August 12, 2008

Movies, Movies all day long

When I visited Southall in London, I was soo happy to be back to the headquarters of DVDs, and I was very happy to receive original dvds too, not the suspicious kind that lies in a packet? But I have only 2 weeks till college so I hope i can review them all
AMar Akbar Antoneeeeee = genuine brilliant masala movie
Kabhi Kabhie = the Shash in strong coffee OTT mode! YAAY
Ram aur Shyam = two Dilips and Mumtaz!
AAg = the aahhh of Raj's first movie
AAH = TB makes you lie Raj!
Daag = Rajesh with Raakhee 'n Sharmila! Big Love Yash Chopra style
Shaan = crocodiles, the Shashitabh, and Kulbashan at his best
Mr.Natwarlal = Pardessiyyaaaaa
Devdas (old) = closer to the book, and Bimal roy = excellence
Zanjeer = Amitabh becomes MAD!!
Zameer = daku and horses drama with Shammi! and the tight jeans duo of the Vinotabh!
Leela = where Vinod looks smoldering at 50 or 60!
Abhimaan = JAYA is better than you Amit!
And many more coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

O My. That is plunging into the whole spectrum of Bollywood in one go! Love your one-line reviews! :-)