June 25, 2008

Saudagar-When Grandpas Attack

Don't look at the camera Dilip!

I hated this movie, I don't know why but the way Subhash Ghai presented the two veterans of film Dilip Kumar and Raaj Kumar, was just shoddy. I usually like anything Subhash does even his backwass like Yaadein or even his utter backwass of Kisna. Thats how dedicated I am, but in this Romeo and Juliet movie, he hyped the pairing of these two great men too much and then he focused far too much on the Romeo and Juliet
  • Starts off with a haggard looking Anupam Kher playing the Friar character he has been wandering the hills of Himanchal Pradesh, searching for peace, he also lives in a cave furnished with a coffee machine! Nomads eh?
  • He tells us the story of two sabse pyare dosts Veeru(Dilip Kumar) and Raju(Raaj Kumar) who are devoted to eachother, they sing songs with Anupam in a younger avatar with different actors, they sing a nice song called 'Imli Ka Boota' about a cherry and berry and tamarind tree? But when they grow up, Veeru disgraces Raju's sister by garlanding his sister when her groom ditches the ceremony. And then this subtitle manages the rest of the filler:
  • They start a civil war with each other, yes a civil war with armies! They have lovely grandchildren Vasu(Vivek Mushran) Dilip's very easy on the eyes grandson and Raaj's granddaughter Manisha Koirala, through a series of misfortunes for the audience and them they fall in love. The two newcomers really had no chemistry at all and seem very brother and sister like as the only time they romance is a few songs that were very tame, and they were in rain how tame can you get?
  • Anupam finds them in a tame shot of making out, and rejoices as this is the only way Veeru and Raju will become friends, as previously in the movie Raju slices the painting above to show his pure hate. A bit more filler later and the two loves are in the different households Vasu becomes Raju's favorite confidante, and Manisha sings another version of Imli Ka Boota which displeases Dilip completely with this expressive face
We grandpa's hate this song!

  • Rightly so they hate this song, Raju hears this song and transported back to the above screencap when he denounced the friendship, a bit filler about scandal of an unclaimed baby that belongs to Raju's other grandson, this is a great scene because the two of Kumar's have a wicked faceoff, that made me say "OHH no he di-nt!" but yes he did! Another lovely insult when Dilip shouts "What about this baby" and Raaj says in his wonderful laconic voice "You keep it, I am Rajeshwar Singh!" ahhhhh I could listen to Raaj Kumar all day long, but alas we go back to the stupid lovers who are found out and sing "Mohabbat KI kI" with very sharp head turns to the camera!
  • A surviving highlight of this movie is of course eternal villain Amrish Puri as Raju's brother in law who sent him to jail, 14 years back. in this cool getup Amrish dons a flapper wig from the 1920's and buck teeth from a rabbit and snarls his dialogues with a funny voice coz the teeth are just so powerful! He also has the tic of a villain because he twirl his flapper hair in any tense moment, and he always foreshadows a face-off with being in a temple and playing flamencos, actual flamencos!
  • The end is near and Amrish storyline includes selling Raju's fort, he obviously is that rich! With this lame plot point the two warring former dosts patch it up and play Holi together and sing a cute older version of Imli Ka Boota. The end happens and its power packed with both Kumar's shouting some nice dialogues, but my only qualm is that Dilip is forced in some many scenes to screech his lines out, unnecessary as he ends up half coughing in one scene.
Saudgar a boring movie, with the two giants of the screen, and I hope readers that our "sun of friendship" doesn't dwindle away!


ajnabi said...

Wow. This sounds like a total suckfest. But is Manisha any good? If she is I might have to look it up anyway.

Rum said...

ajnabi- saudagar is good only for the dilip and raaj, but manisha is good in her debut role i think, but vivek mushran is quite terrible in his dialogue delivery