December 18, 2009

Jai Filmi Secret Santa-ji Jai!

I love this Filmi-Secret Santa in the Bolly blogosphere, as I'm a lazy girl I thought I'd post all my presents from my Secret Santa all in one go, and may i say whoever you are "I Luuve Youuuu" (this shouted in a hilarious Ranbir Kapoor way, like the end of Wake Up Sid)
My Secret Santa-Ji seems to know my tastes very well as my excellent first gift was:
AWWW SHEROOO, My Santa-ji also wrote out a lovely ditty of "Santa Sheroo" as sung to "Santa Baby":
Santa Sheroo
You save babies and, that's not all
You are oh so brave, and come at a call
Santa Sheroo, help the filmi fans tonight
Santa Sheroo
Could you fly some prezzies up Vancouver way?
Shiny costumes that swing and sway
Santa Sheroo, help the filmi fans tonight
Think of all the swag yet to send
Think of the films that never end
This year we'll try to do it right
So next year we can try again
Santa Sheroo
These bloggers aren't as troublesome as some
you see.
The filmi bloggers just dig you and Bolly
So, deliver love to filmi fans tonight!

On the second day my gift was this hilarious nugget:
With the little cap saying:
Masala villains arrive in Vancouver, prepared for nefarious doings. They are charmed by the decorations at the botanical gardens. Their hearts are warmed. Evil doing will have to wait another day.

My third gift was nicely tied in to my ANil pyar:
"Anil celebrates the lack of evil doing with the citizenry of Vancouver" Santa-ji~

My fourth gift was a fun cap of Bhaiyaji from that arguable classic Tashan:My fifth gift was an excellent cap of Dharam-Veer:

"Newly found footage proves Beth right about only the TARDIS could be responsible for the wackiness of Dharam Veer" Lol santa-ji how lovely that screencap is!

And my other gifts I'm having some trouble uploading some of them, hope you all enjoy these wonderful masala gifts! And don't forget to vote on who Satan should be in the Masala Pradesh Production of Paradise Lost, in the poll to the side!


Beth said...


Bollyviewer said...

Awww... they are so cute. Sheroo is hereby the Santa of masala-pradesh!

Rum said...

Lol thanks ladki's! Sheroo is always at my side, saving babies from stairwells ala Battleship Botemkin or beating up a villain that i dont like!