August 23, 2008

A Blobby Man called Raj Kapoor

Those green eyes, that mush, that blob!
Please don't be offended by this article and my calling Raj a blobby man, its an endearing quality that he had when he got tubbier and his way of acting reflected his cuter heftier figure as I mentioned in Beth's Dulha Dulhan post. I am in love with Raj Kapoor, I could forgive any mistake he has ever made including the "ugly duckling is actually see through saree beautiful" Satyam Shivam Sundaram and the "lets be scandalous and show Mandakini's knockers in a waterfall" Ram Teri Ganga Mili. I have read his biography and his sad childhood trauma of losing his two brothers and falling out with Shammi and Shashi made me say awwwwww you're so misunderstood and most of the sadness happens in a pre-blobby Raj.
But as Raj Kapoor got blobbier his acting roles made him a nicer character, this slightly refers to Shammi also but his maybe double chin-cute-itis, but this i'm sure Memsaab could explain. Raj's tummy grew and his roles were very sympathetic and .....blobby. In a list of sweet blobbiness to sickly blobbiness I will attempt to explain.
  1. Dulha Dulhan - I watched this a long time ago on Zee Cinema, and I noticed that Raj was a bit blobby, but this was when he was in the beginning stages of being a balloon, his character was realistically sweet living in the Bombay metro and living with a cutey Sadhana and when he dresses her up as a bride that for me summed up his realistic-sweet-blobby he was, and the eyes are also a place to show his sweetness, and his pain. In the beginning stage of blobbing up,this film shows the sweetypie style of blobby acting.
  2. Chhalia- A horrendously disjointed Partition film, this reflected Raj's blobby-social speech type acting. He was a bit less blobby here, in his biography he said he wore the same pants from Aawara and stretched them out and it split in his bum area but he carried on wearing them. Chhalia was a really socialistic character that was a little aawara and a laloo when it came to talking love with Nutan. And the sweet blobby moment was when he asks Nutan to compose a letter to herself addressed anonymously from Raj, the way he looks at her and looks back at the paper reflected a complete earnest love that was soo unattainable that after he just looked dejected. His blobby sweetness meter was off the rocket when he sang a social song about Rehman ditching his wife like Ram did to Sita in "Galli Galli Sita Rote"
  3. Kal Aaj Aur Kal - not much to say in this mess of a movie starring grandad Prithviraj son Raj and Raj's son Randhir. In this movie his blobbyness was underused as he became sacrifice-myself-blobby style of acting. His pleading face was a constant expression in the movie as "ohhh grandad hits son" cue to sacrificial and sad face
  4. Mera Naam Joker - at his absolute blobby brilliance in this sprawling sweetness of a movie. There were many stages of blobby in the movie such as self indulgent-blobby acting as he shows a slideshow sequence of his movies Aawara and Shri 420, and then sweet joker acting as he acted as a genuine clown. He was sooooo sympathetic in this role that every time he got his joker doll back and the zoom of his blobby beautiful sad face made me cry. As a whole on the blobby-meter he was allegorical-symbolic joker-blobby acting, which meant that this was a symbol for the movie world where he is an entertainer(joker) that has allegorical meaning (such as Raj's life and the joker's life.
  5. Lastly All around the World - a campy kitschy movie version of the Jules Verne novel, in this movie he was all over the place, he was generally very sweet but he was overly joyous and over the hills maybe a bit like Shashi and Shammi acting but on E and cofee. I think Rajshree looked scared to act in case his happiness would bite her. I would say he was a Over the Moon-blobby sweetness.
Raj Kapoor was restrained sometimes in his pre-blobby roles in the 40's-50's but he was generally maudlin and morose or unhappy in his bad or thinking roles. But when he got blobbier he got sweeter and his roles reflected a happier side of his acting and as a person apparently. In most of his blobby roles he played different versions of the Raju the tramp character that he adapted from Charlie Chaplin. This sweetness was abundant and jumping out of the screen type happiness that he exuded, you could call him an overacter but for Raj being blobby and being Raju also made a completely good actor of him, a type of tramp that could relate to the masses.
His cuteness may be coupled with the fact that he was podgy and played his comedy roles sweetly, but with his power of blob and of the comedic Raj Kapoor could have been 500lbs and i would loved him still!


Anonymous said...

Rum, this leaves me speechless (and laughing). Blobby Raj!

Well I love Blobby Shammi in addition to handsome Shammi so I think I understand what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious.

Blobbiness is saaaahweet sometimes. And blobby Raj was just like a cube of sweetness - a sugar cube!

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Classic example of the cultural archetype "fat=pleasing and jolly." Raj as Santa Claus? Hmmm.

I have seen so few Raj-as-actor films that I really can't comment other than to agree with the other two that this post is an impressive work and had me wheezing with laughter as I imagined all the blobby Rajs (Rajes?).

Rum said...

beth - he always reminded of a disney grandfather as he got blobbier! LOL you have to watch the cycle of fluctuation in these movies, but thx I'm a joker like Raj too! Kal aur ajj kal is a nice movie by Randhir, Raj is positively blobby and cute!

yves said...

Rum: what EXACTLY does blobby mean (I'm French)? For me a blob of something is not very positive...

Rum said...

blobby means very portly, and bulbous! I don't wanna use fat, but its an endearing quality!