April 10, 2009

Rum's Back and its Movie Time!


Yup, I'm back to continue to reign in the Masala Pradesh, and be a faithful law-abiding dual citizen of the Shashi Pradesh. I have stocked up on my movies and I'll review some as soon as my computer manages to capture some good screencaps! Here is just a sample of great stuff to come, now that i have the summer off for at least 5 months and what to do!?

  1. Complete a world record of watching every Anil Kapoor movie ever made (very do-able, since i own a ton already)
  2. Go to Boston!!
  3. Try and review my already extensive movie collection, that sat on my shelf during these journalism filled months, gathering lots of dust.

But I'm back and ready to vegetate in front of my movies and have fun in the summer!


JJC said...

I loveeeee anil kapoor..there's no one like anil kapoor and rishi kapoor..they cannot be imitated..
i think you shuold make your list of anil kapoor movies that are the best and ill have ot make sure i see them also..but i think ive seen quite a bit of them already ;p

bollyviewer said...

Yay! Welcome back. Masala Pradesh has missed you sorely. Time to put some of that journalism in practise so the rest of us can vegetate in front of your movie reviews. :-D

Bollywood said...
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NidaMarie said...

Welcome back!!!:)

Crazy on Bollywood said...

Welcome back.Plz post some Anil kapoor's flick.

Banno said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday plan to me.