June 14, 2010

Chichi/Govinda aur Rum: A Childhood Affair that began at No.1

Could I resist a smiley goat-worshipping man like this? NO

One of the best star devoted weeks is Govinda/Chichi week, and of course I had to do an aimless ramble post on Chichi, because when it comes to him, I am all rambles! So here's a detailing illustrious epic of how I fell in love with Chichi since I was 6 and of course with the No.1 series! But if you're looking for a more informative and funny version of who Chichi is, go to Ness's wicked post.
  • Chichi first came into my life when I saw Coolie No.1, here was this abolutely ape young man who was hilariously slapstick as well as laying on the cheese and the innuendo! But what instantly appealed to me in my already Bollywood indoctrinated mind was how CUTE he was! What a lovely smile he had, and a sucker like me always goes for nice dental history when some hero smiles and he had those shining pearly whites and of course the rest is history!

  • This here is one of the songs from Coolie No.1 that was in constant play at my house or on the TV anywhere. But this just cemented my love for Chichi simply because he's frolicing around with various foods, but just look at the dancing and that fabulous turd-coloured jeans. More importantly the fascination with the food in this song just makes a foodie like me happy especially the funny "Maine bhel puri kah raha tha" with a nice little gimmicky flip about. and Karisma's enamoured face at his flipping skills. This song always brings back memories of me imitating the dance moves in the living room, and again me dancing to it when no one's at home and when the curtains are drawn at this age and in this long hot summer!
  • Chichi and food go together well, and I am going elevate Chichi to a level of cinephile nonsense that only an earnest person like I can. Chichi's food references in his songs such as my all time favorite song, "You are My Chicken Fry" which is from Rock Dancer, which I cannot find anywhere on youtube but I remember Govinda tucking into the many food items listed. But its quite like that of Hitchcock who mentions food when talking of death, and food for Chichi is mentioned whenever he's in a happy mood or in lover, so food becomes a symbol of Chichi's contentment of throwing pelvis thrusts directed at his gal Karisma while enjoying a nice snack! End of pretentious cinephile comment!
What I learnt from the No.1 Movies

1. That I am a shameless adorer of Govinda in drag!
There is something wonderful whenever Govinda gets in drag, he pulls off the feminine walk and looks pretty sassy in Coolie No.1 and quite spunky in Aunty No.1, which is absolutely has no contest over Kamal Hassan's Chachi 420 which came out at the same time! But in Aunty No.1 there was more slapstick which I was hooting about, but more Kader Khan who I really hate in most Govinda films! But drag looks good on Chichi, and if ever his political or acting films then he has a good career ahead of him as a tranny!

2.Govinda brings innuendo back!
Innuendo is an inherited trait for dirty minds such as mine, but I blame it one Chichi for doing that to me! Yes I have revisited many of the No.1 films and other films which I used to watch all summer, and my goodness what a dirty but brilliant man Chichi and his team of writers are! David Dhawan and Chichi were both criticized for being lewd and just downright dirrrty, but its not Chichi's fault that he needed to do a pelvis thrust to drive away baddies or entrance a Raveena or a Karisma to be his gal. It just so happened that Chichi was the leading pelvis thruster since the momentous song below that made mind go to the gutter. I'm sorry I can't help but love something that bawdy with jumping about with a pillow not in the right place, and a randy Karisma who's libido is calling for Chichi as she begins the songs! Ohhh Chichi you make me so happy to revisit all this raunchiness at an older age!!! Perhaps too was Govinda's sleazy but sweet delivery of many a naughty and bawdy line!

As evidence I present you Sarkay Liyo Khatiya

3. Chichi Loves Bromance!

Chichi is a nice guy who doesn't mind sharing some of his comic time with some suitable straight men to his zany antics. The first bromantic outing for me was Haseena Maan Jayegi, a Chichi-Sanjay Dutt starrer, which was epically good, because the two guys loved hugging each other not to the maximum Qurbani effect but still many hugs were shared, including a really stupid but funny then storyline with two fluffy Pomeranian doggies that were in love and always kept apart but reunited with Shahrukh songs! Who am i kidding I still love an idiotic animal love sub plot.
But the jodi I like best was Salman-Chici in only Partner so far, which was really fun, and a much better version of Hitch than Will Smith made, because Kevin James pahh on that Govinda is the better man. But the two had a cute chemistry and had nice little dance off that were excellent!

Yes this was a long winded ramble about Chichi, who I just downright love since I was 6, though he hasn't charmed me since i was two like my sabse favorite Anil Kapoor, he's still contributed a lot by acting out my perverse desires such as Chichi in drag and the outpouring of innuendo, so thank you Chichi for producing a mind like mine!


Ness said...

OMG RUM! We are SO THE SAME PERSON! It's scary!

You have captured SO MUCH OF WHAT I LOVE about Chi Chi SO WELL! The sexiness of him in drag! The bromance! The innuendo!

I was LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF ALL THE WAY THROUGH THIS POST! This indeed, is Post No.1. Vah! Shabbash!

Ness said...

seriously, this post is so full of awesome I had to read it TWICE just to re-live all the best bits.

"Could I resist a smiley goat worshiping man like this? NO". OMG COMEDY GOLD.

Nicki said...

soooo cute!!!

I think I'm going to do a recap post since I"ve already blogged on all the old Chichi films I have :)

Filmi Girl said...

Yay!!! Loved the post!

Filmi Girl said...

Or should I say... Rum No. 1!

Rum said...

Ness - I swear on my masala God, Manmohan Desai that we were once lost at a country fair! Chichi has the right amount of curves to pull of drag! Thanks soo much, I could have an alternate career of being a philosopher of Chichism!

Nicki - thanks! I've loved Chichi all my life and he never disappoints! Cant wait to see what you dig up!

Filmi Girl - I think you've coined my new nickname Rum No.1 has a catchy sound to it!

bollywooddeewana said...

Fun post Rum, i love Govinda too more in his 80's films though, i have a lot of catching up to do regarding his 90's work. Loving your new layout too by the way, its fab

One of my all time fave Govinda Songs, i was gonna write the review but then realised Nicki had already done a fab review of it


Its on you tube if you haven't seen the lick, here's part 1

Rum said...

Bollywooddeewana - Thanks, i like Chichi in the 80's especially his pairings with Neelam, which were soo cute! But that song is so crazy with the reflected mirror angles straight out of a Manoj film!