October 23, 2008

Anil aur Rum - A Long Indoctrinated Love Affair!

As the youngest Bollyblogger, I have to explain why I love moustaches and facial hair, and just generally Anil Kapoor, because my dosts you need to know why I become fangirly at any review of yours featuring ANil!
  • It was love at first sight, though the love was very young at 2 years old, but like Laila Majnu and many silly examples of star-crossed pyars, ANIL-RUM can never be together, coz I'm 18(in November) and he's 51/50 I think now, but also coz he's married and I'm in Vancouver. Many obstacles are in our way, but I sound like a crazy cat now but I just love Anil!
  • I watched him in "1942: A Love Story" at 2 years old, my mum and dad threw me in front of it while doing the hoover, and I've been a fangirl or pyar ever since. He was soo gorgeous then, in his paper boy hat, and 1942 waistcoats and pouffy shirts! He was sooo earnest and loving snogging(kissing) Manisha Koirala in that movie, and Anil's standout scene was when he protested to her dad "Me sub kuch chodh diya, me Rajjo se pyar karta hoon" (I've left everything, I love Rajjo)
  • After that movie, I went Anil bonkers probably due to my mum and next door neighbour Rita using Anil as my "indoctrinate her while doing hoover" the next movie I think I watched was "Meri Jung" by Subhash Ghai, which also started my "Subhash Ghai is the lord of Anil movies" that was till I was 8 and realized what backwass he did make! But this movie had Anil playing a virtuous lawyer who meets his memory-forgotten Maa Nutan while battling father-framing villain Amrish Puri.
  • As I grew up an Anil-loving indoctrinated fan, I watched many of his movies at Rita's house with a bag of popcorn, and good ol Zee Cinema with ANil flicks in the afternoon in my summer holidays! A great movie of his is Mashaal, another required Yash Chopra movie about povery, it also made a moustache duo of ANil and Dilip Kumar, who were great together perfect foils of new talent and old. He played a rough brash tapori slum dweller who gets educated by Dilip an equally honest and brash journalist. As an upcoming hopeful journalist the movie did capture Anil well as one, with a notebook in his hand, pencil behind the ear!
  • Another reason I love the ANIL, is he made brilliant couples with any lady except Twinkle and Karishma Kapoor. In fact usually he launched his actresses into the big league such as Padmini Kolhapure in his first movie Woh Saat Din, Sridevi in anything, Poonam Dhillon in Karma, Rati Agnitori in Mashaal, Dimple back into her sexy roles in Jaanbaaz.
  • I find ANil lovely, because he acknowledged that he wasn't that cute to conventional standards "I don't have the usual looks, but get into the skin of the character" awww ANil you're always cute and moustachey to me!
  • ANil can rock the mullet sometimes as tolerable in Judaii and as fugly in Virasat
  • Anil always has something that the others don't: longevity he's still the only fresh-faces 50 year old playing the hero in many movies when his counterparts Mithun, Amitabh and others play dad and grandad and cute old guy.
Anil's entry as a tapori angry kid was compared with Big B
  • Anil is soo romantic in his movies, he skips in the 1942 fields, jumps around in Deewana Mastana,another great movie where he outdoes Govinda in many scenes, I remember watching this when I was six or seven, it was hilarious and ANil has great comic flair.
  • ANil doesn't mind snogging the face off his heroines even doing love scenes that too in the conservative but suggestive early 80's, he snogged Manisha in 1942, Madhuri in any movie together but I remember the long snog in Tezaab, Meenakshi in Meri Jung, Sridevi before she got married to his brother Boney, made love to Dimple in Jaanbaaz in a very inappropriate hay setting!
  • He makes up for the lack of mush in his superb acting as seen in Lamhe.
  • Anil has a cute laugh, and usually screams "haah heyyy" when he runs in love or is really happy as seen in any movie of his.
  • Anil makes a good jodi with anyone such as Dilip =Anilip?? the funny Govinda team = Anilinda, the forever battling Anilrish(Amrish Puri), weird duo Anilved(Javed Jafferi) the HAWT moustache duo Anilackie(Jackie, who else?) and many more!
  • He simply cares, he's sponsered a million different charities, played in that fundraiser cricket game they play each year, and donated tons of money for the Bihar relief
  • He like his father started off as the glorious Shammi Kapoor's secretary, so Memsaab you have to like him by association with the Shammi!~
  • And when I went past ANil's bungla in Mumbai, I achieved a sense of happiness, and when I received on my 9th birthday an autographed picture of ANil which I dammit left in London! And when I phoned my aunt's show on the BBC Asian Network and asked him the journalistic question "What's the secret behind your longevity as a hero and not others?" then I fangirly screeched in the other room as he said "ThankS Rumnique for the great question, I think its Botox and a lot of effort that I put in in the earlier days pays off for me looking good and acting good too"

I can rock the mullet~

Bloggers slowly I will indoctrinate you all at your ages! You will swear your allegiance to the new Masala Pradesh state of the ANil Mush Masala! And I will rule as the Big Sister of you all!
This concludes the never ending series of " Star aur Rum" the most insightful series of why I love who I love with the indoctrination and pyar that I have to give, you and the faithful masalizens of the Masala Pradesh!


Anonymous said...

I have found it difficult to climb aboard the Anil train. Will not give up though, I promise!

Did he really say botox or are you kidding? :)

Rum said...

lol he did say botox! It was a witty answer! You must get a lift on the Anil train, its a great journey!

ajnabi said...

I love this post, and the "indoctrinate her while doing the hoover" made me laugh. LOL D'you think my kids will grow up with insatiable crushes on Juhi Chawla and Aamir?

Rum said...

ajnabi - I positively believe Bishop and co will have great crushes on Juhi and Aamir, also Shahid!

yves said...

Hi Rum,

Went to see your blog after your visit: I like Anil too, I just saw him in Lamhe, and so far the film with him which I prefer is Calcutta Mail. What do you say?

Rum said...

yves - thanks for checking the blog, calcutta mail is a good showcase of his serious acting and in spurts he's allowed to be commercial and say "I want my kid!"

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I love Anil's Parinda best in all his movies- he and Jackie had me weeping throughout :)

Rum said...

shweta- anil was part of the moustache duo with jackie in that movie which made me have a BARSAAT CRY and *swooooon*