February 1, 2009

Fairy Godmaa, Make Rum a Bollywood Boyfriend!

No I haven't been abducted by aliens or consumed by my computer, I have been terribly busy with school as I received my first reporting story for the school newspaper, and carrying with Bollyviewer's great Godmaa posts. Fairy Godmaa came again when I complained there were no good hunky guys at school, I'm sure there are but Fairy Godmaa came calling and granted my Bollywood boyfriend:

Raaj Kumar's Sexy Voice and Eccentricities

That Voice, that Gable-esque mush, but gawsh that voice! If there was a voice ever so beautiful and soo clap-worthy it would Raaj's. lol I'm doing a radio journalism class, and by God that voice would give everybody a "dil-squish" (wrong use of the word, I know, but a dil-attack might suffice?) I watched Heer Ranjha the other day, and god the way he spoke, the way he enunciated, no wonder the actress playing Heer had such orgasmic faces!

Shashi's Looks
Shashi was extremely beautiful and I think one of the movies that showcase Shashi's cuteness and hunkyness was Sidhartha, his curls and smiles and wonderful face was gorgeous throughout that!

He had the Kapoor gene of cuteness and great looks, he looked more like Prithviraj out of RK, and Shammi. Who wouldn't some handsome Shashi on your arm??

Abhishek's Goofiness:
AHHHH a proper guy who doesn't mind being goofy in any movie, a great example is Dostana, he owned that film. Sure John was suuuuper hot and half showed his bum in the movie but he was more restrained and Abhishek played the great foil to his straight man! And I like a funny guy, and Abhishek is just great and lets it all out and makes duds like Dus and Laaga Chunari Mein Daag watchable and fast -forwardable!

Anil's Moustache and Cuteness!

You all knew he would be here, but perhaps a funny cute goofy moustachioed is Anil after all! Naah of course ANil is there on my wish list because I've loved him since forever and he's my favorite actor! Plus the fact that he's charmed the pants off me during all the award shows he's attended and his Lakhan-esque happiness whenever Slumdog, and more importantly his ability to stand up for Slumdog Millionaire in the face of such undeserved flack from Bollywood and abroad!

Dharam's Machoness
After being lazy and missing him out on my "13 men i love" list I had to add my favorite Punjabi puttar! He seems to be the strong n rugged n sexy type and the movie that made eyes pop, was the very macho The Burning Train, wow he saved soooo many stars in that movie, and kicked the crap out of Danny later on. Lol in high school I wrote a silly poem about Dharam and The Burning Train, one day I'll be mad enough to release it on this blog! But he's soo macho and he can punch a man in the face just for his woman, heck I'd love a boy that smashed ppl with dishoom noises if they asked me a naughty question!
Feroz's Swagger & Cool

This man is the epitome of cool, I think. There is no man that came close to his Swagger and funkadelic directing style in my books, Amitabh was cool in a Clint/vigilante way, but when Feroz walked onto the scene, he walked with bravado and the best funk music by Kalyanji-Anandji in the background. And I begrudgingly say that Janbaaz is a slightly passable movie coz Anil is in it and Feroz looked like a funky uncle!

And I applaud his ability to make the 80's funky with Dayavan and Qurbani, which was the most bromantic and buddy movie ever!

Those are a few of the men that would make a sexy lovely nice and cute Bollywood boyfriend, I can only wish, and a part 2 will definitely follow! I know 6 might be a bad number but alas I'm not humungo superstitious so hopefully I won't get struck by lightning the day I meet my Bollywood boyfriend!


bollyviewer said...

Great list Rum! I havent seen Fairy Godmother for a while now, so perhaps you could send my wishlist too? I definitely want some Shashi and Dharmendra, too, but there needs to be some Hrithik and Farhan, too... and huge dollops of Balraj Sahni's old-world gravitas.

Beth said...

This is a hybrid boyfriend, right? Taking bits and pieces and assembling them into a product that is greater than the sum of its parts?

Me, I think all I need is Shashi and Abhishek - looks and voice and hair can go either way, but I want Abhishek's fantabulous sense of humor and self-deprecating charm and real-ness (but not his dad as an in-law) and Shashi's wonderful range of abilities and suitableness and love of the theater (but not his drinking problems).

ajnabi said...

I MUST read the poem. MUST.

memsaab said...

I just want Shammi. And a little Ranjeet on the side. Or Vinod K if he's busy.

That's all. Not too difficult, right, Fairy Godmaa?

eliza bennet said...

Abhishek for his talent,
inteligence, good manners and I find him very sexy

Rum said...

Bollyviwer - lol i forgot about the wiseness of balraj and the cuteness of farhan! i'll pass your request along

Beth- most definitely a hybrid! shashi had drinkin problems ohh dear but he needs the strength of a good woman

Ajnabi- lol i will post some of my cheezy bollywood poetry soon

memsaab - i don't vinod will be busy at all, and i want the sleaze and bad-assness of ranjeet too

eliza- welcome! abhishek is very sexy, he has exceptional talent and good table manners too!