June 15, 2010

Partner - Parodies + Bromance + Chichi dancing = My Heaven

Wherever there's a Bromance with Chichi, then you know I'm gonna adore it!

David Dhawan and Govinda since the beginning of their outings have always appealed to me, especially if you revisit my early love for Chichi I started with my gutter mind with Raja Babu and Coolie No.1. But I immediately flocked to Partner because the two great vulgar men of my childhood were reunited, that too with a kinda cute Salman. And to say I got my paisa vasool is an understatement, it was more than that, it was a triumphant return of both Chichi, who I
valiantly watched in his turd films which were released after he was in politics and David Dhawan, with his many repetitive silly films that lacked the pizazz they had with Chichi. Partner is nice little film that indulges all the nutty things I love, Chichi in some vulgar joke, Salman returning to his 90's days and ripping off his shirt and much more! And so it goes!
Loving the ironic pairing right there!
Partner is a much better version of Hitch, simply because Kevin James can get lost because he is no Chichi and as much as I love Will Smith, he is no strutting shirtless Salman. So we start with Prem(Salman Khan) who introduces himself and his profession of being a love guru to many hapless men that we meet in the prologue. What I laughed at already was Salman weird American twang, where he rolls his rrrr's or enunciates in his best conviction of an accent with "nerrrrvuusss" "stuppid" awww Sallu, I like you with your plain old accent! Anyways we meet Bhaskar(Chichi!!!!) who is madly in love with his boss Gorgeous Gal(Katrina Kaif, can't remember her name, but she looked lovely and smiley) and seeks Prem's help. Prem rebuffs him
saying its impossible for a Chichi to attract her, so Chichi follows him all the way to Phuket, and a lot of unecessary stuff goes on, where in every comedy film these days has to showcase some crazy stunt, this time its Prem being chased by a rocket on a jet ski! Ohh well thats my only
gripe, after some convolutions Prem agrees to help Bhaskar
And one of my fave jodis is created!
I really love this Salman and Chichi jodi in this film, because they've got such chemistry that goes well with Chichi's zaniness and Sallu's cool straight man attitude, and though I really love the Sanjay-Chichi jodi, this Partner duo really rivals them, because sometimes Sanjay was too stoic as the straight man. But Salman has a ball here next to Chichi and its funny to see him almost
cracking up in some scenes, and they start off with a love-hate relationship which obviously culminates into my favorite type of chemistry: Bromance! Salman eventually turns out to liking Bhaskar no matter how much he annoys him, and thats what I like to see!
Back to the story, Prem instructs Bhaskar to get some more confidence in him to impress Gorgeous Gal, but of course a bawdy joke is never too far from a David-Chichi outing:
Chichi and a Bawdy joke are just destined!
And thats where I regress into my 6 year old self and hoot with laughter too loud and enough to wake up the neighbours! A toilet joke and Chichi get on like a house on fire with me, and so Chichi walks to work in his chuddis for too short a time! And then he impresses Gorgeous Gal by advising her to not listen to her Yes men.
And the dialogues throughout this film are like listening to a very funny version of nonsensical rhyme verse, especially the hilarious part where Chichi tells the yes men "Who are you to yell that I'm talking hell? I'm not hell, I'm talking well. And if we don't gel, then you can go to hell!" Well with dialogue as inane and rapidly delivered in Chichi's screwball style, then this movie ranks high on my list as Chichi GOLD! Its the hilarious opposite to the verse dialogues of Heer
Ranjha, instead of eloquence, we get crazy lines that just cement why I love David and Chichi outings!
But the entire story belongs to Chichi's arc, I could care less for Sallu's boring romance with Lara Dutta, who licks her lips and pulls too many nutty faces, but the kid Rohan just steals the show from both of them whenever he's onscreen, especially the scene where he's beating up bigger kids in his playground! Master Ali Haji is going to the Masala Youth: Filmi Bachhe Home pronto, he's so cute and much better than the brat he was in Fanaa.

Parody Time!
But one of the best scenes in the films is when Chichi parodies his own naach skillage, and any mention of the infamous "Sarkay Liyo Khatiya" dance is just a winner for me! Its soo funny to see Chichi spoofing his vulgar image from the notorious pelvis thrusts that he exploded with and his general agility to impress everyone with his crazy dance moves! I can't resist a self-referential moment so I just loved the dance-off between Chichi and Salman, who does the moves from "Just Chill" which look equally dirty (Just what is he winding up with his left hand? And what is he tapping in that signature move?) But its a glorious scene that was worth the watch!
Well as we noticed for the last 20 odd years, Chichi's mad dancing is in another league!
Awww Chichi you won me over just by that reference!
The priceless dance-off!

An of the best scenes in the whole film is the parody of Aamir Khan, when Prem and Rohan the kid go to the cinema and I laughed my socks off in this scene, actually I fell off my chair, but this made me love the film even more! The guy who plays Aamir just nails the voice and mannerisms which made "Sweety se pyar, Sweety se unlimited pyar, Sweety se pyar" part of my lexicon when trying to annoy my folks or my sister! Gawsh I just loove this scene!
And one of the more tolerable parody points was Rajpal Yadav spoofing Shahrukh's new age Don, Rajpal is always popping in the more recent David Dhawan films and my goodness he's a much funnier substitute for Johnny Lever! His comic sideplot was great fun and didn't feel too intrusive on the story!

You didn't think I'd forget the Bromance, did you?
We've got the bawdy 80's and the Kantabhen naughtiness to thank for the influx of gay jokes, and I'm afraid I can't hold off some Bromantic action and tension, but Partner took it to a naughty ribald high which I smirked and hooted at, in the form of Gorgeous Gal's pal Kiran, dressed in another parody outfit of Don, complete with Shah Rukh's crazy blazer and hair! Chichi proceeds to charm Kiran as Prem instructed him to compliment the gal's friend! One of the wittiest lines was when Chichi asked if Kiran liked cricket, to which he answered, "Ohhh I just loove cricket, 11 men after one ball!" which was sooooo priceless! Even the line where he sings the song "Aadmi se Aadmi se pyar karta!" Chichi later gets in on the act, by posing as a gay wedding planner trying to stop Gorgeous Gal's forced marriage! If I was guffawing at the homoerotic tension in Housefull, then Sajid Khan learnt from the master of Bromantic naughtiness David Dhawan, ever since the early days!
Ohh Chichi, you make my bromantic day!

Partner is one of my favorite Chichi films that he's made recently, full of witty and ribald dialogues and freaking fabulous Chichi! Its much better than his quick money grabbers like the shite Money Hai Toh Honey Hai or their downright awful delayed films that crawl out of the woodworks. Here's to a great new jodi that I hope some director like David Dhawan signs up!


batulm said...

i simply loved this film. laughed my guts out in the theater. and can sit by and watch it even now whenever i catch it on tv. that dance-off is absolutely superb. i could re-wind and watch it over and over again. govinda and salman make a great pair. you almost don't need katrina kaif in the film. :)

Ness said...

OH MY GOD I LOVE PARTNER SO MUCH! There is so much goodness, and I always forget half the best bits until I'm watching it again, and laugh like a crazy person as if I'm seeing it for the first time.

Chi Chi is SO AWESOME in this, his bromance with Sallu is THE BEST. I want to see them do HEAPS MORE MOVIES!

Rum said...

Batulm/Banno! - I just hooted out through the whole showing of the film at the cinema, and embarrassed my sister with me! Sallu-Chichi are such a cute jodi, that their respective gals just intrude on bromance time!

Ness - I know! My favorite is obviously the danceoff where they parody what's vulgar or not! Makes me laugh every time!

Ness said...

Chi Chi is so cute as the wedding planner too. OH IT'S SO SHAMEFUL THAT I THINK THAT because it's just one step away from my fetish of Chi Chi dressed as a woman.

Rum said...

Ness - Soo true that outfit makes him almost girly tranny enough for me! And I can't resist a silly gay joke as well that too with Chichi camping it up!

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