August 15, 2008

Deewana - The Fugliest Movie Ever!

Shah Rukh talks of my overt stalkerish love for him
'Nuff said?
Amrish explains why his character does bad things
With Rishi's constipated face,you'd never guess he was a Rock King
Precursor: Shah Rukh does his version of a Dhoom stunt
The early grittier wetter Dard-E-Disco
Shah Rukh jumped in a well after wearing the 2 piece suit~
Shah Rukh and Divya are both deewana with that shade of blue
Lovely fugalicious Jumper Rishi!
fugly pepto bismol colour for backup dancers!
The ugliest Punjabi suit ever composed
The mismatched in age but matched in fug heaven -couple!
The censored Lyric of the song "Dont Worry, Be Happy"
Especially aglow with that shirt on!
I thought I'd revisit an old foe of mine, Deewana is an attack on my eyes sooo many neons and two piece suits that are just so gawdawful! But looking now I see it as a wonderfully indulgent 90's film where dancing around the trees was back in fashion and done abundantly. There isn't much of a review here, a fugalicious filled screen capped review.
The movie starts off with Maa(Sushma Seth) seeing off her son Ravi(the overly blobbing Rishi Kapoor) who is a some sort of Rock God. They are seen off also by the two villains Baddie Dad(Amrish Puri) and Ranjeet-esque son(Mohnish Behl) who want the Maa's estate and dupe her in the hidden document signing way! Why the heck don't Maa's and wealthy characters read properly a document from a scary dad with a mole stuck on his face! Of course pyar happens with Pretty Girl(Divya Bharti-the tragic actress who fell out of a window a year after the movie) a girl who is a fan of his, they go and get married, but Baddie son and father need to bump them off and Ravi somehow through a wonderful dummy falls into a waterfall. Maa and bahu move to the city with Token Sympathetic Uncle played by my favorite of these roles Alok Nath with an equally fugly wig. In the city we meet the saving grace of the movie Lover/Stalkerboy(who else than Shah Rukh). Cue some misunderstandings, shaadi, and Ravi coming back.The movie was filled with a lot precursor shots from movies before such as jumping in the air like one as seen in Rang de Basanti and more. And an ending that echoes an early version of the Dil Se ending but with family and a bomb!

The only normal glasses in the movie

Lessons I learnt in this movie
  • Never be nasty to a step-brothers that look like Amrish and Mohnish!
  • Don't insult a step-brother, because due the insults and jealousy he will strap a bomb to your girlfriend
  • Don't become a widow if your dummy like husband falls in, check first and then only marry Shah Rukh Khan
  • Never wear a blue two piece suit...EVER...
  • Always use Manish Malhotra for outfits in any movie
  • Learn not to laugh when a swear word appears inanely as part of a sentence such as c**, c***

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Anonymous said...

I think that period should be classified as the fug-era and it would be hard to find any movie from those days that is not fugly (remember Baazigar and Chamatkaar - both starring SRK?)! lol