July 2, 2012

Shameful Classics Week is BACK!!

The ideal reaction for Shameful Classics Week!

Yep, its that time of the summer again to revel and partake in all things filmi and masala that you really shouldn't love so much but you just do! I'm gonna move up the days a bit, so starting from Monday July 9th till the 16th onwards is a good time to get cracking. I know that I'm gonna admit to loving Darna Mana Hai, and especially the 'everyone-gets-turned-into-apples' storyline which is just cracktastic. Along with championing Zayed Khan as a shameful hero for his various comeback films like TEZZZZZZZ, which may have sucked to some, but with him, Anil, and Ajay mouthing silly lines and doing some pretty snazzy stunts too. There may just be a quick appearance for liking something as godamn trashy as Hate Story, (emphasis on the supreme iffiness!) which I'm truly ashamed of liking but it falls into that Sidney Sheldon/Jackie Collins mixed with revenge masala that just somehow worked! So do let me know if you're up for revealing some love for shameful heroes or shameful classics that need to be put in that filmic canon. I'll be setting up a Delicious tracking list for all things for that week, so do let me know in the comments section below! You must have some skeletons in your closet that are yearning to come out!


Filmi Girl said...

Zayed Khan?! As long as you're not championing Love Breakups Zindagi... lol! That was just a shamefully mediocre film. ;P

Rum said...

Filmi Girl - No I kinda liked Tezzz with him in that! And some of his solo projects when i fancied the pants off him as a teenager! I never grow up!