October 13, 2008

The Masala Youth - Poor Filmi Bachhe Chit Fund!

In the Masala Pradesh, there are many movies that involve a childhood grudge or a long winded flashback with young kids growing into funky young men. I thought I'd start a foundation called the "Bechaari Filmi Kids Fund" it's only fair as many of them became quick side roles as the buddies friend or backup disco dancer/fighter in the case of Master Tito. The list highlights the cutest and sweetest ones, and what became of them when they turned my age (17-20.) The cutest grown up kid who I wouldn't mind seeing as a hero is Mayur the brilliant actor from "Muqaddar Ka Sikandar" who grew up kinda cute in "Sharaabi."My favorite and adopted Filmi baccha Master Ravi

1. Master Somebody/Ravi - Can someone name this kid, I couldn't find him anywhwere! The cutest and my favorite filmi baccha. He was usually in many of the Manmohan Desai movies as a younger version usually as Amitabh. He was also in Coolie as the slightly grown up Iqbal, he has the characteristic sore throat sounding voice, which makes him great when he does a revenge speech or cry. My favorite movie of his is Amar Akbar Anthony, where he played a young Anthony, his cute dialogue of "Meine roti nahi kayya" (I didn't have roti) was such a sweet utterance, and he carried little Akbar so tightly and when he was outside the church. Ravi was also an actor that did a few movies after his child roles, not much till he retired in 1996.
AWWW, Mayur as a teenager
Mayur at my age, double chin but cute~

2. Mayur - A brilliant actor in this list, he had such good emotions and body language in all his movies, he was the excellent actor in Muqaddar Ka Sikandar as the young Amitabh, and that moment when the song "O Saathi RE" came on, he had the best facial expressions showing his absolute love for his memsaab! He was also in Yaadon Ki Baraat as a young Dharamendra, his transition shot from kid to grown up was great. He grew up into a nice looking guy when he came in Sharaabi as a waiter that frets over Amitabh's Sharaabied state! Mayur still does occasional movies and has showed in Raju Chacha, Ek Rishtaa and more.

AWW Tito why did you turn into this:


3. Master Tito - A lovely kid actor, he featured in Naseeb as the young John, he was a cutypie here and mastered the street lingo in the waiter scene! He was in Suhaag playing Shashi, and that scene where he drank the alcohol and cried after is soo sweeet. Not as good as Mayur though, he unfortunately came later in the disco backwass "Love Love Love" he unfortunately did not age as cutely as Mayur or Aftab Shivdasani, he grew a moustache and it was a fugly porn star kind, and played Aamir's best friend, and did some workout style disco, such as Disco Dandia the most eye popping and fugly workout dandia dance ever!

Puff the chest, hands on hips, and he's ready to haunt!

4.Master Raju - Memsaab's favorite little filmi bachha. He is one great kid, he has the wise old eyes of a sage as seen in Daag, and loves to push out his chest. A one of a kind Hercules impersonater, nawww I've seen him in Abhimaan where he stomped along, fists on hips, chest out like a proud animal, and shouting at Amitabh "Meri maa Uma Devi hai" (My mum is Jaya) He also featured in Deewar as a young Shashi, and has made some movies after usually as the hero's friend or a random dancer.

5. Daisy Irani - Another one of those sad cases where girls play boys, none more so in the 50-60's as Daisy. She was up there with Mayur, she was a pint sized cutie, with hair so like mine that my filmi family call me Daisy even till now. I remember her in one sacrificial movie called "Ek Hi Raastha" she was a complete brat in that movie shunning Ashok Kumar as a step dad, running off with a new brother to a railway, nearly getting run over,, but gawsh she was amazing as a brat! And when she started she was called Tomato in Bandish, what a wonderful name! She grew up lovely in Kati Patang, with those lovely eyes!

6. Master Aftab - he grew up HAWWWT, we all know Aftab now, but he was a gorgeously sweet actor in Mr.India with his wiggle dance, and creating my film judgements when he threw pies at villains in that movie. He also was in Naseeb as a small Rishi Kapoor, he endured an earthquake and bad set design as things fell on him! He also did his revenge as a kid role in Shahenshah as a young Amitabh, vowing revenge to turn into a supercop, with a wonderful shaky arm made of tin.

7. Baby Naaz/Kumari Naaz - she is one of my favorite kid actors, up on my list with Daisy. She played a curious slum kid in Boot Polish and is the only child actor who made me have a "BARSAAT CRY" and that's saying something! Naaz also won the critics over at the Cannes Film Festival, and in a magazine I have at home, she recounts the time Rattan, and Raj Kapoor had a standing ovation! She was also in my fave movie "Kaagaz Ke Phool" where she played Guru Dutt's daughter, the moment when she confronts Waheeda to stay away from her dad, is world class acting, that simple fidgety gesture of playing with her hands later in the movie! God I adore her, she came up in a few other movies like Raja Saab, and Saccha Juthha as the love interest.

8. Rattan Kumar - He was also in Boot Polish as the sturdy and sensible older brother of Naaz, he is sooo talented but stopped so quickly, he was a brilliant actor even surpassing Mayur.

Sweetness and a moustache = The Shash!

9. Master Shashi Kapoor - The Shash was a wicked little tyke when he was in the old Raj Kapoor movies like Aag where he wore a hilarious moustache and his same maslala and Shashi Type mannerisms: the wiggly face movements, the stutter, the eyelashes, and the cute-as-button-itis! He was glorious in Aawara even enduring the slaps from Leela Chitnis and wandering around not wanting to be a judge-saab!

I'm a bad ass kid with a drinkin problem and a red bow tie!

10. This kid = due the "unfortunance" of some movies which never show credits properly, I couldn't find him. This kid was a great bad-ass character in Naseeb playing one of the bad guys either Shakti Kapoor or Prem Chopra. He had the swagger of Shatru almost, he also had a drinking problem and asks for some booze in that screencap! That why you need to contribute to the fund!

11. Mehmood Jr - a great little kid with bundles of infectious energy and a comic flair that was just as good as bade bhai Mehmood! That hilarious scene in Brahmchari where he parodied the Alumna song with Helen and Mehmood was just priceless! But my favorite role of his is in Caravan as Monto, he is cuteness personified there, even as an older kid he was a sweetypie. When he helped out Asha Parekh in the food making part it was soo sweet! He's an actor who makes me go "AWWWWWW"


Anonymous said...

This is a great post, Rum :) Master Raju will always be my fave with his old man eyes, although he didn't grow up to be as cute. Kumari (or Baby) Naaz grew up to be absolutely stunning. I wonder how many of these kids (like Naaz) didn't really want to act, but were pushed into it for the income...

and LOL @ "endured...bad set design as things fell on him."

ajnabi said...

Awww, growing up to be hero's friends is better than Hollywood kid stars growing up to be drug-addled prostitutes, hai na? ;-) Speaking of child actors who grew up to be hawt, what about Kunal Khemu from HHRPK? Seriously.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

The Shash gets my vote every time- a gorgeous child, and a fabulous adult. I'd suggest Padmini Kolhapure too.

Anonymous said...

My favorite kid was Jugal Hansraj in Masoom - he was so heartbreakingly "masoom" and soooo terribly put upon. O and I loved Neetu Singh as a child artiste too - she was awesome as the bubbly younger sister of Tanuja in Pavitra Paapi and she grew up to be super-wow.

Rum said...

memsaab- I wonder how many pushy parents threw them into this world and stole their money, macauley culkin style, Kumari Naaz was just gorgeous in her movies, and that lovely fidgety fingers, she rocks!

ajnabi- i was contemplating putting kunal on the list but he became an established star! i guess being a disco friends is better than the hollywood way

shweta - Shash was always a cuteeepie, in aag he was soo sweet running after his nimmi

bollyviewer - Jugal was one of the super brilliant actor kids, who then came in bit parts now and then, he's sooo talented! i haven't seen Neetu as a kid but i'll look out for that movie!

S said...

Great post...Master Raju is my favorite of this lot..he was always so cute especially in the movie Parichay made by Gulzar he along with another cute girl (I do not know her name) were adorable :)

Rum said...

reviewer - I love Raju, he's so so plump and cute and always hands on hips, I haven't seen Parichay but I'll find it as I LOVE Gulzar movies!

a ppcc representative said...


I loved that kid. He's also the young Shashi in Aa Gale Lag Jaa.

And, of course, Shashilove.

Rum said...

ppcc- I really dread some of the other movies I have with master tito as a semi-young guy, he stopped in 1989 but a few films be4 that he looks pretty scary!
Shashi is by far the cutest Kapoor who started off with the mush!

Anonymous said...

Master Raju had very good roles in "Chitchor" and "Khushboo". He even appeared in Amar Prem as a 2 yr old! I think he is the youngest son of Bindu in that movie.

Rum said...

anonymous- Master Raju was soo cute in Chitchor,the cutest little brother ever!

Prabha said...

I came across this cover yesterday, no idea what the film is about.

Is the boy in the second picture, Master Tito?