December 19, 2008

Jodis - some favorites, some made by Rab, and some bromantic ones!

Sorry bloggers, I have been a lazy bum these days, vegging out in front of the TV with a stack of dvds and torturing my friends with RK's "AAH" which is more aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Anyway I put this off for sooo long that was until today when I watched the most bromantic movie ever: Quarbani and so here are the jodis!
(Please don't mind the screencaps, my comp busted today!)
Jodi of Sweet Pyar: Nargis and Raj
These two are just fantastic, their offscreen pyar made it soo heartfelt and gorgeous when mouthing lovey-dovey dialogues in the barsaat cry movie Barsaat. They could also do screwball comedy very well too, like in Chori Chori, I might even say they were almost as good as Claudette and Clark, because when these Indian versions squabble they do it so cutely! Perhaps their offscreen love was doomed from the beginning as he was married and she had an stage maa, but whenever they came together it was electric and sultry. Even in Aag, Raj's first movie he devotes a huge chunk of the Nimmi saga to her and that scene where he pulls her hair made me wanna close my eyes because it seemed so real and i felt voyeuristic!
Jodi of Young Love: Dimple and Rishi
Though this pair only appeared in Bobby and Saagar, and a few others, I really like this jodi! They to me are the epitome of young love, Rishi and Dimple won my heart in Bobby and sure you could say their relationship in that is purely kiddish and for snogging only, but they were rash and in love. So i definitely overlooked the times they smashed their faces together in tame hugging, they were sooooo earnest and they didn't mind running away from home, and looking cool on Rishi's motorbike! If there is family opposition the "Motorbike of Cool" is to the rescue, I think they must have started the motorbike trend for years to come! In Saagar they were young love with a lot snogging, and my goodness I think they both looked gorgeous in that movie, as their jodi was good in that Goan seaside love story.
Jodi of Great Fun: Shashi & Amitabh
I love this jodi sooo much, they have such chemistry and are perfect foils for eachother, for example in Deewar they both loved their maa, but in the famous "mere paas maa hai" that scene was just electric, they can play off eachother well. Another word made up for these two "Titanic face-off speech" meaning a brilliant speech were they face-off and oppose each other. But they do make nice brothers and a great team when they're in masala films. Like the silly but fun Shaan they did a lot caper-ing in that movie, they had a fun but very misogynist speech comparing Bindiya Goswami and a car, that speech almost infuriated the feminist in me, but i found it funny which is not that great! They were always lost bhais. a very good masala element to make them posterboys in the Masala Pradesh for Most Fun Jodi!

Jodi of Slightly Real Love: Anil & Madhuri
I chose to ignore Madhuri's jodis with Salman(cute) Sanjay Dutt(very spicy) and Aamir(awww) and in the end Anil had the best chemistry and jodi-ism with her. A few of her earlier movies with Anil, like Parinda made me realize why I really love this jodi: she loves him despite him being a gangster/tapori crime lord. And that's what makes it slightly real, because in Tezaab, she loves even when he come back as the baddest tapori crime lord, and she waits for him and dances in the bars to support her sharaabi dad. Sure he tells her "don't love me I'm a bad kid" but Madhuri always has that unwavering love for Anil that always makes him die/give up his crime lord status. And even in Parinda one of my Anil favorites, she sticks around and watches as her pyar becomes a crime lord, and she does now and again remind him that "Crime is bad/I love you too." This constant reminder also makes me wonder if Anil had a bracelet saying "what would Madhuri do"

Jodi of Pure Bromance: Vinod & Feroz
Due to the 'unfortunance' of my computer messing up, I couldn't capture much of the Bromance of this duo. But bloggers, you'll to suffice it with my great descriptions. Qurbani is the bible basically to bromance, and it is one of my favorite movies ever too! Bromance was abound in this movie, for example when Vinod gets beaten against a tree by the villain, there is Feroz to cradle him in his arms and carry him to the hospital. Another simple gesture of bromantic pyar is when Vinod is in the hospital, Feroz shares a cigarrette with him, by plopping in his mouth. A resounding awwwwwwwwwww escaped from my mouth in that moment as well as a huge guffaw from my friends! Another is when they have a fight over Zeenat in a London living room, when all misunderstandings are cleared up they hug each other, this hug is like no other bromantic hug I've seen: Vinod holds Feroz's elbow, Feroz hold Vinod's shoulder, they stare in unintentional bromantic love and then bang their chests together in a hug, Vinod casually strokes/pulls at Feroz cool mane of hair. PHEW!!! Now i recommend you all watch Qurbani. This is longest passage on jodis ever, catch Dayavan to see the Vinod-Feroz Bromance-fest, where they hug and stroke each others backs in a heartfelt attempt of a hug!
Jodi of New Bromance: Saif and Akshay
This jodi is the new age version of bromance, they hug, they lean in together, their hugs personify a kiss they wish could happen, they wield guns, they guffaw together, they almost ignore the girls in the movie, they starred mainly in the 90's together and Tashan, they both speak good Punjabi together(a must for me) they play off eachother very well, and I'm sure veracious can tell you more!

Jodi of Pure Lust: Amitabh & Rekha
I kinda like this jodi, they made a hit pair, and like Raj-Nargis they had an off screen love as well, and whenever I see them in a movie together, their chemistry is soo lustry and sexy. Even in the sombre Alaap whenever they stared at each other they looked lustfully. Their affair lasted for ages, according to the trusty trivia book "Bollywood a comprehensive history by Mihir Bose" they began meeting after the filming of Namak Haraam, then he went out with Jaya, married her in 1975/76, then went back to Rekha, apparently lived with her for a while, and did Silsila, then the jodi broke up! These two have one of the sexier jodis in Bollywood after Rajesh-Sharmila which was pretty spicy.

There are a ton more jodis in Btown, but these are my key favorites, maybe I'll do a part 2 in the future hope you like it!


ajnabi said...

HahaHA! Madhuri's hair is bigger than Anil in that picture! And I totally want a bracelet that says "WWMD?"

Anonymous said...

Lovely post again Rum :)

We all need more jodi in our lives!

(and are you going to write about Aaaaaaaaaaaah? God I hated that film)

NidaMarie said...

Hi Rum!

I just found your blog recently and think its so fun and heartfelt!:)

I've added you to my blogroll--Thank you for including my blog on yours!

As for the jodis, great list! I've never seen and Anil/Madhuri film but will have to start asap! You're the second post I've read today that mentions how adorable they are!

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

I LOVE the car comparison scene in Shaan and have never felt any kind of feminist-based problem with it - it struck me as very tongue-in-cheek. In fact, it was the first time I got a glimmer of Shashi's awesomeness (as my actual first movie with him was Commando), and I will cherish it always.

a ppcc representative said...

Yay, jodi power!!! With our powers combined we are... CAPTAIN MASALAAAAA!!!

Yes, please do a Part 2 - there are just too many great jodis to ignore.

Also, I second Memsaab's request: please tear apart - err, I mean, write something on Aaaaaaah, Film of Doom.

And Nida hasn't seen any Anil/Madhuri?! BESHARAM, GET THEE TO A VIDEO STORE PRONTO! (I say this with all the invenctive of someone who hadn't seen any Anil/Madhuri til last month...)

NidaMarie said...

PPCC--LOL. I guess I'll have to turn in another list at the video store when I go to pick up my movies from the 70s masala list you gave me on Thurs!:)

SO much to watch...!

gebruss said...

Interesting list; some I have seen, some I haven't seen. I am curious now. More things to put on the ever expanding list of movies I really, really need to watch.

Rum said...

Ajnabi- I found the image on google, and immediately went WOAAAHH, to her hair, I definitely should by a bracelet like that for xmas!

memsaab- Jodis are necessary everywhere, i don't know if i could stomach watching aah again, i'd probably want to throw pie!

nida- hiya, you definitely must see some more anil-mads movies!

beth- I thought it was a bit silly, but i guess i get angry anytime girls are compared to objects like cars,etc.. Commando is one of the best terrible movies ever!

ppcc- Captain Masallaaa to the rescue! i will definitely get around to shouting and venting about aah

nida- I'm sure you'll be doing a great service to the dvd uncle by buying all the anil-mads movies

gebruss- thanks, a whole range of movie jodis are awaiting your approval!

Filmi Girl said...

Yay!! Great post!

I *love* that photo of Madhuri, her hair, and Anil!! SO CUTE!

And a big cheer from me for the Saif/Akshay pairing - maybe John Abraham/Abhishek can be in your part two!! LOL!

Rum said...

Filmi Girl - thanks, I love that pic too, I shouted thank you google for having the best pic ever! John+Abhi definitely belong in part 2, if i ever get off the couch from watching my new feroz khan movies then i will zaroorly do it!

Todd said...

I have dutifully added "pie-inducing" to my Rum-inspired lexicon. Brilliant.

Rum said...

todd - pie-inducing usually happens to me a lot when watching female-inequality movies and some of amitabh's 80's movies~