June 21, 2010

Shameful Classics Week - Unloading all that Good Trash!

Govinda questions my sanity for devising this week

There was Khanna-o-Rama, there was Chichi Week, and to prolong the general batshitness that has come with that, the Masala Pradesh launches: Shameful Classics Week! I thought of this week when I was reading the many Chichi posts at Ness' site and at Totally Filmi and everywhere that had some absolutely crazy film that Chichi or a Khanna did! However mental or just plain terrible these films were, there was a nugget of goodness that makes people flock back to it. I'll also add when looking through and sorting out my DVD collection I realized that the films usually fell into the Good, The Batshit, and The Nutty, and usually I return to the latter two! I was thinking from July 5-12. A full 7 days of unloading all the trash that I bought in
hedonistic splurges at the dvd shops, which were terribly located just a street down from my former college!
Can you feel the trash coming on? Amitabh as a super-Vijalante called Toofan!

When choosing some of the trash in your DVD collections, then please go all out and share your Kahani of loving something that bad or that good in your opinion. In my collection I have waaaay too much Amitabh rubbish from the 80's that are just so disgraceful but wicked that even my family question my career choice of recommending films for a living. Actors as we know do some good roles and some terrible ones and it seems to be the awful ones that I love, so I'm gonna dig out some nonsense films some of our faves have made, but want to hide!
But one has to indulge in all the rubbish that makes an afternoon a lot happier for watching something as awful as Toofan! If you want more Z-grade films then look no further than Todd, whose reviews of some mad films make me buy some of the goodness that I've accumulated, especially doggie classic Teri Meherbaniyan!!! Shameful Classics are not limited to films only, if there's a wonderfully trashy song or even Hollywood film that you love then share it! And how shameful it is then I leave that to you, because I feel ashamed of many things that others find lovely!
So I leave you with some screencaps of what shall await you at the Masala Pradesh!

Amitabh yet again as a tin-foil shoulder shaking super-Vigilante!

Look at that mustachioed dummy and that man to go with it!

So happy pickings! And I promise this will be a week to embarrass all our favorite stars in some of their most award winning endering roles!


Ness said...

OMG THAT'S SO SOON! I need time to prepare for this trashtastic extravaganza!

Ness said...

hahah and can that shot of Govinda be the official logo of shameful classics week? (I keep calling it shameful pleasures week on twitter because I am a doofus, what's the official hashtag gonna be, oh long lost insane sister?)

Filmi Girl said...

OMG! I am so in for this, although I fear that I may have more discussion of "what is bad, really?" than is strictly called for.

Rum said...

NESS- I knew you'd be here! I think I'll definitely get V Loves Movies to design a disgusted logo like that! It shall be proclaimed as Shameful Classics/Pleasures week whatever you wanna name it!

Filmi Girl- Glad to have you in! You should definitely explore the grey areas between trash and goodness!

Amaluu said...

I would like to recommend Hema Malini in blackface and dressed like a female Michael Jackson from "Gore Nahin Hum Kale Sahi" from Desh Premi as a potential image for the logo. I don't know if it gets more shameful than that.

I'm excited about this and wish I had HALF the movies I have at my mom's house here with me.

Rum said...

Amaluu - Ohh my gosh that is an excellent image! And she looked awful and just terrible! But definitely unleash all the shameless trash that you love!

bollywooddeewana said...

Rumm why you gotta do me like this, how dare you call Toofan a shameful classic, its one of my all time faves and i still get goosebumps till this day whenever i hear the aaya toofan song


Still though count me in, i definitely have some contributions to make