid" and "gawsh he pulls off the silver/gold disco suits so well."

As for the ray of sunshine, I'm sure I am reading PPCC's mind when I write "MORE LIKE A TRACTOR BEAM OF UNFATHOMABLE TEMPERATURE and POWER, with the ability to both DESTROY and BRING DISPARATE CORNERS OF THE GLOBE TOGETHER IN PERFECT HARMONY." But if we all wrote the same way, we would have no need for all the bloggy pradeshes! Love the reports of his unpretentiousness.

Filmi Girl said...

Everybody loves Vinod Khanna!! YAY!!

I need to do my own list. :)

I'll never see the appeal of Raj Kapoor, though... NEVER! He was just too pretentious for my tastes. (Yay for Manoj Kumar, though - Mr. Bharat-Emo doesn't get enough love.)

ajnabi said...

Call me a ho' for pretension, cuz I love me some RK. He was so classy-hot before he porked up to the Blobby Zone. However, I think Amit-ji's masala style makes him more attractive.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Oh I love this! Totally NOT on the Raj Kapoor boat, but to each his own- and applauses to including Pran- he was HAWT in the 50s and 60s :D Loads on applauses on Joy, Vinod and Feroz - ooh.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Also totally waiting to hear what u think of Love in Tokyo- its one of my favs too- I cant count how many times I've seen it :D

Anonymous said...

I knew, I knew! that Anil would be the first in your list :) My other favorites are Big B and Mehmood (maybe because I've seen only their old films). Kapoor family is always doing good work, but I will never like Kareena!

Rum said...

Beth- I'm sure that's exactly what the ppcc thinks, he seems so unpretentious in anything he made and in his interviews too.

filmi girl - lol, you should know me by now I LOOOVE rk, BUT Vinod should be on everyone's list he's so angsty and hot!

ajnabi- I'm so with you on the rk boat, and masala 80's movies made Amitabh gorge coz you could see his aging process

shweta - pran was cute in any decade maybe not the late 80's but he was gorge in anything~ lOVE in Tokyo was great fun to watch

bollywood lover - lol you knew my ANil would be here! Kapoors are great but Kareena is a bit iffy now and again

- said...

Vinod, Shashi, Raj and Pran
are amazing.
and Anil Kapoors smile is to
die for.
so cute

Keith said...

But...but...Dharmendra has worn booty shorts AND a mini-skirt for you!

Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk tsk... Didnt anyone tell you that 13 is a very bad number? You definitely need to add more hunks - like Dharmendra for example (why o WHY do you not like him?).

Did Mehmood get blobby too fast? Thought he was the same through 50s and most of the 60s before his comedy became too unfunny to be borne. I loved his non-comic roles though, and he was fun to watch in some of his own movies - his Zorro-like Shabnam, for e.g.

And yay at Beth for interpreting the "ray of sunshine" - sooooo true! ;-)

Rum said...

keith- i know but i was too lazy to add more guys!

bollyviewer- i dooo love dharamendra, but i was too lazy to add more men! and NAAHHIII for number 13, i forgot, now my blog will be cursed!
shashi is a sunbeam/moonbeam/sunray!