December 6, 2008

The Khan Dynasty - the Big 3 and the family of Khan

I watched Dharmatma yesterday, and realized that Feroz Khan captured my heart with rugged masculinity, and his crooked teeth, so I needed to do something about him and so the Khan post has arrived. Like the Bollywhat post on the many Khan's I had to do my own, with the Big 3 and then some of the Khan family.

Shahrukh became SEXY!!!
1. Shahrukh Khan - currently sitting at the top of the industry, and who might be slowly being dethroned by the new guy or that old guy who finally made it big Akshay Kumar. But Shah Rukh has always done it for me because he's just sooo darn romantic and Rahul/Raj-esque in his acting that I can't hate him. This will probably be my downfall in movie journalism is that I just can't find any wrong with Anil and SRK, but its probably coz they can light up a dismal project and they are just such competent actors. SRK was the second "king of my heat" as he is so adorable and he loves his women to ends of the earth and will woo them valiantly like Shammi but with more sappiness and agility. For example his Raj in Darr was soo in love with Juhi that he wrote "Kiran" on his chest and he was willing to fly here and there just to love, perhaps thats a silly example as Raj there was clearly a nutjob. But SRk infused such pain into Raj that I screamed "You go and kill that Sunny Deol, and talk to your dead maa on the phone too!!!" SRK's mannerism of the twitchy eyebrows (he really needs to thread them!) the stutter that could rival our Shashi's, the quivering lips, the always outspread arms for a girl like me to run into. SRK makes it mega-hard not to like him, thats probably why i love him.

Loving the scarves
2. Aamir Khan - now here's a Khan I don't love fanatically and can critisize because I didn't like him at all in the beginning, he was too chirpy and kissed his heroines namely Juhi more, so he was more of a realistic romantic hero that I didn't like when i was 10. But he grew on me in Raja Hindustani and Lagaan and his post millenium movies. But here's a Khan who has outspoken views and a great actor too. I think his choosiness in roles is necessary, because he did do some pretty backwass movies as a young guy like "Zindagi Tere Naam" or "Army" never wear a mush Aamir it doesn't suit you that well. But his Jo Jeeta Sikandar and his fun college films always struuck a chord with me, he was that sensitive nerd that I just wanted to be my squeeze! But his sparse releases always show a nuanced and powerhouse performance from Aamir.

3. Salman Khan - A Khan who is very inconsistent in my books, he could act great but then ham in other movies. He is one of the more conventionally good-looking Khan in the Big 3, but I do prefer 90's Salman as he looked cute and he wasn't losing his hair as well, and he loved to show off his chest by ripping his t-shirt off! But post millenium Salman, he started looking old, he obviously had some hair plugs as you can see in the awful Yuvvraaj. My favorite Salman movie must be Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, he was soo spunky and he was really sweet at the end crying on Helen as Ash left him for her hubby, another BARSAAT CRY moment! But Salman is a good actor but his troubled off screen life probably hampered his career a bit such as bashing up Aishwariya Rai, shooting the chinkara, and turning up late for shooting. But I do love a bad boy and Salman fits that deal!

4.Arbaaz Khan - another part of the Khan Dynasty, he's an competent actor and he knows how to pull off an actor face but he's not the best Khan brother. He specialized in playing the bad guy or the tough guy and he was brilliant in Damini with Rishi and Juhi as a psycho. And he was great and sleazy in the recent Fashion. He was also great fun in Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya with his bro Salman and Kajol and the original tough guy Dharamendra and his fight scene with Salman was crackling with machismo!
Funny pic from Salaam E Ishq
5. Sohail Khan - the youngest of the Sallu's clan, he is emerging as one of the finest comic guys around, he is also a producer but I think he's a great actor too. He was the saving grace of the backwass "God Tussi Great Ho" and of the dismal "Hello". He seems to have starred in a lot lackluster movies but emerging as the one to watch for. He was really good in the recent Heroes and was much better than the bland Vatsal Seth.
Sexyness and Funkadelic all rolled into this man!
6. Feroz Khan - as I mentioned above, Feroz is the new Rum crush, he is sooooooo HAWT! Sure he's starred in some of the silliest spy and gangster flicks of the 60's and 70's but he looked cool doing it. He's also a funky director, Dharmatma is now up there on my favorite gangster movies of all time, its violent, funkadelic and just plain cool. And Feroz is not a director that hogs the whole screen to himself, if there's a second hero then Feroz devotes enough time to make the second guy have a fully fledged character like Vinod in Qurbani sure he lost the girl but there was enough time spent on the sheer sexyness of him and obviously him and his precocious daughter. Feroz also directed my ANIL in Jaanbaaz one of my favorites coz of my ANil being a sweet tapori type. Feroz also pushed the envelope in his movies, Jaanbaaz is synomous in my head with the OTT sex scene with Anil and Dimple in the hay, and even Dharmatma with Faryal shaking her stuff in a bikini and then dying in a bathtub with not much clothing on.
7. Sanjay Khan - Feroz's younger bhai, I don't know what to think about Sanjay as I hated that he beat up Zeenat Aman in his off-screen life, but then I do feel sorry for the guy as he got his face burnt and never really recovered his face again. But as an actor he always seemed to wooden to me, maybe it was his nasally voice or his flapper hair but he wasn't as charismatic as Feroz.

8. Fardeen Khan - Feroz's kid, I like Fardeen, he's a good actor and he's kinda cute too, though he did start off in a terrible movie directed by Feroz called Prem Aggan, he was really young there and showed some good acting amidst a lot screaming and shouting in that movie. He also is a favorite of the Ram Gopal Varma camp as he was in Jungle and Pyar Tune Kya Kiya with Urmila who made a pretty nice jodi with despite her looking slightly older. He was very good in Dev as a radical Muslim kid, and his scenes with Amitabh were really well done. Apparently he's doing a remake of Qurbani, him playing his dad's role of course but it does make me go hmmm coz I really liked Qurbani as it was fun funky and had Feroz+Vinod!

9. Zayed Khan - Sanjay's kid, he's a pretty good actor he was fairly good in Yuvvraaj as Danny, much better than Salman as he had more of the Tom Cruise role to play in the Rainman remake he was brash rude and horrid which he plays well. My fave Zayed role so far has been him in Main Hoon Naa, he was cute as Lucky and he was a good foil for SRK's straitlaced Ram.

10. Farah Khan - I think she's Zayed's sister? She;s arguably one of my favorite female directors these days, she adds a bit of spoof, and tongue-in cheek humour to all her projects. Main Hoon Na is one of my favorite school movies ever as she makes it with such heart, and its great coz its so fun and self-referential. Om Shanti Om too was fun and her background scores with the old school tunes of RD Burman in the back were such good touches to the movies.
A Hunk of pure Emo!
11. Yusuf Khan/Dilip Kumar - a world class actor that captured my heart with his simple emoness! Dilip Khan sounds kinda good but I guess a Kumar name has a certain pizzazz with it too.My fave Yusuf/Dilip movie is probably Mashaal sure he's around 50 in that movie but as a journalist myself I respect his performance as a guy searching for truth and justice in the slums and influencing my ANIL to become a journo too!
Saif's fondness for sham-relationships!
12. Saif Ali Khan - one of the good comic Khan's, though his earlier performances were a bit rough and my favorite Saif movie must be Yeh Dillagi, he makes a good substitue for William Holden in the Sabrina-remake. Plus he made an excellent bromantic pair with Akshay Kumar, I bought all their movies together and he just infuses such spunk and is a perfect foil to Akshay's tough action man guy! He also had a turbulent off screen life, marrying Amrita Singh an older lady but nevertheless she snagged a hot toyboy for a while till he went off with Roza then to Kareena!

Here's the proper list as I accidently published the post before my computer froze! Too many Khan's some good and some rubbish!


memsaab said...

Farah isn't related to Zayed, but she is Sajid Khan's (who also directs) sister.

Zayed has a sister named Farah, but she's not the same Farah...

So many Khans, so little time!

bollyviewer said...

No Saif Ali Khan? The "Khan" chronicles are incomplete without him (and he's my favorite Khan of all). I love SRK's ads and TV appearances - he's so witty and funny without ever crossing the line into rude or gross - but would rather not watch any of his films.

And you didnt like Aamir's old movies - QSQT, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin?!! He was a bit kiddish looking but soooooo cute. :-)

bollyviewer said...

O you did get my favorite Khan - all is forgiven! :=P

ajnabi said...

Saif and Kareena are going to totally cut out the sham one of these days.

The title of your post made me think of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and William Shatner screaming "KHAAAAAAAAN!!!" but I would scream it for an entirely different reason even if one of them did kill my adult son who had a horrible 80's perm.

Whenever I see a pic of Feroz Khan now I want to buy some dark glasses to shield my vision from the garish colors. He's hilarious.

Rum said...

memsaab- too many farah's as well as Khans! including the farha that is tabu's sis too!

Bollyviewer - Sorry, its all there now. SRK's personality is pretty humble and nice offscreen too, I do like Aamir but I bought so many 4-in-1 dvds which were his rubbish movies!

ajnabi- lol I like the star trek movie too, I can imagine you screaming KHANNN too, with a permed yet peppered hair
I love Feroz now, I would put on the same funky glasses he wore in any movie, He's like the epitome of the bad-ass man who likes babes and cars!

theBollywoodFan said...

Cool post, Rum. How about we add two [relative] newbies -- Imran and Jiah -- to the mix? If they choose to stay around, I think we'll be listening to their names for a while (esp. Imran; I'll wait to see Jiah's film before commenting on her, LOL).

Aamir didn't do 'Zindagi Tere Naam' and 'Army', did he?! Didn't 'Army' actually star Shah Rukh? :P They've all really had their share of not so good films, but that probably made them better and more selective, as you say :)

Some of Aamir's earlier stuff is really quite good too, as Bollyviewer says; also really liked Dil and Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke. The guy's been quite a visionary for a while now, I think his professionalism is something Bollywood could use more of -- overall, it's no wonder his inspiration to act came from Guru Dutt and his mentor is Shammi Kapoor!


Rum said...

Bollywood Fan - Jiah and Imran definitely need to go on the list of Khans, I loved Jiah in the Lolita role in Nishabd, I dooo like Aamir's older stuff, but some movies like Iska Naam Zindagi(wrong wording) and silly stuff like Lovex3 turned me off for a while. I love Aamir coz he's such a thespian and reminds me of the greatness that is Kenneth Brannagh!

theBollywoodFan said...

I've stayed away from Nishabd because the promos freaked me out, LOL. Haven't seen Isi Ka Naam Zindagi in a long time (should, soon) to have much of an opinion, but agree about Lovex3 -- it's very Aamir-Juhi centric, there's not much else in it at all that those who aren't their fans can enjoy. Kinda like Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin with Aamir and Madhuri.


theBollywoodFan said...

PS: Rum, thanks for adding me to your blog roll, have added yours as well :)

Anonymous said...
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