July 7, 2011

Shameful Pleasures Quick Bite: The Unabashed High School Crush Edition

A Shameful Icon: Mr Magnum Pi or Tom Selleck

Well you may be wondering why the total heartthrob Tom Selleck is the first Shameful Crush, well it's a long story my yaaron! I first moved to the all encompassing North American continent in 2002, and we'd only just bought a TV and my sister and I couldn't find any other kids channel except the super Baby channel and lots of reruns that interested us. So Magnum Pi became our babysitter! I would run home school at 3 to meet and swoon over the new pyar of my life! The shame bit comes in a bit later, as besotted as I was a 13 yr old I found a People Mag of Sexiest Man Alive editions in our lobby and instead of hanging up Johnny Depp or George Clooney, I cut out Tom Selleck and many of his TV friends.
I'm sorry this man was a total stud in his heyday!

Tom was very special to me and his elevated status made him worthy of putting up in my high school locker! My friends had already witnessed the budding vintage lover burgeoning in me and thought nothing of it when I waxed lyrical about the short length of his shorts in each episode. Unfortunately one time, the ubiquitous bunch of cool kid saw my decorated shrine of locked and ribbed to death about having really old ugly men in my locker. I suddenly felt so ashamed of James Garner - Mr Rockford, Tom, Desi Arnaz -Mr Lucy and of course Amitabh circa his hotness age in the 70s! So after so much ribbing I took them down and put the latest craze at the time Aaron Carter (WT absolute F was I thinking??) and Spaghetti hair Justin Timberlake, but still it did not make me happy to greet them every time i got a text book! But if I restored the natural order of Arnaz, Bachchan, and Selleck to the locker I would just die in my outcast state!

I had a big pink heart circling his head in this one!

But good sense prevailed and my friends added their own shameful icons of gorgeous anime characters and surprisingly Mr Rogers!

I know this should have been a proper revelation of Love Love Love with Aamir and Juhi but I had to share the origins of all this shame! As it's the devil in all of us to love the scandalous and duds that no one likes, because that sets us apart and it gives a well deserved superiority complex with 'What hell didn't they see in Pyar Karke Dekho! Such a mature and bold film!" and cheers to that!

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Ness said...

I have too many shameful crushes (that I'm not really even ashamed of) to go into. The most recent one everyone makes fun of me for is Michael Emerson. I love him. SO much.


But in the past, sigh...Mike Nesmith (omg big time), Dudley Moore, too many to name actually. Oh and obviously Govinda. Present day Govinda.