January 12, 2009

Slumdog and Rum losing her voice!

I have a sore throat now, yesterday was the Golden Globes and I was super happy for Slumdog Millionaire being nominated at least. But to win Best soundtrak, best director, best screenplay, and best picture, that made me cry with happiness and screech my apartment down!
Perhaps it was my hysteria or me being 18, but I screeched really loud when the camera cut to Anil throwing his hands up in the air with happiness and victory!
I also screamed when I saw Shah Rukh Khan walk on stage, I went "What the hell?" i knew he was presenting but I thought it was at the more boring one the sciences one?
I also got complaints from silly old ladies in the building early this morning for screaming and perhaps playing the soundtrack a tad too loud, but F*** it I was happy


a ppcc representative said...

I TOTALLY share your vicarious victory-feeling. I haven't felt this elated since... well, since Obama won!!

And how cute was Anil's flipping out?! MR. INDIAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

ajnabi said...

I didn't watch the ceremony (no TV reception, we don't do cable or satellite) but I screamed this morning when I read the news. Fortunately everybody else was at work so no one complained. LOL

Banno said...

I feel like such an ass for missing the awards. Didn't know Shahrukh was presenting the Best Film.

memsaab said...

Banno--he didn't present the Best Film award, but he presented Slumdog as a nominee (they always show clips of the Best Film nominees which are presented by someone) :-)

It was fab. I can't wait for the Oscars, though normally I shun them.

Rum said...

Ppcc - I think I haven't felt that happy since OBama, and Aamir going to Oscars and being interviewed by the chavvy presenters on English tv when i was 11, a long time ago!!!

Ajnabi - a lot of people didn't watch it, i asked my journalism classmates they went "what it was on?" but that's what captain youtube is for!

Banno - Atleast you youtubed it naa?

memsaab - lol an Oscar shunner NAHIII in my house, I make my whole family watch!