June 24, 2008

MAA-Elephant Exploitation

Animals have maa's too

Warning: if you have joined PETA and any other wildlife causes, don't watch MAA, but if you want to see a bhanged up elephant than do watch!
When I found this at a video store it looked enticing because Dharmendra was on the cover holding the Forever Maa Nirupa Roy in his hands, i did not expect however to scream and shield my eyes when Dharmendra instead went hunting for animals to take away from their maa's. The movie starts off with an introduction to Vijay(Dharmendra) a huntsman, his opening scene shows him on a chair stuck on a van while he screams come here you to various tigers. I screamed in this scene because the pooor tigers were mercilessly roped by Vijay, to show the audience what a hard job he does, I couldn't post that screencap as it looked to violent and sad to show all of you. Suffice to say he ropes 3 tigers and captures a lion cub, and then the above title comes on! Then we enter Vijay's house which he rides in this cool staircase or if it is one
The stairs of a hunter
He drives his car out for another chase where he now sits on his chair and shouts "I'm gonna get you" in that characteristic Dharam way of saying English dialogues. This was even more brutal than the other as Dharam runs after a leopard and in a funny scene an extra fall out the back, gets mauled, and Dharam leaves him behind and utters "Only idiots lose their lives to jungle cats, I am the jungle king, I never lose!" After this he packs away the leopard and leopard cub away from his maa, and you just now with shots of leopard and tiger maa's with glycerin in their eyes that Vijay will get his comeuppance. After his hunt he runs into to be fed by his own maa and have her lecture him in separating maa from her bacche.
It's only the circus maa!

Meanwhile in the Badlands of Jungle King's town is the villain Ranjeet, he is a fraudulent animal collector with his associate Padma Khanna they trick many businessmen into purchasing animals they don't have. The next day Ranjeet visits Vijay to bribe him, Vijay a good huntsman refuses, his only customer is Gopaldas (Om Prakash in a wonderfully funny role), Ranjeet is unhappy as the businessmen all want their money back.
I am deliciously sleazy!

He needed a screencap because he is soo bad-ass and he wears a wonderful white suit with ghungroos on the jacket, this bad man makes Padma act as Gopaldas' daughter Nimmi who has been sent to film the animals. I don't know why she would, they are so badly treated, anyway the real Nimmi(Hema Malini) turns up in the jungle running from a leopard, why the leopards? Jungle King comes to resuce her but mistakes her for a thief trying to take his jungle animals! The two of them have great lovable chemistry with eachother but Hema takes to very ugly butch cowboy shirt clothes that don't highligh her well. All is lovey dovey in Jungledom, even Gopaldas comes to arrange their marriage in a hilarious scene where Om Prakash says at every "Vhaat Nunsense" its hilarious and when he greets Vijay he screams "Jungle King, Oye Jungle king"
But the comeuppance must happen soon enough, and Vijay is off to sell a poor elephant baby, on this hunt he makes a hole for it to fall in, it is truly one of the worst scenes in Bollywood, the poor thing tramples down, and its soo sad, the maa is there also crying with. I almost thought this would turn into dumbo, but no Vijay's mum must run to him and tell to repent, Nirupa is then stamped on by the elephant, and in her last wishes she wants Vijay to give up this terrible job, and Dharam screams to high heavens but he must know the true sacrifice of a maa taken. In a very DrStrangelove montage of explosions we see Vijay lighting his maa's funeral pyre with the song "Maa, Mujhe Dhoonde Kahan" a sad song that has bang with a frying pan symbolism of Dharmendra in a cage, in a cute scene he opens all the cages and lets all the animals out, and he even has a pair of hedgehogs, i don't know what they need them at the circus for?
The rest is a bit of filler, Ranjeet angry wants tons of animals and in another horrific scene he demands a bear cub, a moustachioed hench man goes to the jungle and plucks one up by the head and you can see the poor baby is in pain as it wails and pats its head, ahhhh!
My favorite scene, Dharmendra is looking for baby elephants and Dumbo visits the temple and drinks the swami-ji's bhang and in the craziest scene ever it flaps its ears about and walks backwards and forwards while the music is a sexy sounding saxophone, absolutely wiccked!
Apesh*t elephants
Blah blah dumbo is reunited with maa, and Vijay learns that animals have feelings after all, but I did enjoy this movie only for the crazy bhanged Dumbo, Om Prakash with nunsensse, and happiness that Ranjeet was a pure villain not raping anyone! Hope you can stomach this kind of a film coz it made me scream and cry and forward such moments!


memsaab said...

Hmmm. I have this film, but haven't watched it b/c I am afraid I will be disturbed by the treatment of animals (although I'm completely on board with the overall message of the film!).

I love Ranjeet and Padma Khanna (beside Dharmendra and HM) though so...:-)

ajnabi said...

I'm sorry, I have to re-read this post because I'm still laughing about the car descending the staircase. That's so great.

Rum said...

memsaab- i know its very hard on the eyes and i dont know if i could watch it again, but i know that i can forward it to my bhanged up dumbo!

Rum said...

ajnabi-the staircase is jungle king's way of proving what a hard day's work he does!

bollyviewer said...

Even with the indoor-car-ramp-house, Dharmendra, Hema, Ranjit and drugged elephant - this one doesnt look like I can watch it! Loved your review, though...