December 10, 2008

Tumse Achha Kaun Hai - Dostana kisses, Convolusions, and Shammi!

My dreamy loverboy!

I needed to continue the Shammi pyar by reviewing one of my favorite 60's romps which is also adds to the series "Shammi danced into my dil." After reading many of Memsaab's fantastic reviews on Shammi, I went and bought a ton at the video shop! I thought it would be about Shammi and three girls which is common in some of his movies 3 girls, Pran, and Lalita Pawar. But it threw me a complete curveball as it starts off as a love story/romance then it turns into a rape drama then into a "gotta find my sister" tale. But in the end, I love it coz its soo OTT and silly essentially its a Shammi movie with his pouts and wiggles, and some funny innapropriate moments!!
Shammi is Ashok a travelling singer, and 'kalakaar' which he gets shouted at in the middle of the street, he gets picked up by this shouter and taken to Sarojini Devi(Lalita Pawar) house, Shammi and Lalita are a great jodi in their own right, and she looks him over up and down and asks him to reform her three grandkids. The three girls are going off with frivolous men and she wants them to settle down and be all good.
Shammi turns this down and goes home to his blind sister Roopa, who he has a verrrryyyy inapropriate hugging relationship with. Sure you may say there hugging but why does his sister have to pull such orgasmic faces and breath waay too heavily?

AWWW, but just watch the movie and you'll see!

Getting back Roopa is a devout young girl, while Shammi (I'll just call him that) is a staunch atheist blaming God for them being orphans and just any injustice that has happened to him like Her being blind, him being poor. Boohoo then he turns around and goes to Sarojini for the money and starts spying on the sisters, with the help of his comic sidekick Mahesh (Mehmood).
Mehmood doing the Greenface getup!
Honestly Shammi makes a delightful jodi with Mehmood or Rajendranath in anything, I love this soo far. Mahesh gets his own subplot, he's in love with Sheila(Shubha Khote) who Mehmood is always paired with, he loves her but her dad (Dhumal-again part of the trio) wants a Marathi groom and her mum wants a Sindhi groom. So a nice social comment of getting along is included in their sequence. Some the absolute inanities are Mehmood disguising himself with a blackface getup but actually its more Greenface, of course the trio do their funny shtick and then BOLLYWOOD BROMANCE KISS! LOL after watching the Jagdeep snog in Apna Desh this was a mere peck but still :Dostana kiss has nothing on them!
Shammi acting as a *Swoon-worthy* ghost!

He gets run over by Asha(Babita) the eldest girl who's too tomboyish and afraid of falling in love,Shammi pretends to be dead and Mahesh throws him in the river, so that he looks good as a ghost who will fall for Asha, and reform her.
Shammi's not that heavy!

While romancing Asha, Shammi also reforms the other two girls whose names I forgot, but one of them is going out with the Ranjeet-predecessor Manmohan who takes Unnamed Daughter to the hotel for a dance and guess who turns up Shammi! Yaay, Shammi also sing my favorite song "Kisssss Kisko Pyar Karun" where he's on the telephones saying "Hello my love, my dove, my sweetpea, my pigeon!" Shammi's wiggling and dancing is fab in this song, he does a lot of swishing of his wonderful pouffy hair and a lot of frenetic hand movements. That song also has one of those iconic images like:Bad picture but I tried!
Pray to the Post Box!
Shammi jumps into to save the day as Manmohan is about to loot the Unnamed Daughter, actually wrong wording Shammi doesn't jump in, he hides under the bed and pokes Manmohan with a knife which makes him zing up and down!
Shammi also helps the Unnamed Daughter 2 who runs off with her boyfriend taking her granny's jewels with her. The boyfriend is also about to loot her till Shammi actually does burst in the compartment and they both have a dishoom dishoom while falling out of the train too!
All the girls are reformed and all goody now, and then Shammi realizes he's in love with Asha, after they finish singing the title song, Granny catches them at it and berates Shammi for falling in love on the job. Asha begs him to renounce this but then he remembers his Roopa and runs off!
This is where the tone of the movie changes, Roopa is of course praying at the temple during a storm, and then is helped up by a certain handsome rogue Mr.Pran, who else! Pran is also related to Sarojini's asistant, and Sarojini feels that a Mr.Pran is an excellent groom for Asha! Back to Roopa, she falls and Pran takes her home and obviously he ogles at a wet Roopa and helps her in. Then somehow he enters the house again and rapes her, in one of the most stylized rape scenes, he wrestles with her in the shadows and the ending shot is of her chudiya breaking!

I'm afraid PRAN is pretty FINE here!
The shockingly gorgeous after shot!

Shammi comes home to see the unmade bed, broken chudiya, while Roopa is typically ashamed and tries to drown in the river but is saved by a chivalrous doctor(Rehman) who looks not too old here. She also gets her eyes wondrously fixed and all is good with her till she meets an aunty who looks like Sarojini who takes her to a brothel to again almost raped by Mr.Chicanery himself Madan Puri!
I love this movie, its got Mehmood and Dhumal kissing, Pran looking devilishly fine, two Lalita Pawars and a Madan Puri. Meanwhile across town Shammi tries to find the rapist, he even bumps into Pran a few times but never susses out! Shammi also falls into an accident and is bandaged across the eyes, and turns out at Rehman's hospital with a new nurse who could it be? Roopa!
The tone then shifts too a completely different turn into
a "usurping property drama"
Can you spot the evil twin?

This is where it got convoluted, the two grannies switch places and team up with Pran and his uncle to do this, while Mehmood figures it out, but no one else believes him!
What will the brilliant Shammi do? Will there be a dishoom dishoom faceoff?
Grannies become sharaabis too!
Shammi Kapoor is wonderful here, I adore him and wish that somehow men would take his advice and dance and woo so persistently as he does. Sure its not everyone's cup of tea to have a buffoon/cutest guy ever to woo and follow you about, but I'm sure Memsaab and I enjoy a persistent perennial disguiser like Shammi!
Babita is pretty good here, though she suffers from "Over Coloured Eyebrows" syndrome that makes her look like Groucho Marx in some places. Each Babita movie I watch, her voice is sooo OTT orgasmic whenever Shammi whispers or hugs her, perhaps its the deep voice, but I think Karisma adapted that for a while the heavy breathing and Ohhh every time Govinda or Sallu gave her kiss!
Mehmood, Dhumal, and Shubha Khote are a great trio jodi, I love them all together. I think this is one of my favorite jodi groups as well as them in Love In Tokyo- which I must get round to reviewing. Tokyo, Mehmood and Joy Mukherjee YAAAAAAAAAYYYY!
Back to this movie, Pran was devilishly good here and I could almost forgive him for breaking Roopa's nice chudiyaa! The actress who played Roopa was fantastic better than all the women in the movie, despite her inapropriate hugging with her bro Shammi.
Lalita Pawar reprises the same role since Mr & Mrs 55, the old maa or grandma that wants to reform her lovesick kids, but she has great chemistry with Shammi!
Tumse Achha Kaun Hai if I could sum up in three words is:
You said it man!


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Wow! great review Rum :-)

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YAHOOOOOO!!! I will now pray to the post box that my own chudiyan never break and that Rum never stops writing her breathtaking reviews. :-D

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